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19736.3< Total Minutes Watched (all titles)
1609.7A Grin Without a Cat60.513.293.216.7682.74.2739.3
491.3Six in Paris (Paris vu par)286.5204.8
402.5Tell No One143.8258.7
388.0Happy Hour11.2318.558.3
329.7Dead Souls - Part I329.7
324.8Louise By the Shore0.867.570.772.0113.8
316.8Dead Souls - Part II316.8
287.5The Society of the Spectacle (Eng. Commentary)91.06.7186.21.72.0
270.3Girls Always Happy0.3229.740.3
256.8A Grin Without A Cat: Part 2120.2136.7
244.5The Rock96.5148.0
243.0Happy People: A Year in the Taiga222.320.7
210.5Xmas Without China63.524.8122.2
205.0The Marquise of O102.3102.7
199.2After Love199.2
197.3Trouble Every Day3.097.297.2
189.5Let the Fire Burn95.70.293.7
173.2Dead Souls - Part III173.2
169.7Travels in the Congo (Voyage au Congo)
169.2The Ister169.2
167.0The Student and Mr Henri167.0
165.7Ricardo and Malthus: Did You Say Freedom?76.089.7
163.2Adam Smith, The Birth of the Free Market3.70.2106.852.5
156.7Le Joli Mai156.7
153.7The Tree52.2101.5
145.2The Mystery of Chaco Canyon13.891.232.08.2
145.0Welcome to Leith58.386.7
145.0Afternoon of a Faun145.0
142.8The Wealth of Nations: A New Gospel?36.70.353.752.2
142.5The Prize of the Pole142.5
139.5The Invisible Frame19.30.20.359.260.5
137.8The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep
137.0Almayer's Folly137.0
127.7The Marquis of Wavrin0.24.0123.5
127.2Edward Said: The Last Interview127.2
124.0Last Cab to Darwin0.20.3123.5
123.0The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob123.0
121.2Dreams from the Outback77.743.5
119.0Ursula von Rydingsvard: Into Her Own57.062.0
117.7Mesrine: Public Enemy #1117.7
115.5Waiting for Fidel58.557.0
115.3Los Sures57.358.0
113.5No Home Movie0.21.5111.8
110.2Angels Wear White110.2
108.2Karl Polanyi, The Human Factor108.2
107.0Next Time I'll Aim for the Heart107.0
104.0No Gods, No Masters - Pt. I52.251.8
101.5Full Moon in Paris101.5
98.5The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu53.545.0
97.7From The Other Side97.7
96.0The Nightmare73.822.2
95.8She's Beautiful When She's Angry95.8
93.7Nostalgia for the Light4.589.2
93.2Bronx Gothic93.2
91.5The Red Soul91.5
88.7I, Anna88.7
88.3Border South1.081.36.0
86.7Tribal Justice86.7
86.7Flamenco, Flamenco86.7
85.3The Tiniest Place85.3
85.3Sir! No Sir!85.3
84.7The Watermelon Woman84.7
83.8White Sun83.8
83.8My Friend from the Park83.8
83.5The Assistant83.5
83.3The Candidate83.3
83.3Rabbit a la Berlin83.3
83.2The Book of the Dead3.779.5
82.0If A Tree Falls82.0
82.0Cuban Food Stories82.0
80.8Dawson City: Frozen Time0.280.7
79.8What If Marx Was Right?79.8
79.8F11 and Be There79.8
78.2Down There78.2
78.0Family Life78.0
77.3Lunch Love Community77.3
77.3Camille Claudel77.3
77.2Only When I Dance77.2
76.5La Arrancada1.375.2
76.3Disco and Atomic War76.3
75.3Every Day Except Christmas37.837.5
74.3Special Treatment74.3
74.0King of the Hill72.31.7
72.7The Great Game72.20.5
72.5The Professor72.5
70.8Terribly Happy70.8
70.5Time Indefinite70.5
70.3The Pillow Book70.20.2
69.8American Socialist: Eugene Debs69.8
65.5The Last Bolshevik0.265.3
65.3A Grin Without A Cat: Part 12.00.345.317.7
64.8Feed: A Comedy About Running for President64.8
63.3How to Build an Igloo11.031.510.710.2
62.7The Search60.72.0
58.5Keynes vs Hayek: A Fake Debate?0.358.2
58.0Coming to Light58.0
57.3The Case of the Grinning Cat57.3
56.7The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 46.550.2
56.5Pilgrims and Tourists56.5
56.5One Day Pina Asked...56.5
56.0Tokyo Fiancee56.0
55.3The Society of the Spectacle (French w/ Eng. subtitles)
54.5El Incendio42.512.0
54.0The Cordillera of Dreams53.30.7
53.8Sex, Lies and Tabloids!53.8
52.3Congo: The Doctor Who Saves Women52.3
52.3Great Expectations52.3
52.2Fold Crumple Crush: The Art of El Anatsui52.2
52.2No Gods, No Masters - Pt. II52.2
51.7No Gods, No Masters - Pt. III51.7
51.3The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 551.3
51.0Peace (Observational Film Extra)51.0
50.7The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 250.7
49.7The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 349.7
48.7The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 348.7
48.0States of Unbelonging48.0
46.8The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 10.341.84.7
44.0Hotel Terminus - Part I44.0
44.0Six in Paris: Rue Saint Denis16.028.0
42.8Before Stonewall: Restored Edition42.8
40.8The Mad Masters40.8
38.5Be Seeing You38.5
37.3Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien37.3
36.5Double Life, a Short History of Sex in the USSR36.5
36.2France (Les Habitants)36.2
35.2The Stopover35.2
34.7We All Fall Down34.7
34.5Under the Sun34.5
33.7Paths of the Soul33.7
33.7Six in Paris: Gare du Nord33.7
33.0All the Cities of the North33.0
31.7Pilots on the Way Home31.7
31.0On Beauty31.0
30.8How Putin Came to Power30.8
30.2The Ecological Footprint30.2
29.8Thinking Existenz - Ep 05 - Karen Armstrong29.8
29.8About Executing Eichmann29.8
28.8Just Ancient Loops28.8
27.5Lonely Boy26.70.8
26.8Chisholm '72: Unbought & Unbossed26.8
26.3Elsewhere Part I26.3
25.8In the Shadow of Women25.8
25.3The Sixth Side of the Pentagon25.3
25.3Around India with a Movie Camera25.3
24.3Divine Fate13.311.0
23.9The Mountain of SGaana23.9
23.7The Settlers0.323.3
23.0The End of Pinky15.27.8
22.0City of Gold22.0
21.8Remembrance of Things to Come21.8
21.3Integration Report 121.3
21.0The Embassy21.0
20.7Confounding Father - Episode 120.7
18.8Time Regained0.518.3
18.7Mali Blues18.7
18.5TVTV: Video Revolutionaries18.5
18.3Light is Calling18.3
18.2Groundswell Rising18.2
18.2Marx Reloaded18.2
16.8'Til Madness Do Us Part16.8
16.7With André Gide0.216.5
16.7Stations of the Elevated16.30.3
16.5Three Sisters16.5
16.0Dirty Business16.0
15.8Six in Paris: Place de l'Étoile15.8
14.7No Fish Where to Go13.51.2
14.2Hollow Land14.2
14.0Stray Dog8.06.0
12.8Jay Myself12.8
12.5Frida Kahlo & Tina Modotti12.5
12.5Space Dogs12.5
12.0Torture Made in USA12.0
11.7Subconscious Password11.7
11.2The Film of Her11.2
10.8Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival10.8
10.8Marina Abramovic in Brazil: The Space in Between10.8
10.7From Seed to Seed10.7
10.3The Basketball Game10.3
10.2Hedgehog's Home10.2
10.0Winter Vacation10.0
9.7My Little Underground9.7
9.7The Weatherman and the Shadowboxer9.7
9.7La Cuidad1.08.7
9.2I Don't Feel Anything Anymore9.2
8.0Drux Flux8.0
8.0The Exquisite Short Films of Kihachiro Kawamoto6.81.2
7.8William & the Windmill7.8
7.5Tongues Untied7.5
7.0Presumed Guilty7.0
6.8The Adventurers of Modern Art Clip2.74.2
6.5The Pearl Button6.5
6.3Six in Paris: Saint Germain des Prés1.
6.2Rebels on Pointe6.2
5.8Mystery of the Secret Room5.8
5.7Your Name in Cellulite5.7
5.7Mondovino: Magic Potion5.7
5.2Route One/USA (part 1)4.80.3
4.8Starfish Aorta Colossus4.8
4.8Carface (Autos Portraits)4.8
4.5All the World's Memory4.5
4.3Siberian Love4.3
4.2The Clockmakers4.2
4.0Casa de Lava4.0
3.7Now He's Out in Public and Everyone Can See3.7
3.7Wuthering Heights3.7
3.7Van Gogh3.7
3.5The Point of Least Resistance3.5
3.3From What Is Before1.02.3
3.2Beyond Zero: 1914-19183.2
3.2Chris Marker's Bestiary: Cat Listening to Music3.2
3.0Food Coop3.0
2.8Beyond Boobs2.8
2.8Moi, Un Noir2.8
2.7Six in Paris: The Mute2.7
2.7Catching Sight of Thelma and Louise2.7
2.5A Bread Factory Trailer0.71.8
2.3A Bread Factory - Part
2.3Inside Her Sex2.3
2.2Who Made You2.2
2.2Islands of Sanctuary2.2
2.0A Man Vanishes0.21.8
1.8Ballet Boys1.8
1.8Egg and Stone1.70.2
1.8From The East1.8
1.7The Cordillera of Dreams Trailer1.7
1.3To Tell the Truth: Working for Change1.3
1.3Dreams That Money Can Buy1.3
1.2No Light and No Land Anywhere1.2
1.2Churchill's Island1.2
1.0The Great Flood1.0
0.8Propaganda: The Manufacture of Consent0.20.7
0.8Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr Leonard Cohen0.8
0.8The Naked Screen0.8
0.7Mondovino: Where's Astérix?0.7
0.7Mondovino: Veni, Vidi, Vendidi0.7
0.5Time Thieves0.5
0.5The Miners' Hymns0.5
0.5The Owl's Legacy: Music, or Inner Space0.5
0.3Bidder 700.3
0.3Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation0.3
0.3Free Lunch Society0.3
0.3Black Sun0.3
0.3Outcry and Whisper0.3
0.2The Human Scale0.2
0.2In the Light of Reverence0.2
0.2Man in the Well0.2
0.2Down by Love0.2
0.2By the Time It Gets Dark0.2
0.2Momma Don't Allow0.2
0.2Elder Voices0.2
0.2The Apology0.2
0.2Who By Water0.2
0.2Which Way Is East: Notebooks from Vietnam0.2
0.2Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem0.2
0.2The Toxic Reigns of Resentment0.2
0.2In Search of Memory0.2
0.2The City of the Future0.2
0.256 UP0.2
0.2Sleepless Night in Paris0.2
0.2School of Babel0.2
0.2Last Summer Won't Happen0.2
0.2Bones of Contention0.2
0.2Eternity Has No Door of Escape0.2
0.2Nice Colored Girls0.2
0.2A Dangerous Idea: Eugenics, Genetics and the American Dream0.2

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