Anand Patwardhan at IDA’s Getting Real ’22 Conference

Master filmmaker Anand Patwardhan was a keynote speaker at International Documentary Association (IDA)’s recent Getting Real ’22 Conference. IDA has generously made this talk free to watch, and we encourage anyone interested in documentary film to check it out.

From his first film Waves of Revolution (1974) to his most recent film Reason (2018), Patwardhan has recorded the modern history of India and illuminated inconvenient truths of its society, from the injustices of poverty and the caste system to the rise of militarism, Hindu fundamentalism, and an extremist, repressive government. Like Vitaly Mansky and Wang Bing, Patwardhan is a fearless chronicler of the hypocrisy, inequality, and injustice that flourish under authoritarian systems, and we are proud to be the exclusive streaming destination for his films.

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