OVID.tv Platform Usage, Week of 21 June 2021

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25,228 Total Minutes Watched (437 titles) 1,077 430 1,576 1,088 920 8,584 1,604 9,949
647.8So Pretty0.548.54.884.5144.215.7349.7
567.2No Gods, No Masters - Pt. I53.554.8143.2315.7
533.8Downstream to Kinshasa81.790.012.3177.2128.85.738.2
454.4A Family Submerged0.
441.5Before Stonewall: Restored Edition79.587.2100.088.286.7
435.7Thursday Till Sunday92.814.00.397.82.8227.8
348.8The Cordillera of Dreams348.8
341.5No Gods, No Masters - Pt. II28.238.059.8215.5
333.7Adam Smith, The Birth of the Free Market34.8133.238.8126.8
325.3Jai Bhim Comrade325.3
316.5Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan100.5201.82.012.2
293.7You Go to My Head21.3249.223.2
283.2La Commune (Paris 1871) Part 29.55.2268.5
277.3Devil in the Flesh1.228.826.81.0164.854.7
261.4Karl Polanyi, The Human Factor0.2180.281.0
260.5After Stonewall118.239.319.883.2
255.3The Same Difference123.2132.2
249.2Our Time0.
239.3Tokyo Fiancee0.5238.8
228.0Dance Party USA31.011.3146.039.7
220.7Quiet City2.30.540.557.8119.5
218.0If A Tree Falls169.348.7
216.0What If Marx Was Right?160.355.7
212.0The Wealth of Nations: A New Gospel?106.3105.7
196.2La Commune (Paris 1871) Part 12.812.8180.5
195.8Reason (Part 2)195.8
194.3Ricardo and Malthus: Did You Say Freedom?136.857.5
191.5Vic + Flo Saw a Bear95.393.32.8
181.2Lomax the Songhunter181.2
180.8Far from Vietnam180.8
178.2No Gods, No Masters - Pt. III44.056.278.0
171.5The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu171.5
168.2If The Dancer Dances72.39.086.8
150.0In the Name of God150.0
144.8The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 5106.038.8
139.2In the Intense Now139.2
138.8Father, Son and Holy War: Trial by Fire138.8
138.3Le Crabe-Tambour125.213.2
133.2'Til Madness Do Us Part93.724.814.7
132.5War and Peace132.5
132.3The Chef's Wife0.288.843.3
122.3Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter122.3
120.5Tiny: A Story About Living Small59.061.5
119.3The Children of 209 Saint-Maur Street7.50.3111.30.2
119.2Keynes vs Hayek: A Fake Debate?66.552.7
118.0Monsieur & Madame Adelman118.0
117.5Man for a Day59.258.3
115.5The Two Faces of a Bamileke Woman18.397.2
113.7After Love97.016.7
112.8The Eye of Vichy112.8
108.2The Idol107.21.0
106.7I am from Chile106.7
106.5Propaganda: The Manufacture of Consent53.053.5
106.2The Bridesmaid106.2
105.7Too Late to Die Young0.3105.3
104.8I, Anna11.20.793.0
104.3Just a Sigh104.3
104.2Tony Manero104.2
103.0Tokyo Waka2.8100.2
102.7The Student and Mr Henri102.7
102.5The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 451.251.3
102.0Jean Ziegler, the Optimism of Willpower102.0
101.3The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 11.80.549.549.5
101.0As a Young Girl of Thirteen...100.90.2
100.3Food Coop1.299.2
98.0Special Treatment98.0
97.3Citizens of the World91.55.8
97.3Santiago, Italia16.873.86.7
97.0Three Summers0.389.37.3
96.3Resurrección / Resurrection94.02.3
94.7The Battle of Chile (Part 1)94.7
94.2Antarctica: A Year on Ice94.2
93.8Tribal Justice93.8
93.5Reason (Part 1)93.5
91.5Rebels of the Neon God88.82.7
90.5The 317th Platoon0.389.70.5
90.2False Confessions1.089.2
88.5The Substance88.5
88.0The Battle of Chile (Part 2)88.0
87.3Waiting for the Carnival47.539.8
86.7Inside Her Sex68.08.710.0
84.7Parting Glances84.7
84.2In Harmony84.2
83.7Coming to Light83.7
83.3The Assistant83.3
83.0The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 153.030.0
79.5Better This World79.5
79.0The Battle of Chile (Part 3)79.0
78.7Lost Rivers78.7
77.8Germans & Jews77.8
77.3Tokyo Idols62.814.5
77.3The Providers77.3
76.7From This Day Forward76.7
75.7Sacco and Vanzetti75.7
75.2A Time to Rise75.2
75.0Ladies in Waiting6.219.324.025.5
74.8The Grace Lee Project74.8
74.0The Owl's Legacy: Olympics, or Imaginary Greece53.320.7
73.8Bombay Our City73.8
71.5The Owl's Legacy: Democracy, or City of Dreams27.344.2
71.3In the Shadow of Women71.3
71.0The Strange Little Cat71.0
70.3The Internationale70.3
70.0The Great Flood70.0
69.85 Broken Cameras0.569.3
67.7A Narmada Diary67.7
64.8Capturing Grace64.8
60.8Bitter Money27.533.3
60.5Althusser, an Intellectual Adventure60.5
60.5Father, Son and Holy War: Hero Pharmacy60.5
60.3Waves of Revolution60.3
60.2Jean Rouch, the Adventurous Filmmaker60.2
60.0In Memory of Friends60.0
59.5108 (Cuchillo de Palo)56.72.8
58.8The Invisible Frame58.8
57.5Second Time Around57.5
57.5Ethnic Notions57.5
57.0Do You Remember Vietnam?0.256.8
56.7Gray Matters: Architect & Designer Eileen Gray56.7
56.3The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 256.3
56.3Fire and Ice56.3
56.0Patsy Mink: Ahead of the Majority56.0
55.0Sex in the Comix54.80.2
54.7Tongues Untied54.7
54.3Trópico de Cancer / Tropic of Cancer54.3
54.2Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien16.737.5
53.8The Owl's Legacy: Amnesty, or History on the March3.550.3
53.3Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation0.520.032.8
53.3The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 453.3
53.3Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge53.3
53.2The Owl's Legacy: Symposium, or Accepted Ideas2.527.023.7
52.5Seven Songs for Malcolm X52.5
52.3The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 352.3
52.0Cinema Novo52.0
51.8100 Years of Japanese Cinema51.8
51.7The Toxic Reigns of Resentment51.7
51.5The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 251.5
51.0The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep 351.0
51.0The Owl's Legacy: Nostalgia, or The Impossible Return26.025.0
50.3Live Nude Girls Unite50.3
50.3The Search50.3
48.5Hotel Terminus - Part I48.5
48.0All the World's Memory48.0
48.0Mozart's Sister46.71.3
47.8Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts47.8
46.7Outlaw-Matsu Comes Home46.7
45.7Facing Fear22.822.8
44.2Some Divine Wind18.725.5
43.5Zone of Silence43.5
41.3Prisoners of Conscience41.3
38.3Next Time I'll Aim for the Heart38.00.3
38.0School of Babel38.0
37.8Fold Crumple Crush: The Art of El Anatsui37.8
37.7The Inheritors4.733.0
36.5Homo Sapiens0.317.019.2
35.7Marx for Beginners6.35.00.324.0
33.2The Paranoids33.2
33.0The Mad Masters33.0
32.5Girls Always Happy32.5
32.5Notes on Marie Menken6.84.021.7
32.3The Intolerable Burden32.3
31.8Thinking Existenz - Ep 02 - Laurie Anderson31.8
31.0Beyond My Grandfather Allende31.0
30.7City Dreamers30.7
29.8The Island0.229.7
29.7La Commune (Paris 1871) (Theatrical Version)24.75.0
29.5The Society of the Spectacle29.5
29.2The Owl's Legacy: Logomachy, or the Dialect of the Tribe1.727.5
28.3The Owl's Legacy: Misogyny, or the Snares of Desire28.20.2
27.8The Owl's Legacy: Mathematics, or the Empire Counts Back1.026.8
27.3Derrida's Elsewhere27.3
26.8The Owl's Legacy: Cosmogony, or the Ways of the World26.8
26.8The Owl's Legacy: Mythology, or Lies Like Truth26.8
26.8Moi, Un Noir9.315.22.3
26.0The Owl's Legacy: Tragedy, or the Illusion of Death26.0
26.0The Owl's Legacy: Philosophy, or the Triumph of the Owl26.0
26.0The Owl's Legacy: Music, or Inner Space26.0
25.5The Cordillera of Dreams Extra - Patricio Guzmán Interview25.5
25.2"I Do Not Care if We Go Down in History as Barbarians"9.216.0
25.2Arguing the World25.2
24.3The Hermitage Dwellers24.3
23.8Fishing: In the Sea of Greed23.8
22.7Disturbing the Peace22.7
22.3Mali Blues22.3
21.3Sex, Lies and Tabloids!21.3
21.2Mammy Water21.2
20.7Occupation Mill Worker20.7
20.2The Unreturned Soldiers In Malaysia20.2
19.7Lost Course0.219.5
18.7Dreams Rewired18.7
18.5The Mountain18.5
18.2The New Metropolis - The New Neighbors18.2
17.7The Unreturned Soldiers In Thailand17.7
17.3Edward Said: The Last Interview0.716.7
17.3Time Regained17.3
17.2Born in Flames17.2
16.3Typically British: A Personal History of British Cinema by Stephen Frears0.216.2
16.3How He Fell in Love16.3
16.0Beyond Hatred16.0
15.7Early Works of Cheryl Dunye15.30.3
15.0La Petite Lili0.
14.8In the Aisles14.8
13.7The Pirates of Bubuan13.7
13.7The Destruction of Memory12.80.8
13.2Late Summer13.2
13.2Sleeping Souls13.2
12.8The Pinochet Case12.8
12.8Bettie Page Reveals All12.8
12.7Between Two Worlds12.7
12.5Time Thieves12.20.3
11.8The Deep Blue Sea11.70.2
11.7Minute Bodies: The Intimate World Of F. Percy Smith0.88.02.8
11.5I Don't Belong Anywhere: The Cinema of Chantal Akerman11.5
11.3Paul Gauguin11.3
11.2The Film of Her11.2
11.0Around India with a Movie Camera11.0
11.0The Last Bolshevik8.72.3
10.5Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr Leonard Cohen10.5
10.3The Underground Orchestra10.3
10.3The Chinese Lives of Uli Sigg10.3
10.2Number One Fan (Elle l'Adore)10.2
10.2Children of Mandala5.34.8
10.0A Sea Turtle Story10.0
9.5I Don't Feel Anything Anymore9.5
9.5The Goumbé of the Young Revelers3.75.8
8.8Images You Didn't See8.8
8.0I Like Girls8.0
7.5Talk Mogadishu7.5
7.5As Good As You7.5
7.2Chasing Portraits7.2
7.256 UP0.24.82.2
7.0My Little Underground7.0
6.5The Third Harmony6.5
6.5Spark of Being6.5
6.5Best of Fest 1 - Sedimented Here6.5
6.5We are Not Your Monkeys6.5
6.3Private Dicks: Men Exposed6.3
6.2Kati With an I0.26.0
6.0Down by Love6.0
5.8No Light and No Land Anywhere1.04.8
5.7Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc5.7
5.7The Absent House5.7
5.7Laberinto de Luz / Lightbyrinth0.75.0
5.5Cheshire, Ohio5.5
5.0Border South5.0
5.0Ribbons for Peace5.0
4.8The Great Malaise4.8
4.7Invocation - Maya Deren4.7
4.7The Offended4.7
4.7Cuban Food Stories4.7
4.7An Elephant Sitting Still1.53.2
4.7Good Manners1.33.3
4.5Momma Don't Allow4.5
4.5A Bold Peace4.5
4.3Mademoiselle Paradis0.22.71.5
4.2Wendy and Lucy4.2
4.2Dreaming of a Tree House4.2
4.0We the Workers4.0
3.8Best of Fest 1 - Liminality3.8
3.8What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy3.8
3.5L'AMOUR! - Avoidance3.5
3.5Kuxa Kanema3.5
3.5Once Was Water3.5
3.3Great Expectations3.3
3.3Camille Claudel3.3
3.3Stefan Zweig3.3
3.3With André Gide3.3
3.2New Inspiration - Pas De Quoi3.2
3.2A Grin Without a Cat3.2
2.8The Gold Spinners2.8
2.7The Rest I Make Up2.7
2.7Best of Fest 2 - Second Seed2.7
2.5Best of Fest 1 - Escape2.5
2.5Female Directors0.32.2
2.3A Chef's Voyage0.71.7
2.3Andrés Reads and Writes2.3
2.3The Society of the Spectacle (French w/ Eng. subtitles)2.00.3
2.2Between Two-Spirit2.2
2.0Cultivating Kids2.0
2.0Red Persimmons2.0
2.0Le Joli Mai2.0
1.8New Inspiration - Hofesh Shechter's Clowns1.8
1.8Double Life, a Short History of Sex in the USSR1.8
1.8Be Seeing You1.8
1.8El Velador1.8
1.7L'AMOUR! - Lazarus1.7
1.7Best of Fest 2 - The Circadian Cycle1.7
1.7Foucault Against Himself1.7
1.7The Hole0.20.70.8
1.5Eastern Boys0.21.3
1.5New Inspiration - Floor Falls1.5
1.5Mysteries of Lisbon1.5
1.5Down There1.5
1.5Dreams That Money Can Buy1.5
1.5In the Last Days of the City1.5
1.3The Watermelon Woman1.3
1.3Come Undone1.3
1.3Dark Days1.3
1.3Goya: The Secret of the Shadows1.3
1.3The Pearl Button1.3
1.3Stray Dog1.3
1.3Winter Brothers1.3
1.2Carface (Autos Portraits)1.2
1.2Best of Fest 2 - Lost Horse: Asaf Avidan1.2
1.2Karmen Gei1.2
1.2Van Gogh1.2
1.2The Country Doctor1.2
1.2Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival1.2
1.0The Journey of Monalisa1.0
1.0The Naked Screen1.0
1.0Party Girl1.0
1.0No Home Movie1.0
1.0Liberation: The User's Guide1.0
1.0The Adventurers of Modern Art Clip1.0
0.8How Putin Came to Power0.20.7
0.8American Arab0.8
0.8Phoenix Dance0.8
0.8One Day Pina Asked...0.8
0.8SPK Complex0.8
0.8The Activists0.8
0.8Nice Colored Girls0.8
0.8The Song of the Shirt0.8
0.8La Arrancada0.8
0.7A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness0.7
0.7We Are The Radical Monarchs0.7
0.7Karayuki-San, The Making of a Prostitute0.7
0.5Nostalgia for the Light0.20.3
0.5Markie in Milwaukee0.5
0.5L'AMOUR! - Duet Alanda0.5
0.5L'AMOUR! - Dignity0.5
0.5New Inspiration - A Hard Day's Night0.5
0.5Best of Fest 2 - The King0.5
0.5Sacred Water0.5
0.5Art and Oligarchs0.5
0.5The Point of Least Resistance0.5
0.5States of Unbelonging0.5
0.5From The East0.5
0.5Travels in the Congo (Voyage au Congo)0.5
0.5When a Tree Falls (Amama)0.20.3
0.5Dateline - Saigon0.20.3
0.3African Air0.3
0.3Chez Jolie Coiffure0.3
0.3Faith Love Desire - Ep 2 - Fulfilled Love0.3
0.3The Silence of Mark Rothko0.3
0.310th Parallel0.3
0.3Prisoner of Her Past0.3
0.3Lonely Boy0.3
0.2L'AMOUR! - Winter Grew Cold0.2
0.2Best of Fest 2 - Being0.2
0.2Directing Actors by Jean Renoir0.2
0.2Naples '440.2
0.2Now He's Out in Public and Everyone Can See0.2
0.2Myth of a Colorblind France0.2
0.2Which Way Is East: Notebooks from Vietnam0.2
0.2El Incendio0.2
0.2The Great Game0.2
0.2Route One/USA (part 1)0.2
0.2Geek Girls0.2
0.2Towards Mathilde0.2
0.2Egg and Stone0.2
0.2An Ecology of Mind0.2
0.2Finally Got the News0.2
0.2A Man Vanishes0.2
0.2Rabbit a la Berlin0.2
0.2El Sicario, Room 1640.2
0.2The Punishment0.2
0.2The Human Pyramid0.2
0.2The Right Way0.2
0.2To Be Seen0.2
0.2A Good Man0.2
0.2Maysles Documentary Center0.2
0.2The New Rijksmusuem0.2
0.2Waiting for Fidel0.2
0.2The Trials of Henry Kissinger0.2
0.2Beatrix Farrand's American Landscapes0.2

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