Early survey results are in!

Here are our interim survey results so far from the past week. Thank you to those who submitted already. We want to hear from more of you! Add your voice to the mix & and help us make OVID better with just a few minutes of your time 📝  bit.ly/OVIDPOLL1

Some tidbits of your qualitative feedback…

“This is the first streaming service I’ve wanted to sustain. Dropped Criterion and Mubi. I was Wowed to see Iain McGilchrist’s work here! Intelligent, vibrant, full of life and meaning so far for me. A thousand thanks.”

“I like the collections by theme and genre, but would like to see even more collections centered on performers, directors, and cinematographers. If I see a film I enjoy, I am less likely to look for another film that shares its theme or genre, and more likely to look for other films by the same director, cinematographer, and/or performers. Thanks for the eclectic and engaging variety of films! The more the merrier :)”

“Love learning from you about obscure films — old and new, foreign and American.”

“I really appreciate the curation of your library. There are a lot of films that I’ve heard about in passing throughout the years but was unable to find a place to watch until I subscribed to OVID. Hope you all experience many more excellent years!”

Thank you everyone! Our hearts are warmed as we continue the good work! Below you’ll find a breakdown of quantifiable feedback:

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