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122,253 < Total Minutes Viewed (980 titles) 44,165 34,259 15,863 8,602 6,661 6,001 3,260 2,666 776
3,676 Beanpole959.7 1,233.7 191.2598.749.892.213.2400.0137.5
3,251 Perfumes727.8 1,231.0 600.0112.20.5181.0171.8226.8-
3,118 Nowhere in Africa 1,298.8 901.2432.5272.7-38.7136.537.5-
2,234 A History of the European Working Class - Episode 1665.7946.5264.2175.02.899.779.7--
2,195 Swept Away703.2612.2432.544.2130.396.0176.00.3-
2,186 The Troubles We've Seen Part 1766.3820.3184.7234.527.261.7-91.2-
1,622 Red Hollywood171.0982.0167.0-114.773.2114.0--
1,544 A History of the European Working Class - Episode 2611.7553.2198.3125.8-0.255.2--
1,509 The Seduction of Mimi482.0345.3173.8151.0131.5111.2-112.51.7
1,454 Elles548.2152.8361.5149.710.3136.095.3--
1,446 Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune506.3297.7265.8292.89.569.2-4.8-
1,375 The Troubles We've Seen Part 2522.0658.5107.534.8---52.0-
1,334 Maborosi534.7383.825.81.3188.033.7110.057.0-
1,312 Women of '69, Unboxed 455.2521.764.781.0107.06.060.515.5-
1,244 At Last the 1948 Show - Series 1 Episode 1313.7537.3204.578.226.03.527.753.2-
1,177 Edward Hopper414.8321.7293.849.
1,169 Putin's Witnesses740.325.3102.7188.27.3105.3---
1,000 A History of the European Working Class - Episode 3550.3286.554.7107.7-0.20.7--
969Aimee and Jaguar218.
921Belly of the Beast104.7354.01.5207.094.2-2.5156.7-
835A History of the European Working Class - Episode 4431.8220.855.854.0-22.0-50.5-
752Sherman's March357.080.2-158.5156.20.2---
732Decade of Fire225.3197.773.8156.575.7--2.5-
729The Red Soul93.2111.7202.8183.311.5117.72.36.8-
678American Socialist: Eugene Debs236.895.3144.8---96.75.399.5
668Just a Sigh207.3105.2123.2131.0-101.0---
652900 Days123.3170.553.8141.211.275.0-76.8-
650Stealing Rodin375.5124.211.877.50.537.322.50.2-
647On the French Riviera with Man Ray and Picasso274.560.7113.7105.0-40.352.5--
638Only Cloud Knows403.
637'Til Madness Do Us Part227.7409.7-------
616Veronico Cruz177.5111.896.592.796.338.02.20.5-
606Sankara's Orphans100.0227.886.797.784.20.7-9.2-
605Advise & Dissent: Where the Supreme Court and Politics Collide98.5304.322.8179.0-----
593Hotel Terminus - Part I539.2-10.5-31.811.2---
582A Grin Without a Cat480.70.2100.7--0.3-0.5-
576The Human Pyramid575.30.3--0.30.2---
545The Lost Village190.8214.344.095.5-----
544At Last the 1948 Show - Series 1 Episode 386.2242.393.523.313.823.323.338.5-
521Hotel Terminus - Part II521.0--------
511Murder in the Cathedral303.761.332.2----113.8-
50364 Day Hero: A Boxer's Tale225.083.77.0-93.70.2-93.0-
496Heimat is a Space in Time-269.0217.0-9.0-0.8--
487El Mar La Mar173.0218.7----95.0--
482White Sun49.8178.0102.3-63.088.7-0.2-
479Arguing the World185.0109.395.226.7-62.5---
477Into The Night (Part 1)290.8185.7-------
471Battle of Memories26.0115.524.71.8151.2-152.00.2-
457Roque Dalton162.084.5-197.5-12.5---
451At Last the 1948 Show - Series 1 Episode 291.3213.052.715.827.815.721.313.3-
444The Trials of Henry Kissinger311.379.053.7------
436On the Bowery57.3128.897.767.064.87.2-13.2-
427This Is Our Land2.0159.7118.5142.8-0.2-4.2-
419The Mafia Kills Only in Summer41.0102.3182.3--93.7---
417Happy Cleaners0.3215.77.096.396.51.5---
415Blue Black Permanent145.388.77.285.886.71.0-0.2-
414Long Day's Journey Into Night236.5160.
409About Executing Eichmann66.5181.7118.0-43.2----
409Rocco and His Brothers182.028.012.7--186.2---
404How Putin Came to Power60.0174.236.5113.219.5-0.2--
365The Rape of Europa-239.2121.2--4.3---
361Angels Wear White103.2138.2118.3-0.50.7---
358 Adam Smith, The Birth of the Free Market 109.588.853.753.5---52.7-
355The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 139.8142.2116.248.8-8.2---
345A Town Called Panic (new)72.879.0---43.877.00.871.3
328Dead Souls - Part I326.3-1.7------
326Propaganda: The Manufacture of Consent245.577.7-2.7-0.2---
322Close Relations (Rodnye)149.783.764.714.00.79.5-0.2-
316Special Treatment124.33.592.7--92.8--2.7
314Tongues Untied261.7------52.7-
310Dawson City: Frozen Time38.3-224.547.0-----
293The Hole138.21.863.089.3-0.3---
290The Cordillera of Dreams285.5--4.7-0.2---
290Tokyo Idols85.20.716.2-0.2167.520.3-0.2
285The River Between Us0.3194.3--2.30.5--87.5
284The Rabbi's Cat175.23.5-5.0-13.8-86.2-
280At Last the 1948 Show - Series 1 Episode 474.7131.220.325.3--25.33.3-
278Dear Dr. Spencer171.075.51.0-3.21.8-25.7-
276Mysteries of Lisbon-----6.2269.7--
274Crimson Gold176.594.7---2.3---
271La Petite Lili-152.711.2-
269At Last the 1948 Show - Series 1 Episode 594.2139.26.7-25.7--3.3-
262The Chef's Wife148.888.77.3-0.316.7--0.2
261Love & Diane261.3--------
258Happy Hour62.7---193.81.8---
256Artists & Love: Lee Miller and Man Ray50.2128.863.0--13.5---
251 Mrs. B., A North Korean Woman 76.7-
250Hotel Terminus - Part III205.744.0-------
247Let the Fire Burn33.5-
247The Great Flood56.0113.5------77.5
241An Elephant Sitting Still----241.3----
241The Country Doctor240.7--------
239A Game for Six Lovers (L’eau à la bouche)76.31.554.0-0.362.8-43.8-
238Mesrine: Public Enemy #1-193.843.7------
237Hidden Heritage: The Roots of Black American Painting47.388.26.3-76.818.7---
235 Cheshire, Ohio 152.3---82.5----
234 I, Anna -90.773.7-1.068.3---
231The Corporate Coup d'État90.5140.2-------
228The Clearstream Affair118.8102.26.7--0.2---
225Thank You for the Rain225.0--------
223Time Indefinite-209.7---12.8---
221Color Adjustment78.0142.5---0.2---
217The Invisible Witness118.0-98.7--0.2-0.3-
217Sophie Scholl: The Final Days216.8---0.3----
215Black is... Black Ain't11.2166.2---37.2---
214Uncle Howard183.830.3---0.3---
214The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 2105.350.350.08.8-----
212 My Bolivia, Remembering What I Never Knew
211The Bridesmaid104.8106.2-------
207Le Joli Mai9.8191.03.5-1.71.2-0.2-
207The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 355.7101.050.0------
207Number One Fan (Elle l'Adore)-205.0---1.7---
205The Great Game0.397.2106.8--0.3---
204The Same Difference70.8133.3-------
203At Last the 1948 Show - Series 1 Episode 697.5105.0-------
201Bright Future84.8116.3--0.3----
201No Maps on My Taps75.259.0--59.08.0---
201The Children of 209 Saint-Maur Street-0.2100.5-100.2----
201Gorbachev. Heaven1.5-198.7-0.50.2---
199The Idol99.7-99.0--0.3---
199Lost Course29.739.825.3-103.7----
198Generation War Episode 399.8-98.5------
197Suburban Birds-157.2--40.0----
197An Encounter with Simone Weil97.8----98.8---
196Tribal Justice175.30.2---18.22.7--
195The Battle of Chile (Part 1)74.0-26.3-0.3-94.8--
195Homo Sapiens-94.2-63.837.0----
194Food Coop0.597.5-96.0-----
193Chasing Portraits--77.0-116.3----
193 No Gods, No Masters - Pt. II 140.7-52.5------
192Generation War Episode 193.7-98.5------
192Derrida's Elsewhere54.71.068.0--68.0---
191Kent State: The Day the War Came Home95.047.847.8--0.2---
191The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 5137.8----52.7---
189Chinese Portrait64.879.57.236.2-1.5---
189The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 6188.7--------
188Kings Point119.829.230.8----7.7-
187The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu187.3--------
186Travels in the Congo (Voyage au Congo)49.2-122.314.0-----
186Generation War Episode 293.3-92.2------
185Lomax the Songhunter91.892.7-------
183She's Beautiful When She's Angry-0.389.7-0.392.3---
182Aya of Yop City93.8---72.50.2-15.3-
181Dziga And His Brothers56.052.251.5--15.26.0--
179In Her Name-9.384.2--85.0---
178Girls Always Happy-124.853.3-0.2----
177The Inheritors177.0--------
177O Dreamland27.269.814.819.312.827.0-5.8-
176Through A Lens Darkly87.388.3-------
175 Althusser, an Intellectual Adventure 121.829.29.8--0.513.8--
175Kentridge and Dumas in Conversation-128.70.3-0.245.8---
174The Assistant0.3172.20.7--0.7---
174Chicago Boys85.2--2.32.0---84.3
172The Pearl Button165.51.0--5.5----
172The Widowed Witch9.0139.7---22.8---
171La Cuidad87.8-81.8--1.3---
170Power to Heal54.2---60.3-55.2--
169Down There33.7-79.056.2-----
168Andrei Tarkovsky's Nostalghia125.5-42.8------
168Reason (Part 1)64.246.2---0.3-57.5-
168Artists & Love: Jeanne Hébuterne and Amedeo Modigliani74.726.226.040.7-----
164The Vow from Hiroshima0.8----163.2---
163Vampire Clay-81.0---81.01.3--
163 No Gods, No Masters - Pt. III 110.5-52.0------
162The Destruction of Memory160.3-1.8------
161Bronx Gothic30.298.332.2--0.20.5--
160The Last Bolshevik116.830.2----12.30.5-
159The Book of the Dead62.340.056.5------
158Sociology is a Martial Art-----158.0---
158 Hissein Habre, A Chadian Tragedy 76.8---78.7--2.2-
156The Wealth of Nations: A New Gospel?0.853.747.353.5--0.3--
156A German Youth5.8149.8-------
156The Modern Jungle70.324.26.5-----54.5
155Every Day Except Christmas39.038.02.837.837.8----
155System Error107.547.0-------
154This Magnificent Cake!91.0-45.217.7---0.2-
154Maison Close - Episode 149.00.7-46.857.5----
152TVTV: Video Revolutionaries150.3-1.2------
148 No Gods, No Masters - Pt. I 61.519.266.7---0.8--
147The Annotated Field Guide of Ulysses S. Grant58.284.54.2-0.3----
147Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Enter Here13.0-30.5-102.80.2---
146The Juche Idea58.587.5-------
146Metal and Melancholy66.2---79.7----
145Trespassing Bergman-120.724.5------
145Afghanistan 1979: The War That Changed the World115.329.7-------
144A Home Called Nebraska144.2--------
144Six in Paris (Paris vu par)35.731.313.7-63.5----
144Ethnic Notions143.5--------
143In the Shadow of Women62.8-6.5-0.273.7---
143Ornette: Made in America-142.8-------
141The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 2-52.588.5------
141Girl Model75.764.8---0.3---
140Oxhide II0.2139.2-0.3-----
137The Underground Orchestra27.827.5--82.0----
137Tell No One-2.76.8--127.5-0.2-
137La Dénonciation (The Immoral Moment)0.5135.0---0.8-0.2-
136Coming to Light136.3--------
133Foucault Against Himself70.019.5-5.2-38.3---
132Artists & Love: Gerda Taro and Robert Capa52.2-53.0--26.3---
131Artists & Love: Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore52.078.7-------
129If A Tree Falls129.0----0.3---
12856 UP--31.596.3-----
128An Eye for Beauty112.77.87.2------
127Last Cab to Darwin119.37.3---0.8---
127We the Workers122.7--4.0-----
126Tales of the Night45.5------80.0-
124A Man Called Ove0.3-123.2------
123Naila and the Uprising4.755.5-
123Mia Madre-122.7-------
123Until the Birds Return--122.5------
122The Tiniest Place60.3-61.7------
122Salvador Allende97.7-6.2--18.0---
120The Wasted Times113.5-0.75.8-----
120The Girl with a Bracelet-0.3---119.7---
120Les Enfants Terribles-7.021.5-0.7-90.3--
119In Search of Memory25.3-93.8------
118Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem1.7-116.3------
118The Case of the Grinning Cat57.5-60.0--0.2---
117Far from Vietnam117.2------0.2-
116The Mad Masters86.8-29.0--0.3---
116The Eye of Vichy-115.8-------
115The Exiles72.839.82.3------
115State of Terrorism - Part 162.7--52.0-----
115All the World's Memory42.049.31.0--1.221.0--
114The Last Tycoons - Episode 158.5----55.8---
114Strange Victory-82.8-30.7-----
113Ursula von Rydingsvard: Into Her Own113.0----0.2---
113Keynes vs Hayek: A Fake Debate?-113.2-------
113G is for Gun27.255.0---26.3-4.2-
112The Forgotten Space--111.7------
111Viva la Liberta7.02.50.2-100.51.0---
111Mesrine: Killer Instinct-111.0---0.2---
111Level Five---110.0-0.7---
110State of Terrorism - Part 258.2--52.0-----
110Bitter Money98.00.211.0--0.5---
108Dark Eden-29.8-78.5-----
108Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow107.8--------
107Artists & Love: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera53.327.0-26.2-----
106The Gangster's Daughter0.30.7---0.7-104.7-
106The Salt of Tears----0.37.798.0--
106The Iron Ministry-25.3----80.5--
106Red Persimmons0.2--19.8-85.8---
106The East Wind State Farm-105.8-------
106As a Young Girl of Thirteen...5.7-85.7-14.2----
105The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 4105.2--------
105Eames: The Architect & The Painter--78.3-25.80.5---
104 Moi, Un Noir 73.7-30.7------
104How to Steal a Country98.50.3-5.5-----
104Sunday School with Franz Hinkelammert104.2--------
104Invisible Adversaries104.0--------
103At Last the 1948 Show - Series 2 Episode 1-95.8-----7.5-
103False Confessions102.00.2--0.20.3---
103The Punishment-33.369.3------
99.5From The Other Side99.5--------
99.3The Clay Bird53.545.0--0.50.3---
99.2What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy-99.2-------
98.8Thursday Till Sunday95.53.2---0.2---
98.7After Tiller-93.2-----5.5-
98.7The Scheming Women (Les Intrigantes)----97.8--0.8-
98.3Antarctic Edge: 70° South26.2--72.2-----
97.7Artists & Love: Paula Becker and Otto Modersohn26.345.026.3------
97.5Adriana's Pact97.5--------
97.3El Incendio97.0----0.3---
97.2 Flamenco, Flamenco 0.796.5-------
97.2The Written Face7.889.3-------
96.5 Come Back, Africa 91.0----0.3-5.2-
96.0All About My Sisters0.295.8-------
95.8David Holzman's Diary94.20.31.0--0.3---
95.7Little By Little95.7--------
95.7Aguilucho: Dance of the Harpy Eagle22.544.7---0.528.0--
95.5The Nine Muses95.3----0.2---
95.2The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 4--95.2------
95.2Koshien: Japan's Field of Dreams95.2--------
94.2Winter Soldier94.2--------
93.8Happy People: A Year in the Taiga--93.8------
93.5After Love12.5----81.0---
93.5Egg Cream27.544.715.3---1.05.0-
92.8In Exile: A Family Film-92.8-------
92.7Tony Manero92.7--------
92.5The Society of the Spectacle-91.21.3------
92.2Old Dog-91.8---0.2-0.2-
92.2Egg and Stone-16.372.0--3.8---
91.7Photographic Memory87.00.2---4.5---
91.3We Are the Lambeth Boys29.811.0-1.348.80.3---
91.2A Film Unfinished--91.2------
90.8My Brother's Wedding84.35.5--1.0----
90.5Female Directors3.843.8--42.8----
90.310th Parallel90.3--------
90.3Momma Don't Allow4.856.21.80.821.03.8-1.8-
89.7Time Thieves27.762.0-------
89.2Prairie Trilogy-89.2-------
89.0Made Over in America-28.2-60.7-0.2---
89.0Karmen Gei---82.8-6.2---
88.3A Good Man-88.3-------
88.2 Jean Ziegler, the Optimism of Willpower -----88.2---
87.8A Quest for Meaning---87.8-----
87.7Psychology and the New Heroism87.7--------
87.3On the Way to School12.3-----75.0--
86.7Kati With an I84.31.8---0.5---
86.5The Hand That Feeds86.5--------
86.3Bless Their Little Hearts84.3---1.50.5---
86.0Still Waters86.0--------
86.0Born in Flames85.5---0.20.3---
85.7The Mystery of Picasso59.5-25.50.7-----
84.8Under the Sun56.8-27.7--0.3---
84.8 The Owl's Legacy: Symposium, or Accepted Ideas 59.825.0-------
84.7The Watermelon Woman-84.7-------
84.7Marcel Ophuls and Jean-Luc Godard41.842.8-------
84.5She's Lost Control84.5--------
84.3Artists & Love: Emilie Flöge and Gustav Klimt-52.526.05.8-----
83.5Streit's: Matzo and the American Dream--83.5------
82.7Feed: A Comedy About Running for President-81.7-----1.0-
82.5Last Summer Won't Happen64.
82.5John Berger or The Art of Looking26.5-56.0------
81.7Haida Modern--81.7------
81.5Artists & Love: Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz55.7-25.8------
81.3Eternity Has No Door of Escape81.0-0.2-0.2----
81.0Three Sisters-81.0-------
80.7Milking the Rhino80.7--------
80.3Minute Bodies: The Intimate World Of F. Percy Smith69.011.3-------
80.3The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen80.3--------
80.0Alois Nebel--80.0------
79.8F11 and Be There79.5----0.3---
79.5Border South79.5--------
79.2Gray Matters: Architect & Designer Eileen Gray79.2--------
79.2Forgiving Dr. Mengele--79.2------
78.2Siberian Love-78.2-------
78.0Soul of a Banquet-77.7---0.3---
77.7Wendy and Lucy--77.5--0.2---
77.3Beijing Besieged by Waste--77.3------
77.3Artists & Love: Gabriele Münter and Vassily Kandinsky25.851.2-0.3-----
77.0Germans & Jews--76.7-0.3----
76.52 X 50 Years of French Cinema52.0-1.3--23.2---
75.8 Karayuki-San, The Making of a Prostitute -----0.775.2--
75.5Bones of Contention-75.5-------
75.2The Exquisite Short Films of Kihachiro Kawamoto31.2-44.0------
75.0The Battle of Chile (Part 3)75.0--------
75.0Lost Rivers-75.0-------
73.3Another Country-------73.3-
73.0Ballet Boys----71.81.2---
72.5At Last the 1948 Show - Series 2 Episode 4-72.5-------
72.0Refuge England0.8-25.0-25.021.2---
72.0The Hermitage Dwellers----72.0----
71.8Nice Time--36.7-17.517.7---
71.7Split Estate71.7--------
71.3Lonely Boy26.342.82.2------
71.0Lobster War-71.0-------
70.7The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 3--70.3----0.3-
70.0Frida Kahlo & Tina Modotti-30.239.8------
68.8Imaginary Feasts--68.7--0.2---
68.8 "I Do Not Care if We Go Down in History as Barbarians" 66.7-2.0-0.2----
68.8Shift Change------68.8--
68.3Resurrección / Resurrection66.3---2.0----
67.8The Gold Spinners-67.8-------
67.7Between Two Worlds--67.7------
67.5Guns and Mothers6.560.8---0.2---
67.0Dead Souls - Part II67.0--------
66.3Tomorrow's Saturday-16.716.7-16.516.5---
66.2Gustav Stickley: American Craftsman66.0----0.2---
65.8The Danish Poet15.3-14.536.0-----
65.3The Other Side of The Wall65.3--------
64.2Tiny: A Story About Living Small5.5--58.7-----
63.7Bluebeard (Kékszakállú)
63.0Maison Close - Episode 262.7----0.3---
62.0The City of the Future----61.80.2---
62.0The Vanishing Street4.83.24.719.819.510.0---
61.0The Internationale31.0---30.0----
60.5Confounding Father - Episode 3-60.5-------
60.3Capturing Grace----60.3----
60.2Dreams Rewired5.749.84.7------
60.2Sierra Leone Greets the Queen16.2--22.022.0----
59.8The Unreturned Soldiers In Thailand12.5-2.3--45.0---
59.7 Picasso and Sima, Antibes 1946 --59.7------
59.5The Last Tycoons - Episode 257.0----2.5---
58.7Art and Oligarchs53.5----5.2---
58.2The City Dark (83 minute version)58.2--------
58.0What If Marx Was Right?-55.7--2.3----
57.7Searching For Gerda Taro--57.7------
57.2Marguerite as She Was57.2--------
57.0 An American in Sophiatown: The Making of Come Back, Africa 56.8----0.2---
56.7Bright Leaves56.7--------
56.7Fire and Ice-56.7-------
56.5 Karl Polanyi, The Human Factor 0.256.3-------
56.5King of the Hill-56.5-------
56.3Time Regained1.539.514.7--0.30.3--
56.0Food for a Blush--
55.5To Tell the Truth: The Strategy of Truth-55.5-------
55.3Dreams of Ice0.2-----55.2--
55.3The Absent House54.8----0.5---
55.2Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation20.0-31.5-0.23.5---
55.2Black Is the Color: A History of African American Art55.0-0.2------
54.2The New Americans - Episode 154.2--------
54.2The Silence of Mark Rothko1.352.50.2--0.2---
53.8Mondovino: Crossing the Rubicon-----53.8---
53.8 The Owl's Legacy: Nostalgia, or The Impossible Return 42.20.311.3------
53.7The New Americans - Episode 253.7--------
53.7The New Americans - Episode 453.7--------
53.7Our Time Will Come-36.716.8-0.2----
53.5Parting Glances-53.5-------
53.330 Second Democracy1.851.5-------
53.3Maison Close - Episode 353.3--------
53.3 Father, Son and Holy War: Hero Pharmacy 53.3--------
53.0This is Cristina-3.7--4.50.8--44.0
53.0The New Americans - Episode 353.0--------
53.0Mitote / Mexican Ritual-53.0-------
52.8The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 1--52.8------
52.7Seven Songs for Malcolm X-52.5---0.2---
52.7The Last Tycoons - Episode 352.7--------
52.7Abstract Cinema1.3---51.3----
52.3Mondovino: Where's Astérix?-52.3-------
52.2The Universal Clock51.8----0.3---
51.8The Unreturned Soldiers In Malaysia1.2----50.7---
51.7No Time To Waste0.5-----51.2--
51.7Edward Said: The Last Interview51.7--------
51.5At Last the 1948 Show - Series 2 Episode 2-51.5-------
51.3 The Owl's Legacy: Tragedy, or the Illusion of Death 26.3----25.0---
51.3In the Intense Now39.5-11.8------
50.8Viva Riva--50.8------
50.7Le Week-End-41.88.7-0.2----
50.7At Last the 1948 Show - Series 2 Episode 6-50.7-------
50.2Profits of Punishment50.2--------
50.0Confounding Father - Episode 122.527.5-------
49.7Outlaw-Matsu Comes Home------49.7--
49.5Bob’s Birthday24.712.5-12.3-----
49.3At Last the 1948 Show - Series 2 Episode 3-49.3-------
49.3Company Town---49.3-----
49.2Ghost Town--49.2------
47.8Remembrance of Things to Come0.341.26.3------
47.8Devil in the Flesh-9.0---22.8--16.0
47.5Celling Your Soul-47.5-------
47.3Live Nude Girls Unite42.54.7---0.2---
47.0Dateline - Saigon0.5------46.5-
47.0Rebels of the Neon God1.840.3---4.8---
46.3La Commune (Paris 1871) Part 11.744.7-------
46.3Naples '44-----11.5-34.8-
45.7Brickmakers (Chircales)2.8--42.8-----
45.5The Last Angel of History-45.5-------
45.5Best of Fest 2 - The Circadian Cycle30.015.5-------
45.3Mina's Recipe Book--45.2--0.2---
45.3Long Story Short---45.3-----
45.3Summer Promo 202145.3--------
45.0The Ugliest Car-----45.0---
44.3In the Light of Reverence44.3--------
43.0The Academy of Muses36.70.24.2--2.0---
42.3Come Hell or High Water----42.3----
41.5Van Gogh-2.31.537.3-0.3---
41.3Jai Bhim Comrade0.2--40.7-0.5---
40.7 The Owl's Legacy: Olympics, or Imaginary Greece 14.326.3-------
40.2The Film of Her-24.812.0--3.3---
39.7The Last Happy Day--39.7------
39.2The Coal Miner's Day---39.2-----
39.0The Song of Styrene (Le chant du styrène)22.2-13.8-0.52.5---
38.8La Commune (Paris 1871) (Theatrical Version)4.534.3-------
37.3 Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien 37.3--------
37.0The Point of Least Resistance37.0--------
37.0Your Day is My Night-37.0-------
36.3School of Life--34.8-1.5----
36.25 Broken Cameras-35.7---0.5---
35.3Who By Water-35.3-------
33.8And There Was Israel---33.8-----
33.7The Last Tycoons - Episode 424.59.2-------
33.7 The Owl's Legacy: Democracy, or City of Dreams 8.325.3-------
33.3Ricardo and Malthus: Did You Say Freedom?---33.3-----
33.2The Goumbé of the Young Revelers5.5-27.7------
33.2School of Babel7.3------25.8-
33.0Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East?0.715.82.2-7.27.2---
33.0The Paranoids--31.3--1.7---
32.7Confounding Father - Episode 2-32.7-------
32.3School for Love (Futures vedettes)32.20.2-------
32.2Flamenco at 5:1529.3-2.5--0.3---
31.8'63 Boycott31.8--------
31.5Six in Paris: Rue Saint Denis28.3-1.3--1.8---
31.2You Got to Move: Stories of Change in the South-31.2-------
30.7The Way Things Go-30.7-------
30.3I Am Somebody30.3--------
29.5Beyond Boobs-2.3-----27.00.2
29.5The Other Side of Everything-29.5-------
29.5What's For Dinner?-29.5-------
29.2Six in Paris: Gare du Nord16.5-12.7------
29.0Forgotten World-28.70.3------
28.8Strait Through The Ice--28.8------
28.5Berliner Ballade0.2-28.3------
28.5Confounding Father - Episode 4-28.3---0.2---
28.2Conversations with Roy DeCarava-28.2-------
27.8Ladies in Waiting--3.824.0-----
27.7The Ninth Floor13.21.013.5------
27.5Last Grave at Dimbaza18.8-8.7------
27.5Food for Thought - Risotto Meets Saké - Ep. 1---27.5-----
27.3Marina Abramovic in Brazil: The Space in Between0.2-27.2------
27.3 The Owl's Legacy: Mythology, or Lies Like Truth 27.3--------
27.2 The Owl's Legacy: Misogyny, or the Snares of Desire 25.70.3--0.7---0.5
27.2The Tree-3.822.8--0.5---
27.0The Apology27.0--------
26.8To Be Seen-26.8-------
26.3Painted Landscapes of the Times-1.7-24.7-----
26.3Highwater Trilogy-26.3-------
26.3Hippocrates: Diary of a French Doctor26.3--------
26.3The New Metropolis - Cracks in the Pavement---26.3-----
26.2Mammy Water26.2--------
26.2The Best of Both Worlds-26.2-------
26.2 The Owl's Legacy: Amnesty, or History on the March -26.2-------
25.5Thinking Existenz - Ep 03 - Lucrecia Martel25.5--------
25.3 The Owl's Legacy: Mathematics, or the Empire Counts Back -25.3-------
25.3Just Ancient Loops-25.3-------
25.2At Last the 1948 Show - Series 2 Episode 5-25.2-------
25.2Capturing the Flag25.2--------
25.0At Last the 1948 Show - Series 2 Episode 7-25.0-------
25.0Every Child6.
24.8Eat This New York--19.5--5.3---
24.5The Spectre of Hope------24.5--
24.2 The Owl's Legacy: Philosophy, or the Triumph of the Owl 24.2--------
24.0Before the Flood I-0.223.8------
23.8Quiet City-----23.8---
23.7Our Time23.5-0.2------
23.3Killing Time/Fannie's Film23.2----0.2---
23.2When Two Worlds Collide16.0-7.0--0.2---
23.0The Calm After The Storm23.0--------
23.0Ghost Trip-23.0-------
22.7Fate of a Salesman---22.7-----
22.7A Kid (Le Fils de Jean)--22.7------
22.0The Questioning--21.8-0.2----
21.8Cultivating Kids21.8--------
21.8Facing Fear21.8--------
21.7City of Gold--21.7------
21.7Before The Flood II - Gong Tan--21.7------
21.5The Names of Love-2.8---18.7---
21.5Lady Chatterley's Lover-0.321.2------
21.3Glenn Gould: Off the Record-1.519.8------
20.5Blue Helmet17.2-3.3------
20.5 The Scientist, the Imposter and Stalin 20.5--------
20.5Keepers of the Future20.5--------
20.3Vic + Flo Saw a Bear-12.08.0--0.3---
20.2Nice Colored Girls15.8----2.22.2--
20.2Big or Small?20.2--------
20.0One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich------20.0--
20.0Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts19.50.5-------
19.7 Exile, A Myth Unearthed - Part 1 2.716.8---0.2---
19.3The Sand Castle2.75.5---11.2---
19.3Second Time Around19.3--------
19.3Chris Marker's Bestiary: Cat Listening to Music6.011.81.5------
18.8The Ister6.2---12.7----
18.7The Storm Makers-----18.7---
18.7Three Cheers for the Whale0.817.8-------
18.5As Good As You16.3----2.2---
18.3An Apollo Legend-18.3-------
18.3Chasing Water----18.3----
18.2Almayer's Folly-18.2-------
18.0Winter Brothers1.3-16.7------
18.0Camille Claudel15.72.3-------
18.0Suzanna Andler0.20.314.7--2.8---
18.0 El Sicario, Room 164 17.0----0.2--0.8
17.8The Deep Blue Sea-0.215.5-0.81.2-0.2-
17.7Dark Star: H. R. Giger's World-15.02.7------
17.5A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness-1.216.3------
17.3Delphine's Prayers17.2----0.2---
17.3Down by Love-3.213.5-0.7----
17.3Malick Sidibé-17.3-------
17.2The Yellow Wallpaper-13.0-4.00.2----
16.8Walking On Water Wasn't Built in a Day-16.8-------
16.7Bruly Bouabré's Alphabet-16.7-------
16.5You Go to My Head--14.7-0.51.3---
16.0The Mesmerist-16.0-------
15.7A Man Vanishes-8.86.8------
15.5El Velador15.5--------
15.3One Day Pina Asked...11.3----4.0---
15.2Boris Without Beatrice--15.2------
15.2Documentary - All It Gives-15.2-------
15.0I Don't Belong Anywhere: The Cinema of Chantal Akerman-----15.0---
14.8Afternoon of a Faun14.7---0.2----
14.7Sleeping Souls----5.7--9.0-
14.7Spring Tide-14.5-0.2-----
14.7 Say Amen, Somebody -14.7-------
14.5Chris Marker's Bestiary: Slon Tango12.32.2-------
14.3With André Gide-14.3-------
14.3Special Delivery--14.3------
14.0The Poets0.3----13.7---
13.8Beyond Zero: 1914-191813.8--------
13.8One Bright Shining Moment-13.8-------
13.7Tip of My Tongue13.50.2-------
13.7Jupiter's Moon-13.3---0.3---
13.5Early Works of Cheryl Dunye-3.2---10.3---
13.5Artists & Love Clip10.51.8--1.2----
13.2Paul Gauguin-0.213.0------
12.7Great Expectations--12.5--0.2---
12.7The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger11.0---1.7----
12.5Circuit Earth----12.5----
12.3Through the Looking Glass--12.3------
12.2Stray Dog-0.2---12.0---
12.2Presumed Guilty----12.2----
11.8Run For Love-0.2-10.2-1.2-0.3-
11.8City Dreamers9.0-2.8------
11.8Marx for Beginners--5.8-6.0----
11.7Marx Reloaded---11.7-----
11.5Fold Crumple Crush: The Art of El Anatsui11.2----0.3---
11.3Chris Marker's Bestiary: An Owl is an Owl is an Owl7.53.8-------
11.0The Toxic Reigns of Resentment-11.0-------
11.0 Neither Allah, Nor Master! -------11.0-
11.0Come Undone1.57.2---2.3---
10.7Subconscious Password-10.7-------
10.5100 Years of Japanese Cinema-0.5-2.26.3-1.5--
10.5How to Build an Igloo--10.5------
10.5Good Manners--10.5------
10.3Extra Terrestres--10.3------
10.2City Walk4.35.8-------
10.0Decision 80-----10.0---
9.8 Double Life, a Short History of Sex in the USSR 9.8--------
9.7Golub: Late Works Are the Catastrophes--9.7------
9.7African Air7.22.5-------
9.5We Are The Radical Monarchs9.3----0.2---
9.3Free Lunch Society---9.3-----
9.2Bombay Our City0.21.7-7.3-----
9.2Far From Vietnam Trailer-1.2--8.0----
9.0I Don't Feel Anything Anymore--9.0------
8.8Carface (Autos Portraits)-4.5-4.3-----
8.8Private Dicks: Men Exposed----8.8----
8.7By the Time It Gets Dark0.8-7.3--0.5---
8.5Dreams from the Outback------8.5--
8.3A Sea Turtle Story---8.3-----
8.3Behind-the-Scenes of JINPA-8.3-------
8.3Light is Calling-8.3-------
8.2To Tell the Truth: Working for Change8.2--------
8.2The Battle of Chile (Part 2)5.8---2.3----
8.2Beauty in Trouble-4.31.3-0.31.3--0.8
8.0Downstream to Kinshasa0.50.86.7------
7.8Mystery of the Secret Room-2.2-5.7-----
7.8The Girl Without Hands-7.3-----0.5-
7.8Penguin Counters----7.8----
7.5Murder in the Cathedral Extras7.5--------
7.2Le Navire Night6.30.3---0.5---
7.0Step Up To The Plate7.0--------
6.8Dance Party USA3.2----3.7---
6.8Finally Got the News--6.8------
6.5Modern Life-6.5-------
6.3Your Name in Cellulite-6.3-------
6.3Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc--6.3------
6.2The Law--0.54.7-0.2--0.8
6.0Goya: The Secret of the Shadows3.0----0.82.2--
5.8The Club0.2----0.2-5.5-
5.8Images You Didn't See4.3------1.5-
5.812 Days-5.8-------
5.7Strangers in Good Company--5.7------
5.5A Violent Life0.23.22.2------
5.5Chris Marker's Bestiary: Zoo Piece5.5--------
5.5Small Wonders0.7-----4.8--
5.5All the Cities of the North3.5-2.0------
5.3Six in Paris: Saint Germain des Prés---5.3-----
5.3Russian Ballet: Spartacus-----5.3---
5.2And Then We Marched1.5-----3.7--
5.2The Woodmans-----4.3--0.8
5.2The Invisible Frame--4.8--0.3---
5.2The Enemy Within---4.8---0.3-
5.0Becoming Traviata4.80.2-------
4.8Mercedes Sosa: The Voice of Latin America3.8-1.0------
4.7Dark Diamond4.7--------
4.7Redefining Prosperity4.7--------
4.7Black Sun0.5-4.2------
4.5The Adventurers of Modern Art Clip2.02.5-------
4.5Islands of Sanctuary-----4.5---
4.5Love and Solidarity4.5--------
4.5Chris Marker's Bestiary: Bullfight in Okinawa4.20.3-------
4.5The Cost of Living----4.5----
4.5No Light and No Land Anywhere-4.2---0.3---
4.3Tokyo Fiancee0.24.2-------
4.3The Naked Screen-1.3---1.8--1.2
4.3Cinema Novo---4.3-----
4.3The Retrieval Trailer2.3-----2.0--
4.2Northern Light-----4.2---
4.0The Mountain------4.0--
4.0Notes on Marie Menken---4.0-----
4.0Russian Ballet: Swan Lake-----4.0---
4.0Video Game------4.0--
4.0Mama Colonel--3.8--0.2---
3.7Biophilic Design--3.0--0.7---
3.7The Good War and Those Who Refused to Fight It-3.7-------
3.7Inside Her Sex-3.7-------
3.5Tattoo Uprising--3.5------
3.5France (Les Habitants)----3.30.2---
3.5O Amor Natural-----3.5---
3.5Suzanna Andler Trailer-1.8----1.7--
3.3Faith Love Desire - Ep 1 - First Love-0.23.0--0.2---
3.3They Are We3.3--------
3.3Patch Town--3.3------
3.0Doors of the Past--3.0------
3.0Futures Market---3.0-----
3.0The Metal Stork-3.0-------
2.8The Society of the Spectacle (French w/ Eng. subtitles)-1.71.2------
2.8Best of Fest 1 - Liminality-2.8-------
2.8Maison Close Trailer2.8--------
2.8A Look at Madness / Captive Feast-2.8-------
2.7Kuxa Kanema---2.7-----
2.7L'AMOUR! - Winter Grew Cold-2.7-------
2.7Generation War Trailer2.7--------
2.5Electric Signs--0.8--1.7---
2.5Return to Cuba-2.3---0.2---
2.3The Wandering Soap Opera----0.22.2---
2.3The Bomb-----2.3---
2.3Winning Girl-2.0---0.3---
2.3Sleepless Night in Paris--0.8-1.5----
2.3Party Girl-2.3-------
2.2A Biography of Lilith---2.2-----
2.2How He Fell in Love2.2--------
2.0Towards Mathilde-1.8-----0.2-
2.0The Journey of Monalisa1.0---1.0----
2.0Le Joli Mai Trailer-2.0-------
2.0The Great Man-2.0-------
2.0 The Owl's Legacy: Music, or Inner Space 0.31.7-------
1.8Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival1.8--------
1.8 Mondovino: Veni, Vidi, Vendidi 1.8--------
1.8Show Me Your Love1.50.3-------
1.8The Wisdom to Survive------1.8--
1.7This is Cristina Trailer--1.7------
1.7The Owl's Legacy Trailer-1.7-------
1.7Miss Kiet's Children1.7--------
1.7On This Side of the World-0.2--1.5----
1.7Wuthering Heights1.7--------
1.7The Cordillera of Dreams Extra - The Making of the Film1.7--------
1.7Six in Paris: Place de l'Étoile-----1.7---
1.7Christmas with Chávez-----1.7---
1.5Middletown - Interview with Peter Davis1.5--------
1.5Naji Al-Ali0.8----0.7---
1.5Maison Close - Episode 5-0.21.3------
1.5Thinking Existenz - Ep 07 - Martin Jacques--1.5------
1.5Sex in the Comix-1.3---0.2---
1.5Post Mortem0.5-1.0------
1.5Boys Who Like Girls-0.3---0.3-0.8-
1.3Stefan Zweig-1.2---0.2---
1.3Madam Phung's Last Journey1.20.2-------
1.3Maison Close - Episode 6---1.3-----
1.3Waiting for the Carnival1.3--------
1.3Bettie Page Reveals All-1.3-------
1.3Dance Camera West 2021 Trailer1.3--------
1.2I Am Here1.2--------
1.2Project Z-------1.2-
1.2The Lion Hunters-1.2-------
1.2Of Shadows1.2--------
1.0A Fierce Green Fire----1.0----
1.0The Nightmare-1.0-------
1.0The Connection--0.2--0.8---
1.0Great Man and Cinema-----1.0---
1.0The Cordillera of Dreams Trailer1.0--------
1.0The Outsider-0.7---0.3---
1.0Thinking Existenz - Ep 01 - Eduardo Galeano---1.0-----
0.8The Professor0.2---0.7----
0.8Route One/USA (part 1)-----0.8---
0.8The Two Faces of a Bamileke Woman-----0.8---
0.8Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter-0.8-------
0.7The Golden Era--0.7------
0.7In the Name of God------0.7--
0.7Myth of a Colorblind France-0.2---0.5---
0.7Monsieur & Madame Adelman0.7--------
0.7Next Time I'll Aim for the Heart0.7--------
0.7No Home Movie-0.7-------
0.7Disco and Atomic War-----0.7---
0.7Like Any Other Kid-0.7-------
0.7How to Lose Your Virginity-0.7-------
0.7Our Daily Bread-----0.7---
0.7We Are Not Ghosts-----0.7---
0.7The Returned - Episode 1--0.7------
0.7Berkeley in the Sixties----0.30.3---
0.7The Song of Ceylon0.3----0.3---
0.7Typically British: A Personal History of British Cinema by Stephen Frears----0.30.3---
0.5Vampire Cleanup Department0.20.2---0.2---
0.5Open Bethlehem-----0.5---
0.5Lost And Love0.5--------
0.5Footprints of War - Nature Under Fire-----0.5---
0.5Too Late to Die Young-----0.5---
0.5La Arrancada-----0.5---
0.5Once Was Water--0.5------
0.5100 Children Waiting for a Train----0.5----
0.5Casa de Lava-0.3---0.2---
0.5Tokyo Waka0.30.2-------
0.5The Drunkard's Lament0.5--------
0.5 Sex, Lies and Tabloids! -0.5-------
0.5My Revolution-----0.5---
0.5The Rest I Make Up0.2----0.3---
0.5Patsy Mink: Ahead of the Majority0.5--------
0.5Rebels on Pointe0.30.2-------
0.5La Soledad0.5--------
0.3Dreaming of a Tree House--0.2--0.2---
0.3Sen Sen0.20.2-------
0.3Nostalgia for the Light0.2-0.2------
0.3Winter Vacation-0.3-------
0.3Six O Clock News-----0.3---
0.3A Family Submerged-0.3-------
0.312 O'Clock Boys----0.3----
0.3The Last Season-----0.3---
0.3Mademoiselle Paradis-----0.3---
0.3Chez Jolie Coiffure-----0.3---
0.3El Poeta-----0.3---
0.3I'm in Love with My Car-0.3-------
0.3 Fengming, a Chinese Memoir ----0.3----
0.3Sir! No Sir!---0.3-----
0.3The Pinochet Case-----0.3---
0.3After the Spill0.3--------
0.3From The East-----0.3---
0.3States of Unbelonging-----0.3---
0.3Disturbing the Peace-----0.3---
0.3Service: When Women Come Marching Home-----0.3---
0.3William & the Windmill----0.3----
0.3Best of Fest 1 - Beast-0.3-------
0.3Sound of Torture-----0.3---
0.3Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge-------0.3-
0.3Sensei Fran Kicks Ass-----0.3---
0.3Dreams That Money Can Buy0.3--------
0.3Into The Night (Part 2)----0.3----
0.3War In The Mind-----0.3---
0.3The Waldheim Waltz0.3--------
0.3On Beauty-0.3-------
0.2The Observer0.2--------
0.2The Marquis of Wavrin--0.2------
0.2 Santiago, Italia -----0.2---
0.2Guanape Sur-----0.2---
0.2Flesh and Blood-0.2-------
0.2Louise By the Shore--0.2------
0.2The Embassy-0.2-------
0.2Stations of the Elevated--0.2------
0.2 Jean Rouch, the Adventurous Filmmaker 0.2--------
0.2Rocky Road to Dublin-----0.2---
0.2Shattered Sky------0.2--
0.2Journal de France-----0.2---
0.2Maysles Documentary Center0.2--------
0.2The Returned - Episode 6-----0.2---
0.2Tina In Mexico-----0.2---
0.2Pilots on the Way Home-0.2-------
0.2When a Tree Falls (Amama)-----0.2---
0.2A Boatload of Wild Irishmen-----0.2---
0.2Mute Fire-0.2-------
0.2I Like Girls-0.2-------
0.2Agustin's Newspaper0.2--------
0.2The German Neighbor-----0.2---
0.2In the Mirror of Maya Deren-----0.2---
0.2339 Amín Abel Hasbun. Memory of a Crime-0.2-------
0.2Glenn Gould: On the Record-----0.2---
0.2In the Aisles-----0.2---
0.2Dream Girls-----0.2---
0.2Zone of Silence-----0.2---
0.2Elder Voices0.2--------
0.2Suzy Lake: Playing with Time0.2--------
0.2The 317th Platoon--0.2------
0.2When Justice Isn't Just---0.2-----
0.2Profit and Nothing But!-0.2-------
0.2Jay Myself-------0.2-
0.2Mali Blues-----0.2---
0.2The Land of Owls----0.2----
0.2Six in Paris: Montparnasse et Levallois--0.2------
0.2Le Crabe-Tambour--0.2------
0.2Cuban Food Stories-----0.2---
0.2Old or New?-----0.2---
-WEconomics: Italy---------
-Who's Next?---------

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