OVID.tv Platform Usage, Week of 7 June 2021

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23,712 Total Minutes Watched (339 titles)594666 1,347 432 1,460 7,519 2,567 9,126
941.7Le Crabe-Tambour134.5120.8249.0128.2309.2
923.0The 317th Platoon7.8189.3305.2420.7
741.3Adam Smith, The Birth of the Free Market52.253.20.2233.8106.7295.3
620.2Thursday Till Sunday0.21.0106.0422.390.7
529.7La Commune (Paris 1871) (Theatrical Version)5.2206.3318.2
488.3Devil in the Flesh50.89.819.5114.8235.258.2
402.5The Wealth of Nations: A New Gospel?25.055.5174.874.772.5
399.5You Go to My Head0.746.3237.0115.5
349.3The Eye of Vichy1.71.3112.2234.2
317.2Karl Polanyi, The Human Factor52.799.2100.265.2
311.8Markie in Milwaukee187.888.735.3
308.5Keynes vs Hayek: A Fake Debate?42.752.5106.053.254.2
236.3Ricardo and Malthus: Did You Say Freedom?3.353.072.053.854.2
218.5The Children of 209 Saint-Maur Street0.310.7207.5
214.7What If Marx Was Right?52.553.867.041.3
212.9Nostalgia for the Light89.778.344.8
212.3The Inheritors89.8122.5
198.7A Grin Without a Cat195.73.0
198.5Tokyo Idols2.22.83.7189.8
197.3A Kid (Le Fils de Jean)0.20.398.398.5
196.8Citizens of the World196.8
194.8Homo Sapiens93.80.50.2100.3
194.7The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 115.248.755.575.3
193.8Dateline - Saigon97.096.8
191.7The Tiniest Place82.5109.2
187.0The Human Pyramid92.794.3
177.7Lost Course91.50.368.717.2
171.0Thank You for the Rain171.0
165.5Midaq Alley143.222.3
159.3Reason (Part 2)159.3
157.5Haida Modern77.380.2
153.7Foucault Against Himself0.599.753.5
149.8The Poets149.8
148.5The Campaign72.576.0
148.0La Commune (Paris 1871) Part 2148.0
147.8The Pillow Book147.8
145.5La Petite Lili3.516.75.5119.8
143.9Bitter Money1.214.879.548.4
139.8Food Coop43.096.8
138.3After Love3.797.337.3
135.7Mitote / Mexican Ritual53.230.252.3
135.7Rocky Road to Dublin7.2128.5
129.7Edward II1.3128.3
129.5When a Tree Falls (Amama)102.726.8
125.8The Midwife8.7117.2
124.7Outstanding Award Winner Henrique Pina: Body-Buildings24.799.80.2
124.5Chez Jolie Coiffure32.50.269.322.5
123.7Last Cab to Darwin123.7
121.8Who Made You78.543.3
120.8Community of Praise34.286.7
120.5The Deep Blue Sea6.30.3106.37.5
118.5The Goumbé of the Young Revelers4.855.358.3
117.0The Last Bolshevik117.0
116.5A Man Called Ove113.53.0
114.5Paths of the Soul114.5
114.2Trópico de Cancer / Tropic of Cancer11.30.2102.7
113.0Too Late to Die Young0.20.5106.06.3
109.0Rebels of the Neon God109.0
108.2The Marquise of O108.2
108.0To Chris Marker, An Unsent Letter3.5104.5
106.3The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 552.054.3
106.3Stefan Zweig106.3
106.3Strangers in Good Company2.8103.5
102.8Three Summers0.83.099.0
102.3The Country Doctor102.3
99.5Special Treatment99.5
98.7Casa de Lava98.7
96.2Little By Little96.2
94.7Reason (Part 1)94.7
94.5The Heretics94.5
93.5White Sun93.5
93.0Lomax the Songhunter93.0
92.7False Confessions92.7
91.3The Girl with a Bracelet91.3
91.0Scarlet Diva91.0
90.0Winter Brothers90.0
89.2Gabo: The Creation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez89.2
88.2If A Tree Falls88.2
87.8The Candidate7.880.0
85.3Torture Made in USA85.3
85.3In Her Name85.3
85.0The Cordillera of Dreams85.0
82.7Mozart's Sister82.7
82.3Tony Manero82.3
82.2Sir! No Sir!82.2
81.8The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 331.350.5
81.7The Club0.581.2
81.3Sol LeWitt72.39.0
81.0Eternity Has No Door of Escape81.0
79.0Flow: For Love of Water79.0
78.7Bombay Our City74.54.2
78.0Althusser, an Intellectual Adventure0.
77.2Color Adjustment77.2
75.8Jay Myself75.8
73.7Moi, Un Noir73.7
70.8About Executing Eichmann70.8
70.5Gray Matters: Architect & Designer Eileen Gray70.5
69.0Shift Change69.0
67.8I Don't Belong Anywhere: The Cinema of Chantal Akerman67.8
67.3The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 417.050.3
67.0In the Aisles0.266.30.5
67.0Feed: A Comedy About Running for President67.0
66.5The Case of the Grinning Cat66.5
65.5Jai Bhim Comrade65.5
64.9We Are The Radical Monarchs25.739.2
63.7Marina Abramovic in Brazil: The Space in Between63.7
63.2Until the Birds Return63.00.2
62.0The Island0.730.229.71.5
57.2The Big Game57.2
57.2Ethnic Notions57.2
54.7Le Week-End54.7
53.5Seven Songs for Malcolm X53.5
52.8Sex, Lies and Tabloids!52.8
52.8Do You Remember Vietnam?1.351.5
52.5The Battle of Chile (Part 2)52.5
52.5The Owl's Legacy: Logomachy, or the Dialect of the Tribe26.026.5
52.3The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 252.3
52.3No Gods, No Masters - Pt. I51.50.8
52.2The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 652.2
52.2Faith Love Desire - Ep 1 - First Love52.2
52.2The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 452.2
52.0The Owl's Legacy: Music, or Inner Space26.026.0
51.5The Right Way51.5
51.5The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 351.5
51.2Do Communists Have Better Sex?51.2
50.0New Inspiration - Hofesh Shechter's Clowns28.321.7
50.0Directing Actors by Jean Renoir5.744.3
49.7Hotel Terminus - Part I49.7
49.3A Dangerous Idea: Eugenics, Genetics and the American Dream49.3
48.7Angry Inuk4.843.8
48.5Almayer's Folly48.5
48.3The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 220.527.70.2
47.5Mondovino: Crossing the Rubicon47.5
47.3Free Lunch Society47.3
47.0As a Young Girl of Thirteen...47.0
46.3Celling Your Soul46.3
45.5Edward Said: The Last Interview45.5
44.5The Vow from Hiroshima44.5
44.3Mia Madre1.54.238.7
43.3Afghanistan 1979: The War That Changed the World43.3
42.8Symbiotic Earth42.8
42.2Remembrance of Things to Come42.2
39.5Video Game10.717.211.7
38.8The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 138.8
38.7Art and Oligarchs38.7
37.8Inside Out37.8
35.3Six in Paris: Gare du Nord17.018.3
32.8The Same Difference1.531.3
30.0The Mad Masters29.50.5
29.5Private Dicks: Men Exposed29.5
29.3The Internationale29.3
28.7Six in Paris (Paris vu par)20.08.7
27.8Mondovino: Et tu Brute…27.8
27.5Cuban Food Stories27.5
26.8The Owl's Legacy: Mathematics, or the Empire Counts Back26.70.2
26.7The Owl's Legacy: Nostalgia, or The Impossible Return26.7
26.7The Owl's Legacy: Tragedy, or the Illusion of Death14.712.0
26.2The Owl's Legacy: Misogyny, or the Snares of Desire26.2
26.2The Owl's Legacy: Amnesty, or History on the March26.2
26.2The Owl's Legacy: Cosmogony, or the Ways of the World26.2
26.2The Owl's Legacy: Mythology, or Lies Like Truth26.2
26.2The Owl's Legacy: Democracy, or City of Dreams26.2
26.0The Owl's Legacy: Philosophy, or the Triumph of the Owl26.0
26.0The Owl's Legacy: Symposium, or Accepted Ideas0.31.224.5
25.5The Third Harmony5.819.7
25.2Beyond Boobs25.2
24.0Three Sisters23.80.2
23.3Marx for Beginners13.51.58.3
23.2The Lost Village23.2
23.2Mademoiselle Paradis23.2
21.3Monsieur & Madame Adelman21.3
21.0Thinking Existenz - Ep 10 - Braden Allenby21.0
20.5A German Youth0.217.72.7
20.3Tribute to Alfred Lepetit7.37.75.3
20.0Van Gogh19.01.0
19.7In Memory of Friends19.7
19.2Mammy Water19.2
19.2Good Manners0.22.017.0
19.0New Inspiration - Pas De Quoi19.0
17.7Bettie Page Reveals All0.717.0
17.5The Mountain8.78.8
16.8Heimat is a Space in Time16.8
15.3Brave New West15.3
15.3All the Cities of the North15.3
15.2No Home Movie0.215.0
14.0La Commune (Paris 1871) Part 114.0
13.8Laberinto de Luz / Lightbyrinth7.06.8
13.7Propaganda: The Manufacture of Consent13.7
13.2Beyond Hatred13.2
12.7Time of the Locust12.30.3
11.7Naples '4411.7
11.3Girl Model11.3
10.2A Chef's Voyage10.00.2
9.7L'AMOUR! - Duet Alanda9.7
9.5Border South9.5
9.3I Don't Feel Anything Anymore9.3
9.0Best of Fest 1 - Beast9.0
8.7Notes on Marie Menken8.7
8.0Surviving Progress8.0
7.8The Bridesmaid0.27.30.3
7.7Best of Fest 1 - Liminality7.7
7.5Next Time I'll Aim for the Heart7.5
7.5Dark Days7.5
7.3Paul Gauguin1.23.03.2
7.2The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger7.2
7.0Mysteries of Lisbon7.0
7.0The Adventurers of Modern Art Clip7.0
7.0Best of Fest 2 - Being7.0
6.2Arguing the World6.2
5.8L'AMOUR! - Avoidance5.8
5.7Last Summer Won't Happen5.7
5.5Hotel Terminus - Part III5.5
5.2The Ister5.2
5.0The Clearstream Affair5.0
5.0I Am Here5.0
4.7New Inspiration - Waters Into Wilderness4.7
4.7Number One Fan (Elle l'Adore)4.7
4.2'Til Madness Do Us Part3.70.5
4.0The Book of the Dead4.0
3.7Thinking Existenz - Ep 01 - Eduardo Galeano3.7
3.0The World of Gilbert and George3.0
3.0Abstract Cinema0.82.2
3.0The Owl's Legacy Trailer1.51.5
2.8An Ecology of Mind2.8
2.8Winter Vacation2.8
2.7The Rest I Make Up2.7
2.7America's Brutal Prisons2.7
2.5Myth of a Colorblind France2.5
2.3Best of Fest 1 - Escape2.3
2.2L'AMOUR! - Dignity2.2
2.0Away from Meaning (Lejos del sentido)2.0
2.0Sex in the Comix2.0
2.0The Academy of Muses2.0
1.8Six in Paris: Rue Saint Denis1.8
1.8Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts Trailer1.8
1.8Sacred Cod1.8
1.8The Widowed Witch1.8
1.8The Point of Least Resistance1.8
1.7I, Anna1.7
1.5One Day Pina Asked...1.5
1.5Marx Reloaded1.5
1.5Party Girl1.5
1.5Adriana's Pact1.5
1.3The Hole0.50.8
1.3Towards Mathilde1.3
1.3No Time To Waste1.3
1.3Tokyo Fiancee1.3
1.3Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival1.3
1.3Bill Morrison Interviews Lawrence Weschler1.3
1.3Children of Mandala1.3
1.2Drowned Out1.2
1.0No Gods, No Masters - Pt. II1.0
0.8Live Nude Girls Unite0.8
0.8Black Sun0.8
0.7Nice Colored Girls0.7
0.7Best of Fest 2 - Dusk0.7
0.7Come Undone0.7
0.7Rabbit a la Berlin0.7
0.7A Baptism of Fire0.7
0.7Thinking Existenz - Ep 02 - Laurie Anderson0.7
0.7And There Was Israel0.7
0.7Derrida's Elsewhere0.20.5
0.3Agent Orange0.3
0.3Beyond Zero: 1914-19180.3
0.3The Search0.3
0.3Return of the Hero0.3
0.3Thinking Existenz - Ep 03 - Lucrecia Martel0.3
0.3As Good As You0.3
0.3The Universal Clock0.3
0.2Patsy Mink: Ahead of the Majority0.2
0.2The German Neighbor0.2
0.2The Outsider0.2
0.2I Am Somebody0.2
0.2They Are We0.2
0.2The Assistant0.2
0.2What's For Dinner?0.2
0.2The Strange Little Cat0.2
0.2Karl Marx City0.2
0.2Afternoon of a Faun0.2
0.2Maguy Marin0.2
0.2Best of Fest 1 - where the spiders live0.2
0.2Tell No One0.2
0.2The Great Game0.2
0.2Salvador Allende0.2
0.2The Naked Screen0.2
0.2What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy0.2
0.2Another World is Possible0.2
0.2Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr Leonard Cohen0.2
0.2All the World's Memory0.2

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