OVID.tv Member Statistics, 28 September to 23 November

One of the founding principles of OVID is a commitment to openness and transparency.

For any number of reasons we believe that it is high-time for the film and media industries to open the books and share with both our members (subscribers, customers, viewers) and our filmmaking, producing, and distribution partners, the real numbers and metrics and dollars and cents of the business.

We’d be happy to enter into a discussion with our colleagues, distributors, and other VOD and SVOD services about this idea and why information such as that shown here is generally so closely held. We have our theories, for instance about whose interest such policies might seem to serve.

But we believe that if an alternative, open, truly independent media eco-system is to emerge and survive it will necessarily have to be based upon, for one thing, a notion of shared community and commitment, and that requires an atmosphere of trust.

So, now to our first presentation of current membership information: The attached graph shows our membership status as of November 23, 2020. The “Active (all)” members includes free trials outstanding, as well as any press passes or other people with free access even if only for a short period of time. The “Net Paid” members is what it sounds like, the number of people with active, paid-up memberships, whether monthly or yearly. We intend to update this information regularly, ideally at least monthly if not more frequently.

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