Heading towards the fifty-fifth anniversary of the Stonewall Inn riot gives us the opportunity to reflect on how far queer rights have come, and what’s left to achieve. We present a selection of three essential, truly independent queer films from the past ten years in celebration of this month and the ongoing movement.

After an illuminating conversation between filmmakers Mila Turajlić and Naeem Mohaiemen during the New York-run of Mila’s documentary diptych: Scenes from the Labudović Reels: Non-Aligned + Ciné-Guerrillas at Anthology Film Archives this year, we invited Naeem to write something personal in relation to Mila’s films and his own work on the eve of her diptych’s premiere on OVID.tv.

We are deeply saddened to learn of documentary filmmaker Thomas Heise’s sudden death at age 68. His internationally acclaimed film Heimat is a Space in Time, released by Icarus Films in 2019, is an understated epic that brilliantly marries the written word, image, and sound design. In an essay for Film Comment, J. Hoberman writes: […]

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