OVID.tv Platform Usage, Week of 30 November

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Minutes WatchedTitleMinutes WatchedMinutes WatchedMinutes WatchedMinutes WatchedMinutes WatchedMinutes WatchedMinutes WatchedMinutes Watched
729.7The Mad Masters1.853.258.752.712.7200.7350.0
635.0From What Is Before0.5338.379.394.7122.2
595.5A Bread Factory - Part 10.70.728.7193.828.7343.0
563.8Six in Paris (Paris vu par)10.396.8107.797.3251.7
500.8I, Anna87.520.8108.2173.0111.3
369.0Stations of the Elevated3.00.89.8140.0215.4
338.0Los Sures23.362.257.73.7191.2
321.3Milking the Rhino321.3
292.3Waiting for Fidel1.
285.0Happy People: A Year in the Taiga1.2190.893.0
247.8Hotel Terminus - Part I99.3148.5
245.8A Man Called Ove114.8131.0
245.7Adam Smith, The Birth of the Free Market53.328.7110.253.5
235.3The Assistant147.787.7
230.7Love & Diane152.378.3
230.7An Ecology of Mind106.8123.8
227.8The Corporate Coup d'État93.5134.3
226.8The Outsider113.7113.2
216.3The Cordillera of Dreams8.026.7181.7
212.0Time Thieves0.7211.3
211.0Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr Leonard Cohen44.
203.0The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 2152.550.5
203.0Trouble Every Day0.297.39.895.7
198.2From The Other Side99.398.8
196.5Tell No One136.31.259.0
191.8If A Tree Falls83.00.223.785.0
189.3Girls Always Happy189.3
177.7La Cuidad0.287.73.786.2
175.7Rain in a Dry Land175.7
174.5Ursula von Rydingsvard: Into Her Own55.
172.5The Wealth of Nations: A New Gospel?53.85.5106.86.3
170.7Tú y Yo85.085.7
166.2Dead Souls - Part I166.2
162.8Time Indefinite114.848.0
161.8What If Marx Was Right?55.0106.50.3
159.2Lonely Boy3.20.346.237.372.2
157.8Monsieur & Madame Adelman117.840.0
152.856 UP10.8142.0
148.7A Quiet Passion0.2148.5
147.712 O'Clock Boys75.572.2
140.7The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 491.519.217.712.3
139.0No Gods, No Masters - Pt. I52.068.718.3
138.7Keynes vs Hayek: A Fake Debate?53.375.010.3
138.2A Bread Factory - Part 2138.2
137.7The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 388.549.2
135.3Edward Said: The Last Interview10.2125.2
133.5Mesrine: Public Enemy #1133.5
132.0Welcome to Leith132.0
131.2The New Rijksmusuem131.2
130.0Inside Her Sex63.266.8
127.7Route One/USA (part 2)127.7
126.8The Society of the Spectacle3.53.00.819.3100.2
126.2One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich9.061.355.8
124.5Route One/USA (part 1)124.5
121.8Beyond Boobs0.2112.56.32.8
121.5Level Five121.5
118.9Midaq Alley118.9
118.7The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep
118.0What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy118.0
117.3Elsewhere Part I117.3
115.7The Clearstream Affair102.213.5
115.2Paths of the Soul115.2
113.2Come Hell or High Water113.2
113.0The Forgotten Space113.0
111.3Next Time I'll Aim for the Heart111.3
110.2School of Life110.2
109.8The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 152.735.022.2
109.7Better This World109.7
109.0Ricardo and Malthus: Did You Say Freedom?53.30.355.3
108.2Extra Terrestres108.2
108.0Trespassing Bergman17.390.7
107.3The Great Man107.3
107.0The Tree106.30.7
106.7They're Selling the Wind106.7
106.3Under the Sun106.3
105.3Northern Light105.3
105.0My Country No More69.835.2
104.8Stefan Zweig104.8
104.7The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 252.352.3
104.5Number One Fan (Elle l'Adore)104.5
103.3The Great Game103.3
102.0Before Stonewall: Restored Edition86.016.0
101.5How to Build an Igloo10.321.238.710.520.8
100.0Strangers in Good Company100.0
99.8The Stopover99.8
99.0Stray Dog99.0
99.0Beyond My Grandfather Allende99.0
98.8The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 552.046.8
97.5The Pinochet Case97.5
96.5Kate and Anna McGarrigle1.267.527.8
95.8The Battle of Chile (Part 1)95.8
95.2Future of Mud38.756.5
94.3The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 453.341.0
92.8Le Joli Mai92.8
92.2Bitter Money92.2
91.7The Nightmare91.7
91.3Let the Fire Burn90.80.5
90.7Red Persimmons90.7
90.0Ghosts of Attica90.0
89.7All the Cities of the North89.7
89.5Feed: A Comedy About Running for President3.785.8
89.0Winter Vacation89.0
88.2The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger88.2
87.8Downtown Dream45.242.7
87.0Return of the Hero86.50.5
86.5In Her Name86.5
86.2The Watermelon Woman4.381.8
86.2City of Gold0.821.863.5
85.0Sacco and Vanzetti0.
85.0An Encounter with Simone Weil85.0
82.0The Human Pyramid82.0
81.5The Return81.5
79.0El Sicario, Room 16479.0
78.8Still Waters78.8
78.2Family Life78.2
77.2Sacred Water77.2
76.8Natural Life76.8
76.8No Home Movie61.515.3
76.5The Campaign76.5
74.2Bones of Contention74.2
73.3Typically British: A Personal History of British Cinema by Stephen Frears73.3
73.2The Pearl Button73.2
73.0The Trouble with Bread73.0
72.5The Professor72.5
72.3Golub: Late Works Are the Catastrophes12.060.3
72.0The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 60.371.7
72.0Eastern Boys68.53.5
71.7The City of the Future71.7
71.0Jean Rouch, the Adventurous Filmmaker18.852.2
70.7Dreaming of a Tree House70.7
70.7Mesrine: Killer Instinct3.866.8
70.3No Light and No Land Anywhere70.3
69.8Camille Claudel3.866.0
69.5Just a Sigh66.20.72.7
67.0I Don't Belong Anywhere: The Cinema of Chantal Akerman66.80.2
66.5The Sequel66.5
65.2In Search of Memory23.242.0
62.0Suzy Lake: Playing with Time62.0
61.8The Owl's Legacy: Misogyny, or the Snares of Desire2.531.328.0
60.5Symbiotic Earth57.82.7
59.8Churchill's Island3.737.817.70.7
59.0The Ister59.0
58.8The Case of the Grinning Cat0.858.0
58.3The Big Game58.3
57.7Afghanistan 1979: The War That Changed the World57.7
56.5Tongues Untied1.354.50.7
56.0East of Salinas56.0
55.8American Socialist: Eugene Debs55.8
55.3Prisoner of Her Past55.3
54.0Mysteries of Lisbon54.0
53.8El Poeta53.8
53.7Karl Polanyi, The Human Factor53.7
52.7The Toxic Reigns of Resentment52.7
52.7The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 30.252.5
52.3No Gods, No Masters - Pt. II52.3
51.8No Gods, No Masters - Pt. III51.8
51.8Mondovino: Where's Astérix?51.8
51.5Six in Paris: Gare du Nord34.716.8
50.2The Water Front50.2
48.8Tribal Justice48.8
48.0After Stonewall48.0
47.8Egg and Stone4.843.0
46.3Hotel Terminus - Part II15.730.7
46.3The Activists46.3
46.0Eames: The Architect & The Painter46.0
46.0Anais Goes to War46.0
45.8The City Dark (83 minute version)45.8
44.3The Great Flood44.3
43.0Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival0.242.8
42.0The Substance42.0
40.5Rabbit a la Berlin0.340.2
40.3Class of Struggle40.3
39.5What's the Economy for, Anyway?39.5
39.3The Prize of the Pole39.3
39.0Glenn Gould: On the Record18.520.5
38.7The Naked Screen1.80.536.3
38.5King of the Hill38.5
38.3Special Treatment0.237.80.3
38.0Six in Paris: Saint Germain des Prés18.71.018.3
37.8An Injury To One0.24.832.8
35.2Americas in Transition35.2
34.3100 Years of Japanese Cinema34.3
34.2Casa de Lava34.2
33.2Live Nude Girls Unite15.018.2
33.2Double Life, a Short History of Sex in the USSR16.217.0
33.0Afternoon of a Faun0.232.8
33.0Six in Paris: The Mute16.216.8
30.8Six in Paris: Place de l'Étoile16.014.8
30.3The Search30.3
30.2Six in Paris: Montparnasse et Levallois15.015.2
29.0Six in Paris: Rue Saint Denis28.70.3
27.3An Eye for Beauty27.3
27.0Cinema Novo27.0
26.3The Owl's Legacy: Symposium, or Accepted Ideas26.3
25.3Thinking Existenz - Ep 03 - Lucrecia Martel25.3
24.8Sex, Lies and Tabloids!24.00.8
24.0Keepers of the Future24.0
24.0Confounding Father - Episode 124.0
23.7Chicago Boys23.7
23.2The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu13.79.5
22.8Do Communists Have Better Sex?21.71.2
22.7Facing Fear21.31.3
21.5The Great Malaise5.316.2
21.5The Cost of Living16.05.5
20.3Black Is the Color: A History of African American Art20.3
19.2Maguy Marin19.2
19.2Full Moon in Paris18.30.8
18.8Gray Matters: Architect & Designer Eileen Gray18.8
18.7Capturing the Flag18.7
18.7Faith Love Desire - Ep 1 - First Love0.318.3
17.0Electric Signs17.0
16.3Profits of Punishment16.3
15.8Glenn Gould: Off the Record15.8
15.7Walking On Water Wasn't Built in a Day15.7
15.2A Sea Turtle Story7.87.3
13.5The Last Happy Day13.5
11.7Adriana's Pact11.7
11.5Homo Sapiens11.5
11.0System Error11.0
10.82 X 50 Years of French Cinema3.20.27.5
10.3Invocation - Maya Deren10.3
10.2Born in Flames10.2
10.0Jacqueline Audry Interview0.89.2
9.7Hedgehog's Home0.29.5
9.3Chris Marker's Bestiary: Cat Listening to Music6.33.0
9.3Come Undone6.52.8
9.2The Pillow Book9.2
9.0Picasso and Sima, Antibes 19469.0
8.5I Like Girls8.30.2
7.8As Good As You7.8
7.5African Air7.5
6.8As a Young Girl of Thirteen...6.8
6.7Chris Marker's Bestiary: An Owl is an Owl is an Owl3.53.2
6.7Chris Marker's Bestiary: Slon Tango2.34.3
6.5Your Name in Cellulite5.31.2
6.3Salvador Allende6.3
6.3The Iron Ministry6.3
6.2Tiny: A Story About Living Small6.2
6.2Liberation: The User's Guide6.2
6.2Lost Rivers6.2
6.2Dark Star: H. R. Giger's World6.2
5.8Lunch Love Community5.8
5.7The Same Difference5.7
5.5Chris Marker's Bestiary: Zoo Piece2.82.7
5.3Nice Colored Girls5.3
5.0Prairie Trilogy5.0
5.0Nostalgia for the Light3.81.2
4.8Boris Without Beatrice4.8
4.8I Am Here4.8
4.7Starfish Aorta Colossus4.7
4.3Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter4.3
4.2The Candidate4.2
4.2Marx Reloaded4.2
4.2Chris Marker's Bestiary: Bullfight in Okinawa4.2
3.8Gabo: The Creation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez3.8
3.5Wendy and Lucy3.5
3.5Party Girl3.5
3.5Catching Sight of Thelma and Louise3.5
3.2Light Years3.2
3.2Man in the Well3.2
3.0In Our Nature3.0
3.0Dawson City: Frozen Time3.0
2.8The World of Gilbert and George2.8
2.8Advise & Dissent: Where the Supreme Court and Politics Collide2.30.5
2.7About Executing Eichmann2.7
2.7Dancing Dreams2.7
2.7Food Design2.7
2.5Chisholm '72: Unbought & Unbossed2.5
2.5Mr. Fish: Cartooning from the Deep End0.52.0
2.3Abstract Cinema2.3
2.2Alois Nebel2.2
2.2Black is... Black Ain't2.2
2.0Sol LeWitt2.0
2.0Still Burn (Algo quema)2.0
2.0Wuthering Heights0.21.8
1.8Little By Little1.8
1.8Heimat is a Space in Time0.31.5
1.8Torture Made in USA1.00.8
1.7Invisible Adversaries0.71.0
1.7Le Week-End1.7
1.5A Silent Transformation1.30.2
1.3Propaganda: The Manufacture of Consent0.80.5
1.3Frantz Fanon: Black Skin White Mask0.50.8
1.2Fire and Ice1.2
1.0Goya: The Secret of the Shadows1.0
1.0The Book of the Dead1.0
1.0Eternity Has No Door of Escape1.0
1.0The Adventurers of Modern Art Clip1.0
0.8Bosch: The Garden of Dreams0.8
0.8After Love0.8
0.7The Scientist, the Imposter and Stalin0.7
0.5Louise By the Shore0.5
0.5Time Regained0.5
0.5Be Seeing You0.5
0.5Ethnic Notions0.5
0.5Geek Girls0.5
0.5The Absent House0.5
0.5Towards Mathilde0.30.2
0.3Karayuki-San, The Making of a Prostitute0.3
0.3The Last Angel of History0.3
0.3In the Steps of Trisha Brown0.3
0.3The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen0.3
0.3Parting Glances0.3
0.3Dear Dr. Spencer0.3
0.3The Red Soul0.3
0.3Frida Kahlo & Tina Modotti0.3
0.2We Still Live Here0.2
0.2Down by Love0.2
0.2She's Beautiful When She's Angry0.2
0.2The Marquise of O0.2
0.2Dream Girls0.2
0.2Kings Point0.2
0.2My Revolution0.2
0.2Remembrance of Things to Come0.2
0.2School's Out0.2
0.2Dream Deceivers0.2
0.2Circuit Earth0.2

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