Master List of Films on OVID

From time-to-time we plan to share information about the films available on what they all are, where they come from, how many and which films in particular genres, who made them, when they come and when they might (might!) go away.

Here is a first semi-comprehensive picture, with a list of 982 titles that are on OVID as of December 31, 2020. The report is broken down alphabetically and can be organized by title, director, studio (distributor), runtime, release year, and cast (when applicable).

The list here is sortable by category and searchable. We hope to update this information at least once per month, if not more often. If you notice any mistakes or have any questions, do let us know. Thank you!

TitleDirectorGenreDistributorLengthFilm YearCast
1914: A War of ImagesGünter KaindlstorferDOCAutlook452014
MicrotopiaJesper WachtmeisterDOCAutlook522013
100 Years of Japanese CinemaNagisa OshimaDOCBritish Film Institute521996William B. White, Nagisa Oshima
2 X 50 Years of French CinemaAnne-Marie Miéville & Jean-Luc GodardDOCBritish Film Institute501995Michel Piccoli
40,000 Years of DreamingGeorge MillerDOCBritish Film Institute651996George Miller
90° SouthHerbert G. PontingDOCBritish Film Institute731933Herbert G. Ponting
Abstract CinemaKeith GriffithsDOCBritish Film Institute511993Stan Brakhage, William Moritz, John Whitney, Michael Scroggins, Jules Engel
Cinema of TearsNelson Pereira Dos SantosDOCBritish Film Institute951995Raul Cortez, André Barros, Christiane Torloni, Patrick Tannus, Cosme Alves Neto
Dreams That Money Can BuyHans RichterNARBritish Film Institute811948Jack Bittner, Werner Brandes, Norma Cazanjian, Lauren Denny, Joseph Freeman
DriftersJohn GriersonDOCBritish Film Institute501929
Every Day Except ChristmasLindsay AndersonDOCBritish Film Institute401957Alun Owen
Frida Kahlo & Tina ModottiLaura MulveyDOCBritish Film Institute291983Miriam Margolyes
Invocation - Maya DerenJo Ann KaplanDOCBritish Film Institute531988Jana Sheldon, Helen Mirren, Hella Hammid, Alexander Hackenschmied, Amos Vogel
LondonPatrick KeillerDOCBritish Film Institute851994Paul Scofield
Momma Don't AllowKarel Reisz & Tony RichardsonDOCBritish Film Institute221956Chris Barber, Monty Sunshine, Pat Halcox, Ron Bowden
Silent ShakespeareVariousDOCBritish Film Institute881999Jill Crossland, Sally Telling, Peter Mcgowan, Mandy Garside, Frances Newbery
The Animals FilmVictor Schonfeld & Myriam AlauxDOCBritish Film Institute1361981Julie Christie, Richard Ryder, Roger Ulrich, Lord Houghton, Peter Singer
The Song of CeylonBasil Charles WrightDOCBritish Film Institute381934Lionel Wendt, Alberto Cavalcanti, John Grierson, Stuart Legg, Basil Charles Wright
The Song of the ShirtSue Clayton & Jonathan CurlingDOCBritish Film Institute1351979Martha Gibson, Geraldine Pilgrim, Anna Mcniff, Liz Myers, Jill Greenhalgh,
The World of Gilbert and GeorgeGilbert and GeorgeDOCBritish Film Institute691981Gilbert and George
TurksibViktor TurinDOCBritish Film Institute781929
Typically British: A Personal History of British Cinema by Stephen FrearsStephen Frears & Michael DibbDOCBritish Film Institute741994Gavin Lambert, Michael Apted, Alan Parker, Stephen Frears, Alexander Mackendrick
We Are the Lambeth BoysKarel ReiszDOCBritish Film Institute531959John Rollason, Thomas Ahearne, Patrick Ahearne
A Bold PeaceMatthew Eddy, Michael DreilingDOCBullfrog Films892017
A Concerned CitizenBo BoudartDOCBullfrog Films412019
A Quest for MeaningNathanael Coste, Marc de la MenardiereDOCBullfrog Films872018
A Snowmobile For GeorgeTodd DarlingDOCBullfrog Films942008
AffluenzaJohn de Graaf and Vivia BoeMIXBullfrog Films561997
After the SpillJon BowermasterDOCBullfrog Films622016
After TillerMartha Shane & Lana WilsonDOCBullfrog Films882014
AmaLorna TuckerDOCBullfrog Films742019
An Ecology of MindNora BatesonDOCBullfrog Films602011
Another World is PossibleMark Dworkin and Melissa YoungDOCBullfrog Films242002
AnthropoceneSteve BradshawDOCBullfrog Films972016
Argentina: Hope in Hard TimesMark Dworkin and Melissa YoungDOCBullfrog Films742005
Argentina: Turning AroundMark Dworkin and Melissa YoungDOCBullfrog Films372008
BackfiredDale BellDOCBullfrog Films612018
Better This WorldKatie Galloway & Kelly Duane de la VegaDOCBullfrog Films892011
Between Joyce and RemembranceMark J. KaplanDOCBullfrog Films682005
Between Two WorldsAlan Snitow & Deborah KaufmanDOCBullfrog Films702011
Big or Small?Alex GabbayDOCBullfrog Films292013
Biophilic DesignStephen R. Kellert & Bill FinneganDOCBullfrog Films622012
BluespaceIan CheneyDOCBullfrog Films732016
Border SouthRaul O. Paz PastranaDOCBullfrog Films822020
Brave New WestDoug Hawes-Davis, Drury Gunn CarrDOCBullfrog Films862008
Bringing It HomeLinda Booker & Blaire JohnsonDOCBullfrog Films522014
Brother Towns / Pueblos HermanosCharles Thompson & Michael DaveyDOCBullfrog Films582010
Butterflies and BulldozersAnn DunskyDOCBullfrog Films622011
Buyer Be FairJohn de Graaf and Hana JindrovaDOCBullfrog Films572006
Capturing the FlagAnne de MareDOCBullfrog Films762018
Catching Sight of Thelma and LouiseJennifer TownsendDOCBullfrog Films862019
Celling Your SoulJoni SianiDOCBullfrog Films482017
Chasing WaterPete McBrideESSBullfrog Films182012
Cheat NeutralBeth StratfordDOCBullfrog Films132008
Cheshire, OhioEve MorgensternDOCBullfrog Films752017
Circuit EarthJohn Abrahall, Christopher Bamford, Robert Feldman, Michael Katz, Peter KrotoczynskiDOCBullfrog Films431971
Cocaine UnwrappedRachel SeifertDOCBullfrog Films832013
Come Hell or High WaterLeah MahanDOCBullfrog Films562014
Coming to LightAnne MakepeaceDOCBullfrog Films842000
Company TownDeborah Kaufman, Alan SnitowDOCBullfrog Films772017
ComplicitHeather White, Lynn ZhangDOCBullfrog Films892019
Cultivating KidsMelissa Young, Mark DworkinDOCBullfrog Films232017
Day OneLori MillerDOCBullfrog Films822019
DenialDerek HallquistDOCBullfrog Films922017
Dirty BusinessPeter BullDOCBullfrog Films902011
Disturbing the PeaceStephen Apkon, Andrew YoungDOCBullfrog Films862017
DIVEST! The Climate Movement on TourJosh Fox, Steve LiptayDOCBullfrog Films772016Naomi Klein, Reverend Lennox Yearwood, Dr. Sandra Steingraber, Josh Fox, Terry Tempest Williams, Winona LaDuke, Desmond Tutu, Ira Glass
Do You Remember Vietnam?David I. MunroDOCBullfrog Films522006
Don't Give Up Your Voice!Mark Dworkin, Melissa YoungDOCBullfrog Films412019
Drowned OutFranny ArmstrongDOCBullfrog Films752003
Earth Seasoned: #GapYearMolly KreuzmanDOCBullfrog Films752018
East of SalinasLaura Pacheco, Jackie MowDOCBullfrog Films532016
El PoetaKatie Galloway, Kelly Duane de la VegaDOCBullfrog Films552016
Elder VoicesDavid GoodmanDOCBullfrog Films492020
Facing The StormDrury Gunn Carr, Doug Hawes-DavisDOCBullfrog Films782010
FarmsteadersShaena MallettDOCBullfrog Films522020
Fat or Skinny?Arjun PandeyDOCBullfrog Films292013
Fire and IceChristopher McLeodDOCBullfrog Films572014
Food CoopTom BootheDOCBullfrog Films972017
Food or Fuel?Christine KinyanjuiDOCBullfrog Films292013
For the Love of MoviesGerald PearyDOCBullfrog Films802009
From Seed to SeedKatharina StieffenhoferDOCBullfrog Films872019
From This Day ForwardSharon ShattuckDOCBullfrog Films762017
G is for GunKate Way, Julie AkeretDOCBullfrog Films272018
Gladesmen: The Last of the Sawgrass CowboysDavid AbelDOCBullfrog Films872018
Good FoodMark Dworkin, Melissa YoungDOCBullfrog Films732008
Green FireAnn Dunsky, Steven Dunsky, David SteinkeDOCBullfrog Films732015
Groundswell RisingRenard CohenDOCBullfrog Films702014
GuardianCourtney QuirinDOCBullfrog Films762019
Human TerrainJames Der Derian, David Udris & Michael UdrisDOCBullfrog Films842010
If A Tree FallsMarshall CurryDOCBullfrog Films852011
In the Light of ReverenceChristopher McLeodDOCBullfrog Films732001
Islands of SanctuaryChristopher McLeodDOCBullfrog Films572014
Keepers of the FutureAvi LewisDOCBullfrog Films242018
Libby, MontanaDrury Gunn Carr, Doug Hawes-DavisDOCBullfrog Films1162007
Looting the PacificBill Treharne Jones & Steve BradshawDOCBullfrog Films272013
Love and SolidarityMichael HoneyDOCBullfrog Films382016
Lunch Love CommunityHelen De MichielDOCBullfrog Films782015
McLibelFranny ArmstrongDOCBullfrog Films852005
Multiracial IdentityBrian ChinhemaDOCBullfrog Films772011
My Country No MoreRita Baghdadi, Jeremiah HammerlingDOCBullfrog Films702019
Near or Far?Remi Vaughan RichardsDOCBullfrog Films292013
Oil and WaterFrancine Strickwerda and Laurel Spellman SmithDOCBullfrog Films782014
Old or New?Ernesto CabelloDOCBullfrog Films292013
Once Was WaterChristopher BeaverDOCBullfrog Films552019
Open BethlehemLeila SansourDOCBullfrog Films902017
Original MindsTom WeidlingerDOCBullfrog Films572011
Our MockingbirdSandy JaffeDOCBullfrog Films652016
OverloadSoozie EastmanDOCBullfrog Films712019
OysterKim BeamishDOCBullfrog Films802019
Pilgrims and TouristsChristopher McLeodDOCBullfrog Films572014
Plane TruthsMelissa Young and Mark DworkinDOCBullfrog Films332018
PlaneatShelley Lee Davies & Or ShlomiDOCBullfrog Films722011
PlanetaryGuy ReidDOCBullfrog Films842016
Power to HealCharles Burnett and Daniel LoewenthalDOCBullfrog Films562018
PricelessSteve CowanDOCBullfrog Films582011
Profit and LossChristopher McLeodDOCBullfrog Films572014
Project ZPhillip GaraDOCBullfrog Films742015
Psychology and the New HeroismBill RollerDOCBullfrog Films872013
Racing To ZeroChristopher BeaverDOCBullfrog Films552015
Rain in a Dry LandAnne MakepeaceDOCBullfrog Films822006
Redefining ProsperityJohn de GraafDOCBullfrog Films572018
RefugeBen AchtenbergDOCBullfrog Films572014
Rule of LawDan IacovellaDOCBullfrog Films472017
Sacred CodSteve Liss, Andy Laub, David AbelDOCBullfrog Films652017
School's OutLisa MolomotDOCBullfrog Films362014
Shattered SkySteve Dorst & Dan EvansDOCBullfrog Films572012
Shift ChangeMelissa Young & Mark DworkinDOCBullfrog Films702012
Sir! No Sir!David ZeigerDOCBullfrog Films842006
Split EstateDebra AndersonDOCBullfrog Films762009
Stay or Go?DOCBullfrog Films292013
Still WatersPeter GordonDOCBullfrog Films792018
Stray DogDebra GranikDOCBullfrog Films1022016
Sun KissedMaya Stark & Adi LavyDOCBullfrog Films852012
Symbiotic EarthJohn FeldmanDOCBullfrog Films1472018
Talk MogadishuJudy JacksonDOCBullfrog Films502003
Tar CreekMatt MyersDOCBullfrog Films542012
The ActivistsMelody ShemtovDOCBullfrog Films602017
The City Dark (83 minute version)Ian CheneyDOCBullfrog Films832012
The Dhamma BrothersJenny Phillips, Anne Marie Stein and Andrew KukuraDOCBullfrog Films762008
The Ecological FootprintPatsy NorthcuttDOCBullfrog Films302005
The Enemy WithinOwen GowerDOCBullfrog Films1122015
The Good War and Those Who Refused to Fight ItJudith Ehrlich and Rick Tejada-FloresDOCBullfrog Films572002Ed Asner
The Great Vacation SqueezeJohn de GraafDOCBullfrog Films272014
The Hand That FeedsRachel Lears, Robin BlotnickDOCBullfrog Films842015
The Kill TeamDan KraussDOCBullfrog Films792015
The Medicine in MarijuanaBen Daitz, Ned JudgeDOCBullfrog Films352019
The Mystery of Chaco CanyonAnna SofaerDOCBullfrog Films561999
The New Metropolis - Cracks in the PavementAndrea TorriceDOCBullfrog Films262009
The New Metropolis - The New NeighborsAndrea TorriceDOCBullfrog Films262009
The ProvidersAnna Moot-Levin, Laura GreenDOCBullfrog Films822019
The ReturnKelly Duane de la Vega, Katie GallowayDOCBullfrog Films832016
The Return of the CuyahogaLawrence R. Hott and Diane GareyDOCBullfrog Films572008
The Secret Life of Your ClothesAndy WellsDOCBullfrog Films592016
The SequelPeter ArmstrongDOCBullfrog Films612018
The Toxic Reigns of ResentmentJurgen Schflechner, Tim van den HoffDOCBullfrog Films522020
The Trouble with BreadMaggie BeidelmanDOCBullfrog Films272014
The True CostAndrew MorganDOCBullfrog Films922015
The Vow from HiroshimaSusan StricklerDOCBullfrog Films822020
The Water FrontLiz MillerDOCBullfrog Films532008
The Wisdom to SurviveJohn Ankele & Anne MacksoudDOCBullfrog Films562014
ThirstAlan Snitow and Deborah KaufmanDOCBullfrog Films622004
Tokyo WakaJohn Haptas and Kristine SamuelsonDOCBullfrog Films632013
Trees in TroubleAndrea TorriceDOCBullfrog Films272015
Tribal JusticeAnne MakepeaceDOCBullfrog Films872017
Triple Divide [REDACTED]Joshua Pribanic, Melissa TroutmanDOCBullfrog Films532017
Walking On Water Wasn't Built in a DayJohn Abrahall, Christopher Bamford, Robert Feldman, Michael Katz, Peter WiesnerDOCBullfrog Films171971
War In The MindJudy JacksonDOCBullfrog Films642012
Water FirstAmy HartDOCBullfrog Films462008
We Are Not GhostsMark Dworkin & Melissa YoungDOCBullfrog Films522012
We Still Live HereAnne MakepeaceDOCBullfrog Films562011
Weather The StormCharles Menzies and Jennifer RashleighDOCBullfrog Films362008
WEconomics: ItalyMelissa Young and Mark DworkinDOCBullfrog Films192016
What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi LegacyDavid EvansDOCBullfrog Films922016
What's the Economy for, Anyway?John de Graaf and Hana JindrovaDOCBullfrog Films402010
Who's Next?Nancy Cooperstein CharneyDOCBullfrog Films882019
Xmas Without ChinaAlicia DwyerDOCBullfrog Films632013
Away from Meaning (Lejos del sentido)Olivia LuengasDOCCinema Tropical882020
Still Burn (Algo quema)Mauricio Alfredo OvandoDOCCinema Tropical772020
Tú y YoNatalia Cabral and Oriol EstradaNARCinema Tropical862014
Til Madness Do Us PartWang BingDOCdGenerate Films2382013
Before the Flood ILI Yifan and Yan YuDOCdGenerate Films1472005
Before The Flood II - Gong TanYAN YuDOCdGenerate Films602008
Beijing Besieged by WasteWang JiuliangDOCdGenerate Films722011
Bitter MoneyWang BingDOCdGenerate Films1522016
Dead Souls - Part IWang BingDOCdGenerate Films1662018
Dead Souls - Part IIWang BingDOCdGenerate Films1642018
Dead Souls - Part IIIWang BingDOCdGenerate Films1752018
DisorderHuang WeikaiDOCdGenerate Films582009
Egg and StoneHuang JiNARdGenerate Films982016Xiao Pin-gao, Liu Xiao-lin, Yao Hong-gui, Yixiang Huang, Baiyu Yao
Female DirectorsYang MingmingDOCdGenerate Films432012
Ghost TownZhao DayongDOCdGenerate Films1692012
Girls Always HappyYang MingmingNARdGenerate Films1162018Yang Mingming, Nai An
JinpaPema TsedenNARdGenerate Films872019Jinpa, Genden Phuntsok, Sonam Wangmo
Late SummerYi CuiDOCdGenerate Films132016
My Father's HouseZhao DayongDOCdGenerate Films772011
Of ShadowsYi CuiDOCdGenerate Films792016
Oxhide IILiu JiayinNARdGenerate Films1322012Liu Jiayin, Huifen Jia, Zaiping Liu
SparkHu JieDOCdGenerate Films1142019
Ta'angWang BingDOCdGenerate Films1472016
TharloPema TsedenNARdGenerate Films1232015Jinpa, Shide Nyima, Tsemdo Thar
The Iron MinistryJ. P. SniadeckiDOCdGenerate Films832014
The ObserverRita AndreettiDOCdGenerate Films782019
The QuestioningZhu RikunDOCdGenerate Films212013
The SearchPema TsedenNARdGenerate Films1052013Zong Zhi, Manla Jiepu, Dobe Dorje, Drolma Gyab, Lumo Tso
The Widowed WitchCai ChengjieNARdGenerate Films1202018Tian Tian, Gao Pengcheng, Wang Qilin, Shuyan Feng
Three SistersWang BingDOCdGenerate Films1532012
Through the Looking GlassYi CuiDOCdGenerate Films152017
We the WorkersWen HaiDOCdGenerate Films1742017
What's For Dinner?Jian YiDOCdGenerate Films292013
Winter VacationLi HongqiNARdGenerate Films912010Lei Bao, Bai Junjie
A Kid (Le Fils de Jean)Philippe LioretNARDistrib Films982016Pierre Deladonchamps, Gabriel Arcand, Catherine de Léan
After LoveJoachim LafosseNARDistrib Films1002017 Bérénice Bejo, Cédric Kahn, Marthe Keller
Down by LovePierre GodeauNARDistrib Films1102015 Adèle Exarchopoulos, Guillaume Gallienne
GuyAlex LutzNARDistrib Films1012018Alex Lutz, Tom Dingler, Pascale Arbillot
Hippocrates: Diary of a French DoctorThomas LiltiDOCDistrib Films1012015Vincent Lacoste, Jacques Gamblin, Reda Kateb
In HarmonyDenis DercourtNARDistrib Films902016 Albert Dupontel, Cécile de France
In Her NameVincent GarenqNARDistrib Films872015Daniel Auteuil
In the Shadow of WomenPhilippe GarrelDOCDistrib Films732017Clotilde Courau, Stanislas Merhar, Lena Paugam
Just a SighJerome BonnelNARDistrib Films1052017Emmanuelle Devos, Gabriel Byrne
Maguy MarinDavid MambouchDOCDistrib Films1052020
MarseilleOlivier PanchotNARDistrib Films902014Jail Lespert, Tcheky Caryo
Monsieur & Madame AdelmanNicolas BedosNARDistrib Films1202017Nicolas Bedos, Doria Tillier
Next Time I'll Aim for the HeartCédric AngerDOCDistrib Films1112016
Number One Fan (Elle l'Adore)Jeanne HerryDOCDistrib Films1052014Sandrine Kiberlain, Laurent Lafitte
Party GirlMarie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger, Samuel TheisNARDistrib Films952014Angélique Litzenburger, Joseph Bour, Mario Theis, Samuel Theis, Séverine Litzenburger, Cynthia Litzenburger
Return of the HeroLaurent TirardNARDistrib Films902018Jean Dujardin, Mélanie Laurent
School of LifeNicolas VanierNARDistrib Films1162017François Cluzet, Eric Elmosnino, Valerie Karsenti, François Berléand, Jean Scandel
Sleepless Night in ParisTommy WeberNARDistrib Films822015Aurélien Gabrielli, Hortense Gélinet, Elise Lhomeau
The AssistantChristophe Ali & Nicolas BonilauriNARDistrib Films872018Nathalie Baye, Malik Zidi, Jean-Stan Du Pac
The Chef's WifeAnne Le NyNARDistrib Films912014Emmanuelle Devos, Karine Viard, Roschdy Zem
The Country DoctorThomas LiltiNARDistrib Films1022017François Cluzet, Marianne Denicourt
The Great GameNicolas PariserNARDistrib Films1002015Melville Poupaud, André Dussollier, Clémence Poésy
The Great ManSarah LéonorNARDistrib Films1072014Claude Brasseur, Guillaume de Tonquédec, Noémie Schmidt, Frédérique Bel
The OutsiderChristophe BarratierNARDistrib Films1172018Arthur Dupont, François-Xavier Demaison, Sabrina Ouazani
The Student and Mr HenriIvan CalbéracNARDistrib Films982015Claude Brasseur, Guillaume de Tonquédec, Noémie Schmidt, Frédérique Bel
The Sweet EscapeBruno PodalydèsNARDistrib Films1052018Bruno Podalydès, Sandrine Kiberlain, Agnès Jaoui
This Is Our LandLucas BelvauxNARDistrib Films1142018 Émilie Dequenne, André Dussollier, Guillaume Gouix
A Sentence for TwoRandi JacobsDOCThe Fanlight Collection582008
Phoenix DanceKarina EpperleinDOCThe Fanlight Collection222006
PicturePerfectCarol TizzanoDOCThe Fanlight Collection402002
AmbulanceMohamed JabalyDOCFirst Hand Films782016
Beyond BoobsKristen Vermilyea & Stéphane CorreaDOCFirst Hand Films522018
Boys Who Like GirlsInka AchtéDOCFirst Hand Films702018
Dreams from the OutbackJannik SplidsboelDOCFirst Hand Films792019
Faith Love Desire - Ep 1 - First LoveHilka Sinning & Heinz GreulingDOCFirst Hand Films522014
Faith Love Desire - Ep 2 - Fulfilled LoveHilka Sinning & Heinz GreulingDOCFirst Hand Films522014
Faith Love Desire - Ep 3 - Forbidden LoveHilka Sinning, Heinz GreulingDOCFirst Hand Films522014
Footprints of War - Nature Under FireMaximilian MönchDOCFirst Hand Films522014
I'm in Love with My CarIlaria MalaguttiDOCFirst Hand Films732017
Nokia MobileArto KoskinenDOCFirst Hand Films602017
Partner with the Enemy - Making it in the Middle EastDuki Dror, Chen Shelach, Galia Engelmayer-DrorDOCFirst Hand Films562015
Raw HerringLeonard Retel Helmrich & Hetty Naaijkens - Retel HelmrichDOCFirst Hand Films852013
Sound of TortureKeren ShayoDOCFirst Hand Films582013
Thinking Existenz - Ep 01 - Eduardo GaleanoGraça CastanheiraDOCFirst Hand Films302013Eduardo Galeano
Thinking Existenz - Ep 02 - Laurie AndersonGraça CastanheiraDOCFirst Hand Films302013Laurie Anderson
Thinking Existenz - Ep 03 - Lucrecia MartelGraça CastanheiraDOCFirst Hand Films302013Lucretia Martel
Thinking Existenz - Ep 04 - Suad AmiryGraça CastanheiraDOCFirst Hand Films302013Suad Amiry
Thinking Existenz - Ep 05 - Karen ArmstrongGraça CastanheiraDOCFirst Hand Films302013Karen Armstrong
Thinking Existenz - Ep 06 - Esther DufloGraça CastanheiraDOCFirst Hand Films302013Esther Duflo
Thinking Existenz - Ep 07 - Martin JacquesGraça CastanheiraDOCFirst Hand Films302013Martin Jacques
Thinking Existenz - Ep 08 - Vandana ShivaGraça CastanheiraDOCFirst Hand Films302013Vandana Shiva
Thinking Existenz - Ep 09 - Lula da SilvaGraça CastanheiraDOCFirst Hand Films302013Lula da Silva
Thinking Existenz - Ep 10 - Braden AllenbyGraça CastanheiraDOCFirst Hand Films302013Braden Allenby
Who Made YouIiris HärmäDOCFirst Hand Films802019
CamocimQuentin DelarocheOBSFiGa Films762017Mayara Gomes, César Lucena
El IncendioJuan SchitmanNARFiGa Films952015Pilar Gamboa, Juan Barberini
HopefulsIves RosenfeldNARFiGa Films742015Ariclenes Barroso, Sérgio Malheiros
La ArrancadaAldemar MatiasNARFiGa Films632019Jenniffer Lamoth Rodrigues, Marbelis Rodriguez Lamoth
YoMatias MeyerNARFiGa Films802015Raúl Silva, Elizabeth Mendoza
Angry InukAlethea Arnaquq-BarilDOCFilm Movement LLC852020
Bosch: The Garden of DreamsJosé Luis López-LinaresDOCFilm Movement LLC902016Orhan Pamuk, William Christie, Laura Restrepo, Ludovico Einaudi, Salman Rushdie
Cassandro, the ExoticoMarie LosierDOCFilm Movement LLC732018
Edward IIDerek JarmanNARFilm Movement LLC901991Steven Waddington, Tilda Swinton, Annie Lennox
Frantz Fanon: Black Skin White MaskIsaac Julien, Mark NashNARFilm Movement LLC721995Colin Salmon, Halima Daoud, Noirin Ni Dubhgaill, Stuart Hall, Françoise Verges
Full Moon in ParisÉric RohmerNARFilm Movement LLC1031984Pascale Ogier, Tchéky Karyo, Fabrice Luchini
HockneyRandall WrightDOCFilm Movement LLC1122014
Human CapitalPaolo VirziNARFilm Movement LLC1102013Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Matilde Gioli, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi
Karl Marx CityPetra Epperlein, Michael TuckerDOCFilm Movement LLC892016
Midaq AlleyJorge FonsNARFilm Movement LLC1401995Salma Hayek, Margarita Sanz, Bruno Bichir
MunyurangaboLee Isaac ChungNARFilm Movement LLC972007Edouard Uwayo
Only When I DanceBeadie FinziDOCFilm Movement LLC782009
Revolution: New Art for a New WorldMargy KinmonthDOCFilm Movement LLC852016
Scarlet DivaAsia ArgentoNARFilm Movement LLC912000Asia Argento
The Mad Adventures of Rabbi JacobGérard OuryNARFilm Movement LLC1001973
The Marquise of OÉric RohmerNARFilm Movement LLC1031976Edith Clever, Bruno Ganz, Edda Seippel, Peter Luhr
The Pillow BookPeter GreenawayNARFilm Movement LLC1261996Ewan McGregor, Vivian Wu
The SettlersShimon DotanDOCFilm Movement LLC1072016
The ViolinFrancisco VargasNARFilm Movement LLC982005Ángel Tavira
56 UPMichael AptedDOCFirst Run Features1382012Bruce Balden, Jacqueline Basset, Symon Basterfield, Andrew Brackfield, John Brisby, Suzanne Dewey, Nicholas Hitchon, Neil Hughes, Lynn Johnson, Paul Kligerman, Susan Sullivan, Tony Walker, Charles Furneaux
A Perfect CandidateR.J. Cutler & David Van TaylorDOCFirst Run Features1051996Oliver North, Chuck Robb
After StonewallJohn ScagliottiDOCFirst Run Features881999Melissa Etheridge, Mike Carney, Barney Frank, Dorothy Allison, Peter Tatchell, Barbara Gittings, Karla Jay
AliceJan ŠvankmajerANIFirst Run Features841989
American Socialist: Eugene DebsYale StromDOCFirst Run Features972018Eugene Victor Debs, Amy Madigan, Richard Wolff, Dr. Frances Fox Piven, Dr. Nick Salvatore
Antarctic Edge: 70° SouthDena SeidelDOCFirst Run Features722015
As Good As YouHeather de MicheleNARFirst Run Features852017Laura Heisler, Anna Fitzwater, Raoul Bhaneja, Bryan Dechart, Annie Potts
BackyardRoss McElweeDOCFirst Run Features401984
BallerinaBertrand NormanDOCFirst Run Features772006Diana Vishneva, Svetlana Zakharova, Ulyana Lopatkina, Alina Somova and Evgenia Obraztsova.
Ballet BoysKenneth ElvebakkDOCFirst Run Features722014 Lukas Bjorneboe, Syvert Lorenz Garcia, Torgeir Lund
Before Stonewall: Restored EditionDirected by Greta Schiller; Co-Directed by Robert RosenbergDOCFirst Run Features871984Rita Mae Brown, Ann Bannon, Martin Duberman, Allen Ginsberg, Dr. Evelyn Hooker, Audre Lorde, Harry Hay
Bidder 70Beth Gage and George GageDOCFirst Run Features732012
Born in FlamesLizzie BordonDOCFirst Run Features801983Honey, Adele Bertaei, Jeanne Satterfield, Flo Kennedy, Ron Vawter, Eric Bogosian
Bright LeavesRoss McElweeDOCFirst Run Features1052005Ross McElwee, Allan Gurganus, Paula Larke, Marilyn Levine, Emily Madison, Charlleen Swansea, Adrian McElwee, Tom McElwee
Carmen and GeoffreyLinda Atkinson & Nick DoobDOCFirst Run Features802006Carmen de Lavallade, Geoffrey Holder, Ailvin Ailey, Lester Horton, Duke Ellington, Josephine Baker
Chasing PortraitsElizabeth RyneckiDOCFirst Run Features782018Eilzabeth Rynecki, Alex Rynecki, Shula Eliaz, Volettoa Bachur, Moshe Wertheim
Come UndoneSebastien LifshitzNARFirst Run Features972000Jeremie Elklaim, Stephane Rideau, Marie Matheron, Dominique Reymond
Company TownNatalie Kottke-Masocco & Erica SardarianDOCFirst Run Features902017
Cuban Food StoriesAsori SotoDOCFirst Run Features822018Ernesto Perez Medina, Migdalia Armas Rieche, Gilberto De Armas Rieche, Lazaro Yohan Machin, Felix "Felito" Manuel Berenger
Dancing DreamsAnne Linsel & Rainer HoffmanDOCFirst Run Features892010Pina Bausch, Jo-Ann Endicott, Bénédicte Billiet
Dark DiamondArthur HarariNARFirst Run Features1152016Niels Schneider, August Diehl, Hafed Benotman
DedalusJonah GreensteinNARFirst Run Features922020
Dream DeceiversDavid Van TaylorDOCFirst Run Features581991James Vance, Ray Belknap, Phyllis Vance, Rob Halford, K.K. Downing, Ian Hill, Glenm Tipton, Scott Travis
Eames: The Architect & The PainterJason Cohn & Bill JerseyDOCFirst Run Features842011
Early Works of Cheryl DunyeCheryl DunyeDOCFirst Run Features801994Cheryl Dunye, Zoie Strauss, Paula Cronan, Wanda Freeman, Shu Leah Cheang,
Eastern BoysRobin CampilloNARFirst Run Features1282013Olivier Rabourdin, Kirill Emelyanov, Daniil Vorobyov, Edea Darque, Bislan Yakhiaev
Every Three SecondsDan KarslakeDOCFirst Run Features1002014
F11 and Be ThereJethro WatersDOCFirst Run Features802020
Feed: A Comedy About Running for PresidentKevin Rafferty & James RidgewayDOCFirst Run Features761992
Forgiving Dr. MengeleBob Hercules & Cheri PughDOCFirst Run Features822007Eva Mozes Kor, Sami Adwan, Dan Bar-On, Michael Berenbaum, Albert H. Friedlander
Germans & JewsJanina Quint & Tal RecantiDOCFirst Run Features762016Dr. Fritz Stern, Deidre Berger, Rafael Seligman, Rebecca Gop, Dr. Sergey Lagodinsky, Arik Hayut
Girl ModelDavid Redmon & Ashley SabinDOCFirst Run Features772012Ashley Arbaugh, Olivia Arben, Rachel Blais, Tigran Khachatrain, Nadya Vall
Gray Matters: Architect & Designer Eileen GrayMarco OrsiniDOCFirst Run Features762014
Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Enter HereAmei WallachDOCFirst Run Features1032013Ilya Kabakov, Emilia Kabakov, Igoris Markovas, Andrei Monastrysky, Oleg Vassiliev
Last Cab to DarwinJeremy SimsNARFirst Run Features1232014Michael Caton, Jacki Weaver, Ningali Lawford-Wolf, Emma Hamilton, Mark Coles Smith
Live Nude Girls UniteVicky Funari & Julia QueryDOCFirst Run Features702000Julia Query, Siobhan Brooks, Kristina, Ellen, Star, Joyce Wallace
Louise By the ShoreJean-Francois LaguionieANIFirst Run Features752016Rance Castel
Mademoiselle ParadisBarbara AlbertNARFirst Run Features972017Maria Dragus, Devid Striesow, Lukas Miko
MaidentripJillian SchlesingerDOCFirst Run Features822013
Miss Hill: Making Dance MatterGreg Vander VeerDOCFirst Run Features802014Martha Hill, Robert Battle, H.T. Chen
Modern LifeRaymond DepardonDOCFirst Run Features832014
MountainYaelle KayamNARFirst Run Features812015Shani Klein, Avshalom Polak, Haitham Omri, Orly Pearl
Naples '44Francesco PatiernoDOCFirst Run Features852016Benedict Cumberbatch
OlanchoChris Valdés and Ted GriswoldDOCFirst Run Features702018
One Bright Shining MomentStephen VittoriaDOCFirst Run Features124
Parting GlancesBill SherwoodNARFirst Run Features901986Richard Ganoung, John Bolger, Steve Buscemi, Adam Nathan, Kathy Kinney
PatrimonioLisa F. Jackson, Sarah TealeDOCFirst Run Features832017
Penguin CountersPeter Getzels & Harriet GordonDOCFirst Run Features682016
Photographic MemoryRoss McElweeDOCFirst Run Features872012
QuestJonathan OlshefskiDOCFirst Run Features1052017
Quiet HeroesJenny MacKenzie, Jared Ruga & Amanda StoddardDOCFirst Run Features682018Kristen Reis, Maggie Synder, Beverly Stoddard, Kim Smith Peter Christie
RazziaNabil AyouchNARFirst Run Features1192017Maryam Touzani, Arieh Worthalter, Amine Ennaji
Sacco and VanzettiPeter MillerDOCFirst Run Features822006John Turturro, Tony Shalhoub, Howard Zinn, Arlo Guthrie, Studs Terkel
Sagrada: The Mystery of CreationStefan HauptDOCFirst Run Features942014
SecundariaMary Jane DohertyDOCFirst Run Features962013Mayara Piñeiro, Gabriela Moreno, Moises Noriega
Sherman's MarchRoss McElweeDOCFirst Run Features1551986
Six O Clock NewsRoss McElweeDOCFirst Run Features1031997
Small WondersAllan MillerDOCFirst Run Features771995
Special TreatmentJeanne LabruneNARFirst Run Features952010Isabelle Huppert, Bouli Lanners, Richard Debusne, Sabla Moussadek, Valerie Dreville
Stefan ZweigMaria SchraderNARFirst Run Features1062016Josef Hader, Barbara Sukowa, Tómas Lemarquis, Cristina do Rego
Strangers in Good CompanyCynthia ScottNARFirst Run Features1051990Alice Diabo, Constance Gsrneau, Winfred Holden, Cissy Meddings, Mary Meigs, Catherine Roche, Michelle Sweeney, Beth Webber
Street Fighting MenAndrew JamesDOCFirst Run Features1012020James "Jack Rabbit" Jackson, Deris Solomon, Minister Malik Shabazz, Derionna Watkins, Lorraine Ray
Surviving ProgressMathieu Roy & Harold CrooksDOCFirst Run Features862011
Tattoo UprisingAlan GovenarDOCFirst Run Features752019Ed Hardy, Stony St. Clair, Cynthia Witkin, Annie de hey!, Les Blank, Werner Herzog
The Clearstream AffairVincent GarenqNARFirst Run Features1022016Gilles Lellouche, Charles Berling, Laurent Capelluto, Florence Loiret Caille, Grégoire Bonnet
The Corporate Coup d'ÉtatFred PeabodyDOCFirst Run Features902018Chris Hedges, Phillip Martin, Sarah Jaffe, Matt Taibbi, Lee Fang, John Ralston Saul
The Cost of LivingSean Blacknell & Wayne WalshDOCFirst Run Features45Annie Miller, David Graeber, Diane Coyle, George Monbiot, Guy Standing
The Lost VillageRoger ParadisoDOCFirst Run Features902018
The New RijksmusuemOeke HoogendijkDOCFirst Run Features1312014Taco Dibbits, Wim Pijbes
The ProfessorBarry StrugatzDOCFirst Run Features722016
The StopoverDelphine & Muriel CoulinNARFirst Run Features1022016Soko, Ariane Labed, Ginger Romàn
The Storm MakersGuillaume SuonDOCFirst Run Features682015
The Watermelon WomanCheryl DunyeNARFirst Run Features901996Cheryl Dunye, Zoie Strauss, Guinevere Turner, Valarie Walker, Lisa Marie Bronson, Cheryl Clarke, Irene Dunye
Through A Lens DarklyThomas Allen HarrisDOCFirst Run Features922014
Time IndefiniteRoss McElweeDOCFirst Run Features1171993
Tiny: A Story About Living SmallMerete Mueller & Christopher SmithDOCFirst Run Features622013
To Be of ServiceJosh AronsonDOCFirst Run Features882019Greg Kolodziejczyk and Valor, Thomas Flood and Mako, Phil Bauer and Champ, Sylvia Bowersox and Timothy, Brandon Lewis and Boothe
Tokyo FianceeStefan LiberskiNARFirst Run Features1002014Pauline Etienne, Taichi Inoue
TomcatHändl KlausNARFirst Run Features1142016Lukas Turtur, Philipp Hochmair, Thomas Stipsits, Manuel Rubey, Anders Nyqvist, Maria Grün
TVTV: Video RevolutionariesPaul GoldsmithDOCFirst Run Features822018John Belushi, Hunter S. Thompson, Bill Murray, Steven Speilberg, Lily Tomlin, Abbie Hoffman
VitoJefffrey SchwarzDOCFirst Run Features932011Vito Russo, Lily Tomlin, Larry Kramer, Charles Russo, Armistad Maupin, Phyllis Antonellis, Michael Schiavi, Arnie Kantrowitz, Bruce Vilanch
Welcome to LeithMichael Beach Nichols & Christopher K. WalkerDOCFirst Run Features862015
When Justice Isn't JustDavid MasseyDOCFirst Run Features422016
When Two Worlds CollideHeidi Brandenburg & Mathew OrzelDOCFirst Run Features1032016
WindfallLaura IsraelDOCFirst Run Features832010
A Bread Factory - Part 1Patrick WangNARGrasshopper Film1222018Tyne Daly, Elisabeth Henry
A Bread Factory - Part 2Patrick WangNARGrasshopper Film1202018Tyne Daly, Elisabeth Henry
All the Cities of the NorthDane KomljenNARGrasshopper Film972016Boban Kaludjer, Boris Isakovic
ArabyJoão Dumans & Affonso UchoaNARGrasshopper Film982017Aristides de Sousa
AvaSadaf ForoughiNARGrasshopper Film1032017
Bronx GothicAndrew RossiDOCGrasshopper Film912017Okwui Okpokwasili
BuddyHeddy HonigmannDOCGrasshopper Film862018
Casa de LavaPedro CostaNARGrasshopper Film1081994Inês de Medeiros, Isaach De Bankolé
Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?Travis WilkersonDOCGrasshopper Film902018
EscapesMichael AlmereydaDOCGrasshopper Film892017Hampton Fancher
Fengming, a Chinese MemoirWang BingDOCGrasshopper Film1842017
From What Is BeforeLav DiazNARGrasshopper Film3382014
Light YearsManuel AbramovichDOCGrasshopper Film752017Lucrecia Martel
MimosasOliver LaxeNARGrasshopper Film932016
Mr. Fish: Cartooning from the Deep EndPablo BryantDOCGrasshopper Film702018Dwayne Booth
Rodents of Unusual SizeChris Metzler, Quinn Costello, Jeff SpringerDOCGrasshopper Film712017
The Academy of MusesJose Luis GuerinNARGrasshopper Film922017Emanuela Forgetta, Patricia Gil, Rosa Delor
Towards MathildeClaire DenisDOCGrasshopper Film842004Mathilde Monnier
108 (Cuchillo de Palo)Renate Costa PerdomoDOCIcarus Films912010
10th ParallelSilvio Da-RinDOCIcarus Films872011
12 DaysRaymond DepardonDOCIcarus Films872017
30 Second DemocracyDavid VainolaDOCIcarus Films511996
900 DaysJessica GorterDOCIcarus Films772011
A Baptism of FireJerome Clement-WilzDOCIcarus Films522015
A Boatload of Wild IrishmenMac Dara O CurraidhinDOCIcarus Films842011
A Grin Without a CatChris MarkerDOCIcarus Films1781977
A Man VanishesShohei ImamuraDOCIcarus Films1301967
A Tribute to Malcolm XMadeline AndersonDOCIcarus Films161967
About Executing EichmannFlorence JammotDOCIcarus Films602014
Adam Smith, The Birth of the Free MarketIlan ZivDOCIcarus Films532014
Advise & Dissent: Where the Supreme Court and Politics CollideDavid Van TaylorDOCIcarus Films872012
Afghanistan 1979: The War That Changed the WorldGulya MirzoevaDOCIcarus Films522014
Agent OrangeMasako SakataDOCIcarus Films662007
Alive!Vincent BoujonDOCIcarus Films802014
Almayer's FollyChantal AkermanNARIcarus Films1272011Stanislas Merhar, Marc Barbé, Aurora Marion
America's Brutal PrisonsNick LondonDOCIcarus Films482005
Americas in TransitionObie BenzDOCIcarus Films291982Ed Asner
An Injury To OneTravis WilkersonDOCIcarus Films532003
Anais Goes to WarMarion GervaisDOCIcarus Films462014
And There Was IsraelRomed WyderDOCIcarus Films522018
Animal MachineBernard BlockDOCIcarus Films522015
Around India with a Movie CameraSandhyu SuriDOCIcarus Films722018
Art and OligarchsTania RakhmanovaDOCIcarus Films522010
As a Young Girl of Thirteen...Elisabeth Coronel, Florence Gaillard & Arnaud de MezamatDOCIcarus Films882009
BamakoAbderrahmane SissakoNARIcarus Films1172006
Banking NatureDenis Delestrac, Sandrine FeydelDOCIcarus Films902014
Be Seeing YouMario Marret, Chris MarkerOBSIcarus Films391968
Between Two-SpiritLaurence PerigaudDOCIcarus Films762012
Beyond My Grandfather AllendeMarcia Tambutti AllendeDOCIcarus Films982015
Beyond Zero: 1914-1918Bill MorrisonPOEIcarus Films402014
Black Is the Color: A History of African American ArtJacques GoldsteinDOCIcarus Films522017
Black SunRudiger SunnerDOCIcarus Films902009
Bones of ContentionAndrea WeissDOCIcarus Films752017Laura Garcia Lorca, Emilio Silva, Antoni Ruiz, Silvia Reyes, Isabel Franc, Empar Pineda, Fernando Valverde
Chantal Akerman by Chantal AkermanChantal AkermanDOCIcarus Films641996
Chez Jolie CoiffureRosine MbakamDOCIcarus Films702018
Chicago BoysCarola Fuentes and Rafael ValdeavellanoDOCIcarus Films852015
Chris Marker's Bestiary: An Owl is an Owl is an OwlChris MarkerDOCIcarus Films31994
Chris Marker's Bestiary: Bullfight in OkinawaChris MarkerDOCIcarus Films41994
Chris Marker's Bestiary: Cat Listening to MusicChris MarkerDOCIcarus Films31994
Chris Marker's Bestiary: Slon TangoChris MarkerDOCIcarus Films41994
Chris Marker's Bestiary: Zoo PieceChris MarkerDOCIcarus Films31994
Cinema NovoEryk RochaDOCIcarus Films902016
City WalkBill MorrisonPOEIcarus Films62003
Class of StruggleThe Medvedkin GroupDOCIcarus Films371969
Codigo Color, MemoriasWilliam Sabourin O'ReillyDOCIcarus Films302015
Community of PraiseRichard Leacock and Marisa SilverDOCIcarus Films601982
Congo: The Doctor Who Saves WomenAngele DiabangDOCIcarus Films522014
Conversations with Roy DeCaravaCarroll Parrot BlueDOCIcarus Films281984
Cul de Sac: A Suburban War StoryGarrett ScottDOCIcarus Films572001
CultureJamJill SharpeDOCIcarus Films522001
Dam/AgeAradhana SethDOCIcarus Films502002
DamagesThomas BalmesDOCIcarus Films692008
Dark Star: H. R. Giger's WorldBelinda SallinDOCIcarus Films952014
Dear Dr. SpencerDanielle Renfrew & Beth SeltzerDOCIcarus Films251998Lili Taylor
DecasiaBill MorrisonPOEIcarus Films672002
Disco and Atomic WarJaak KilmiDOCIcarus Films802009
Do Communists Have Better Sex?André MeierDOCIcarus Films522006
Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly SurvivalFabrizio TerranovaDOCIcarus Films812017Donna Haraway
Double Life, a Short History of Sex in the USSRIn?ra KolmaneDOCIcarus Films522017
Down ThereChantal AkermanDOCIcarus Films782006
Downtown DreamAaron MatthewsDOCIcarus Films452013
Dreaming of a Tree HouseBeate LendtDOCIcarus Films852011
Dreams RewiredManu Luksch, Martin Reinhart and Thomas TodeDOCIcarus Films852015Tilda Swinton
Edward Said: The Last InterviewMike DibbDOCIcarus Films1142004
El Sicario, Room 164Gianfranco Rosi and Charles BowdenDOCIcarus Films842011
El VeladorNatalia AlmadaDOCIcarus Films722011
Electric SignsAlice ArnoldDOCIcarus Films582012
Elsewhere Part INikolaus GeyrhalterDOCIcarus Films1172010
Elsewhere Part IINikolaus GeyrhalterDOCIcarus Films1292010
Eternity Has No Door of EscapeArthur BorgnisDOCIcarus Films802017
Everything Must FallRehad DesaiDOCIcarus Films852018
Family BusinessTom CohenDOCIcarus Films901982
Far from VietnamJean-Luc Godard, Joris Ivens, William Klein, Claude Lelouch, Chris Marker, and Alain ResnaisDOCIcarus Films1151967
Fate of a SalesmanBen Crosbie and Tessa MoranDOCIcarus Films272013
Finally Got the NewsStewart Bird, Rene Lichtman and Peter GessnerDOCIcarus Films551970
Fold Crumple Crush: The Art of El AnatsuiSusan VogelDOCIcarus Films532011
Food DesignMartin Hablesreiter and Sonja StummererDOCIcarus Films522009
For the Best and for the Onion!Elhadj Magori SaniDOCIcarus Films522008
ForeverHeddy HonigmannDOCIcarus Films952006
Forgotten WorldTerri EllaDOCIcarus Films522015
France (Les Habitants)Raymond DepardonDOCIcarus Films842015
Free Lunch SocietyChristian TodDOCIcarus Films922017Frances Fox Piven, Emmanuel Saez, Charles Alan Murray
From The EastChantal AkermanDOCIcarus Films1102003
From The Other SideChantal AkermanDOCIcarus Films992002
Future of MudSusan VogelDOCIcarus Films582007
Futures MarketMercedes AlvarezDOCIcarus Films1102011
Gabo: The Creation of Gabriel Garcia MarquezJustin WebsterDOCIcarus Films902015
Ghost TripBill MorrisonPOEIcarus Films232000
Ghosts of AtticaBrad LichtensteinDOCIcarus Films902001Susan Sarandon
Great ExpectationsJesper WachtmeisterDOCIcarus Films522007
Gringo TrailsPegi VailDOCIcarus Films792013
Guanape SurJanos RichterDOCIcarus Films272010
Guns and MothersThom PowersDOCIcarus Films532003
H2OmxJose CohenDOCIcarus Films822013
Hamou-Beya, Sand FishersAndrey Samoute DiarraDOCIcarus Films722012
Heimat is a Space in TimeThomas HeiseDOCIcarus Films2182019
Highwater TrilogyBill MorrisonPOEIcarus Films312006
Hissein Habre, A Chadian TragedyMahamat-Saleh HarounDOCIcarus Films822016
Hotel Terminus - Part IMarcel OphulsDOCIcarus Films1141988
Hotel Terminus - Part IIMarcel OphulsDOCIcarus Films1071988
Hotel Terminus - Part IIIMarcel OphulsDOCIcarus Films461988
HousemaidsGabriel MascaroDOCIcarus Films762012
How Putin Came to PowerTania RakhmanovaDOCIcarus Films522005
I Am SomebodyMadeline AndersonDOCIcarus Films301970
I Don't Belong Anywhere: The Cinema of Chantal AkermanMarianne LambertESSIcarus Films672015
IceRobert KramerNARIcarus Films1281969
Imaginary FeastsAnne GeorgetDOCIcarus Films702014
In Our NatureSara LeavittDOCIcarus Films32019
In Search of MemoryPetra SeegerDOCIcarus Films952008Eric Kandel
In the Intense NowJoão Moreira SallesESSIcarus Films1272017
In the Steps of Trisha BrownMarie-Helene ReboisDOCIcarus Films792016Lisa Kraus, Carolyn Lucas & the dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet
Inside OutZohreh ShayestehDOCIcarus Films392006
Integration Report 1Madeline AndersonDOCIcarus Films201960
Investigation of a FlameLynne SachsDOCIcarus Films452001Daniel Berrigan, Philip Berrigan
JaguarJean RouchOBSIcarus Films881967
Jean Rouch, the Adventurous FilmmakerLaurent VédrineDOCIcarus Films552017Jean Rouch
Journal de FranceRaymond Depardon and Claudine NougaretDOCIcarus Films1002012
Just Ancient LoopsBill MorrisonPOEIcarus Films262012
Karayuki-San, The Making of a ProstituteShohei ImamuraDOCIcarus Films751975
Karl Polanyi, The Human FactorIlan ZivDOCIcarus Films532014
Kati With an IRobert GreeneDOCIcarus Films862010
Keynes vs Hayek: A Fake Debate?Ilan ZivDOCIcarus Films532014
KochuuJesper WachtmeisterDOCIcarus Films532003
Kuxa KanemaMargarida CardosoDOCIcarus Films522003
Last Grave at DimbazaChris Curling and Pascoe MacfarlaneDOCIcarus Films551974
Last Summer Won't HappenPeter Gessner & Tom HurwitzDOCIcarus Films582002Abbie Hoffman, Paul Krassner, Tom Osha Neuman, Phil Ochs
Latest News from the CosmosJulie BertuccelliDOCIcarus Films852016
Le Joli MaiChris Marker, Pierre LhommeOBSIcarus Films1451963
Level FiveChris MarkerNARIcarus Films1061996Catherine Belkhodja, Kenji Tokitsu
Liberation: The User's GuideAlexander KuznetsovDOCIcarus Films802016
Light is CallingBill MorrisonPOEIcarus Films82004
Little By LittleJean RouchOBSIcarus Films921969
Long Story ShortNatalie BookchinDOCIcarus Films452016
Lost RiversCaroline BacleDOCIcarus Films722012
Madam Phung's Last JourneyNguy?n Th? Th?mDOCIcarus Films872014
Made Over in AmericaBernadette Wegenstein & Geoffrey Alan RhodesDOCIcarus Films652007
Mali BluesLutz GregorDOCIcarus Films932016 Fatoumata Diawara, Ahmed Ag Kaedi, Bassékou Kouyaté
Mama ColonelDieudo HamadiDOCIcarus Films722017
Mammy WaterJean RouchOBSIcarus Films181956
Man for a DayKatarina PetersDOCIcarus Films592012
Marcel Ophuls and Jean-Luc GodardFrederic Choffat and Vincent LowyDOCIcarus Films442010Marcel Ophuls, Jean-Luc Godard
Marius Petipa: The French Master of Russian BalletDenis SneguirevDOCIcarus Films522019
Marx ReloadedJason BarkerDOCIcarus Films522011
Metal and MelancholyHeddy HonigmannDOCIcarus Films801993
MilestonesRobert Kramer and John DouglasDOCIcarus Films1951975
Mina's Recipe BookAnne GeorgetDOCIcarus Films452007
Miners Shot DownRehad DesaiDOCIcarus Films862014
Minute Bodies: The Intimate World Of F. Percy SmithStuart A. StaplesPOEIcarus Films552016tindersticks
Miss Kiet's ChildrenPetra Lataster-Czisch & Peter LatasterDOCIcarus Films1132016
Moi, Un NoirJean RouchPARIcarus Films701958
Mr. CO2Yves BillyDOCIcarus Films522010
Naji Al-AliKasim AbidDOCIcarus Films521999
National DiplomaDieudo HamadiDOCIcarus Films922014
No Gods, No Masters - Pt. ITancrède RamonetDOCIcarus Films522017
No Gods, No Masters - Pt. IITancrède RamonetDOCIcarus Films522017
No Gods, No Masters - Pt. IIITancrède RamonetDOCIcarus Films522017
No Home MovieChantal AkermanDOCIcarus Films1152015
Northern LightNick Bentgen and Lisa KjerulffDOCIcarus Films1052013
Nostalgia for the LightPatricio GuzmánDOCIcarus Films902010
Now He's Out in Public and Everyone Can SeeNatalie BookchinDOCIcarus Films242017
O Amor NaturalHeddy HonigmannDOCIcarus Films762007
OblivionHeddy HonigmannDOCIcarus Films932008
OliviaJacqueline AudryNARIcarus Films961950Edwige Feuillere, Simone Simon
One Day in the Life of Andrei ArsenevichChris MarkerDOCIcarus Films552000Andrei Tarkovsky
One Day Pina Asked...Chantal AkermanPERIcarus Films571983
Our Daily BreadNikolaus GeyrhalterDOCIcarus Films922005
OuterboroughBill MorrisonDOCIcarus Films92005
Outlaw-Matsu Comes HomeShohei ImamuraDOCIcarus Films482012
Paths of the SoulZhang YangNARIcarus Films1172016
Picasso and Sima, Antibes 1946Christian TranDOCIcarus Films582009
PorchBill MorrisonDOCIcarus Films92005
Post-Carbon FuturesYves BillyDOCIcarus Films532010
Presumed GuiltyRoberto HernándezDOCIcarus Films882009
Private Dicks: Men ExposedMeema Spadola & Thom PowersDOCIcarus Films551999
Profit and Nothing But!Raoul PeckDOCIcarus Films522001
Profits of PunishmentCatherine ScottDOCIcarus Films522001
Propaganda: The Manufacture of ConsentJimmy LeipoldDOCIcarus Films532020Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, Stuart Ewen, David Miller
Public EnemyJens MeurerDOCIcarus Films501999
Rabbit a la BerlinBartek Konopka & Piotr RoslowskiDOCIcarus Films392009
Re-AwakeningsBill MorrisonPOEIcarus Films182013Oliver Sacks
Rebels on PointeBobbi Jo HartDOCIcarus Films902016
Red Hook JusticeMeema SpadolaDOCIcarus Films552004
Red PersimmonsShinsuke Ogawa, Peng XiaolianDOCIcarus Films902001
ReleaseBill MorrisonPOEIcarus Films132010
Remembrance of Things to ComeChris Marker, Yannick BellonDOCIcarus Films422001
Ricardo and Malthus: Did You Say Freedom?Ilan ZivDOCIcarus Films532014
Rocky Road to DublinPeter LennonDOCIcarus Films691967Seán Ó Faoláin, Conor Cruise O’Brien, John Houston
Route One/USA (part 1)Robert KramerESSIcarus Films1251990
Sacred WaterOlivier JourdainDOCIcarus Films602017
Salvador AllendePatricio GuzmánDOCIcarus Films1002004
Saving Mes AynakBrent E. HuffmanDOCIcarus Films582015
School of BabelJulie BertuccelliOBSIcarus Films892013
Second Time AroundPeter Davis and John LindleyDOCIcarus Films601982
Seed BattlesKees BrouwerDOCIcarus Films502014
Seeds of HungerYves Billy and Richard ProstDOCIcarus Films522008
Seeing is BelievingKaterina Cizek and Peter WintonickDOCIcarus Films582002
Sermons and Sacred PicturesLynne SachsDOCIcarus Films292004
Seven Songs for Malcolm XJohn AkomfrahDOCIcarus Films521993
SeventeenJoel DeMott and Jeff KreinesDOCIcarus Films1201982
Sex, Lies and Tabloids!Jean-Baptiste PeretieDOCIcarus Films522015
Six in Paris (Paris vu par)Claude Chabrol, Jean Douchet, Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Daniel Pollet, Eric Rohmer and Jean RouchDOCIcarus Films961965
Six in Paris: Gare du NordJean RouchNARIcarus Films171965
Six in Paris: Montparnasse et LevalloisJean-Luc GodardNARIcarus Films151965
Six in Paris: Place de l'ÉtoileÉric RohmerNARIcarus Films161965
Six in Paris: Rue Saint DenisJean-Daniel PolletNARIcarus Films121965
Six in Paris: Saint Germain des PrésJean DouchetNARIcarus Films191965
Six in Paris: The MuteClaude ChabrolNARIcarus Films171965
Sleeping SoulsAlexander AbaturovDOCIcarus Films502013
Sociology is a Martial ArtPierre CarlesDOCIcarus Films1462001
Sol LeWittChris TeerinkDOCIcarus Films722012
Sound and Chaos: The Story of BC StudioRyan Douglass and Sara LeavittDOCIcarus Films752015
SouthChantal AkermanDOCIcarus Films701999
Spark of BeingBill MorrisonDOCIcarus Films672010
SPK ComplexGerd KroskeDOCIcarus Films1112018
Starfish Aorta ColossusLynne SachsDOCIcarus Films52015
States of UnbelongingLynne SachsDOCIcarus Films632015
Strait Through The IceYves BillyDOCIcarus Films522007
System ErrorFlorian OpitzDOCIcarus Films962017
Thank You for the RainJulia Dahr and Kisilu MusyaDOCIcarus Films872017
The Absent HouseRuben AbrunaDOCIcarus Films552013
The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 1Amelie Harrault & Pauline GaillardDOCIcarus Films3002020
The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 2Amelie Harrault & Pauline GaillardDOCIcarus Films3002020
The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 3Amelie Harrault & Valerie LoiseleuxDOCIcarus Films3002020
The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 4Amelie Harrault & Valerie LoiseleuxDOCIcarus Films3002020
The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 5Amelie Harrault & Valerie LoiseleuxDOCIcarus Films3002020
The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 6Amelie Harrault & Valerie LoiseleuxDOCIcarus Films3002020
The ApologyTiffany HsiungDOCIcarus Films1042016
The Battle of Chile (Part 1)Patricio GuzmanDOCIcarus Films961975
The Battle of Chile (Part 2)Patricio GuzmanDOCIcarus Films881976
The Battle of Chile (Part 3)Patricio GuzmanDOCIcarus Films781978
The Big GameE. J. VaughnDOCIcarus Films601982
The CampaignTom CohenDOCIcarus Films901982
The Case of the Grinning CatChris MarkerESSIcarus Films582004
The Chinese Lives of Uli SiggMichael SchindhelmDOCIcarus Films932016Uli Sigg, Ai Weiwei, Cao Chong’en, Cao Fei, Pierre de Meuron, Hans-Peter Fallegger
The Coal Miner's DayGael MocaerDOCIcarus Films802014
The Cordillera of DreamsPatricio GuzmánDOCIcarus Films852019
The Cordillera of Dreams Extra - Interview with Angela LeiblePatricio GuzmánDOCIcarus Films62019
The Cordillera of Dreams Extra - Interview with Rolando AbarcaPatricio GuzmánDOCIcarus Films52019
The Cordillera of Dreams Extra - Julien Joly on GuzmánJulien JolyDOCIcarus Films102019
The Cordillera of Dreams Extra - Patricio Guzmán InterviewPierre Denoits & Noémie MoreauDOCIcarus Films252020
The Cordillera of Dreams Extra - The Making of the FilmPatricio GuzmánDOCIcarus Films72019
The Destruction of MemoryTim SladeDOCIcarus Films852016
The EmbassyChris MarkerNARIcarus Films211973
The Film of HerBill MorrisonPOEIcarus Films121996
The Forgotten SpaceAllan Sekula & Noel BurchESSIcarus Films1122010
The Giant Is FallingRehad Desai and Jabulani MzozoDOCIcarus Films772016
The Good BreastBernadette WegensteinDOCIcarus Films942016
The Great FloodBill MorrisonDOCIcarus Films802013
The Hermitage DwellersAliona van der HorstDOCIcarus Films732003
The Human PyramidJean RouchDOCIcarus Films931961
The InternationalePeter MillerDOCIcarus Films302000
The Intolerable BurdenChea PrinceDOCIcarus Films562003
The Invisible FrameCynthia BeattDOCIcarus Films602010Tilda Swinton
The IsterDavid Barison and Daniel RossDOCIcarus Films1892004
The Last Angel of HistoryJohn AkomfrahDOCIcarus Films451996
The Last BolshevikChris MarkerDOCIcarus Films1161998
The Last Happy DayLynne SachsDOCIcarus Films372015
The Lion HuntersJean RouchOBSIcarus Films771965
The Machine Which Makes Everything DisappearTinatin GurchianiDOCIcarus Films1012013
The Mad MastersJean RouchOBSIcarus Films281955
The Making of 'Rocky Road to Dublin'Paul DuaneDOCIcarus Films272005Peter Lennon, Raoul Coutard
The Marquis of WavrinGrace Winter & Luc PlantierDOCIcarus Films852017
The MesmeristBill MorrisonPOEIcarus Films162003
The Miners' HymnsBill MorrisonDOCIcarus Films522011
The Nine MusesJohn AkomfrahDOCIcarus Films942010
The Owl's Legacy: Amnesty, or History on the MarchChris MarkerDOCIcarus Films261989
The Owl's Legacy: Cosmogony, or the Ways of the WorldChris MarkerDOCIcarus Films261989
The Owl's Legacy: Democracy, or City of DreamsChris MarkerDOCIcarus Films261989
The Owl's Legacy: Logomachy, or the Dialect of the TribeChris MarkerDOCIcarus Films261989
The Owl's Legacy: Mathematics, or the Empire Counts BackChris MarkerDOCIcarus Films261989
The Owl's Legacy: Misogyny, or the Snares of DesireChris MarkerDOCIcarus Films261989
The Owl's Legacy: Music, or Inner SpaceChris MarkerDOCIcarus Films261989
The Owl's Legacy: Mythology, or Lies Like TruthChris MarkerDOCIcarus Films261989
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Glenn Gould: On the RecordRoman Kroiter, Wolf KoeningDOCNational Film Board of Canada291959
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Mystery of the Secret RoomWanda NolanANINational Film Board of Canada62016
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OscarMarie-Josée Saint-PierreANINational Film Board of Canada122016
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ReflectionSylvie TrouvéANINational Film Board of Canada52012
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Confounding Father - Episode 2Richard R. HallDOCNerds Make Media332020Gloria Browne-Marshall, Constitutional Law Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice? Murray Dry - The Complete Antifederalist (Co-Editor)? Paul Finkelman - Slavery & the Founders? Woody Holton - Unruly Americans & the Origins of the Constitution? Bill Kauffman - Forgotten Founder Drunken Prophet: The Life of Luther Martin? Pauline Maier - Ratification: The People Debate the Constitution, 1787-1788? Gordon Wood - The Radicalism of the American Revolution (Pulitzer Prize)
Confounding Father - Episode 3Richard R. HallDOCNerds Make Media302020Gloria Browne-Marshall, Constitutional Law Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice? Murray Dry - The Complete Antifederalist (Co-Editor)? Paul Finkelman - Slavery & the Founders? Woody Holton - Unruly Americans & the Origins of the Constitution? Bill Kauffman - Forgotten Founder Drunken Prophet: The Life of Luther Martin? Pauline Maier - Ratification: The People Debate the Constitution, 1787-1788? Gordon Wood - The Radicalism of the American Revolution (Pulitzer Prize)
Confounding Father - Episode 4Richard R. HallDOCNerds Make Media282020Gloria Browne-Marshall, Constitutional Law Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice? Murray Dry - The Complete Antifederalist (Co-Editor)? Paul Finkelman - Slavery & the Founders? Woody Holton - Unruly Americans & the Origins of the Constitution? Bill Kauffman - Forgotten Founder Drunken Prophet: The Life of Luther Martin? Pauline Maier - Ratification: The People Debate the Constitution, 1787-1788? Gordon Wood - The Radicalism of the American Revolution (Pulitzer Prize)
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Food for Thought - Tasting Qualities - Ep. 5Martijn TervoortDOCViewpoint Productions BV352019Shalini Sinha
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Complaints of a Dutiful DaughterDeborah HoffmannDOCWomen Make Movies441995
Dream GirlsKim Longinotto & Jano WilliamsDOCWomen Make Movies501995
Geek GirlsGina HaraDOCWomen Make Movies832017Stephanie Harvey, Anita Sengupta, Rachel Weil
How to Lose Your VirginityTherese ShechterDOCWomen Make Movies662013
Inside Her SexSheona McDonaldDOCWomen Make Movies692015Samantha Allen, Elle Chase, Candida Royalle
Invisible AdversariesValie ExportNARWomen Make Movies1081976Susanne Widl, Peter Weibel, Josef Plavec
Kings PointSari GilmanDOCWomen Make Movies302014
Love & DianeJennifer DworkinDOCWomen Make Movies1552003
Nice Colored GirlsTracey MoffattNARWomen Make Movies161987
Night Cries: A Rural TragedyTracey MoffattNARWomen Make Movies191991
Rough AuntiesKim LonginottoDOCWomen Make Movies1032009
Siberian LoveOlga DelaneDOCWomen Make Movies822017
Suzy Lake: Playing with TimeAnnette MangaardDOCWomen Make Movies622015
The Grace Lee ProjectGrace LeeDOCWomen Make Movies682006
The Passionate Pursuits of Angela BowenJennifer AbodDOCWomen Make Movies732016Angela Bowen
The Same DifferenceNneka OnuorahDOCWomen Make Movies782016Premium Steez, Danielle Brooks, Ariane Davis
Your Name in CelluliteGail NoonanANIWomen Make Movies61995
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