About OVID.tv: metafilm

OVID.tv: metafilm is the companion blog to the OVID.tv streaming service. A work-in-progress, as OVID itself is, metafilm aims to be a place for accessing content and discussions related to the films and filmmakers on our platform and within our community.

Since OVID.tv was founded with a commitment to openness and transparency, metafilm is where we’ll share information about our content, usage (viewership) of our films, membership (subscriber) growth/declines and trends, and even financial information—for instance, half of all the money that we take in is paid out to the filmmakers and distributors who allow us to make their films available to you.

OVID started operating in March 2019. It was launched by Docuseek, LLC with the help of an unprecedented collaborative effort by eight of the most noteworthy, independent film distribution companies in the US. 

OVID.tv now provides North American viewers with access to over a thousand documentaries, independent films, and notable works of global cinema, most unavailable on any other platform. We add 20 to 35 new films to the service every month.

Become a member of OVID, dig into the extra content here on metafilm, and help us build, sustain, and enjoy a vibrant, independent space for engaged, and engaging, cinema.

To learn more about OVID and the role it plays in making documentary and world cinema more accessible for audiences across North America, listen to this interview with director Jonathan Miller on the podcast “Criterion Channel Surfing.”

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