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148,217.6Total Minutes Viewed (1071 Titles)10,401.23,169.37,924.748,620.34,422.546,656.33,232.315,870.87,920.2
4,215.3The Messenger151.2107.2114.8949.2129.22,241.7118.069.3334.8
3,245.2Echoes of the Invisible129.50.090.8844.80.01,484.339.7450.2205.8
2,850.0Blue Island208.80.732.31,089.812.0834.598.2296.7277.0
2,573.8My Fuhrer1.5109.3327.2930.314.7962.80.5136.291.3
1,906.7Searching for Ingmar Bergman99.50.00.0857.093.2761.
1,795.2We Need to Talk About Kevin107.80.0112.0558.0102.7901.
1,790.3A Tale of Love and Desire0.3116.3164.0293.212.2764.531.8282.8125.2
1,640.5The Sorrow and the Pity - Part 1186.8126.7261.7717.81.856.20.0162.7126.8
1,597.7Third Avenue: Only the Strong Survive178.00.057.2421.822.7625.358.8166.867.0
1,496.2Neon Heart188.851.8112.2475.05.0466.79.2107.879.7
1,382.7Howard Zinn: A People's History of the United States92.20.03.5386.788.7447.290.3205.269.0
1,378.3Beautiful Losers202.020.02.8197.811.8584.786.5113.2159.5
1,354.5Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train65.574.30.0177.7135.2772.077.552.30.0
1,296.0The 3 Rooms of Melancholia112.70.50.8209.32.7599.017.2247.7106.2
1,292.0No Gods, No Masters - Pt. I39.263.2196.7520.35.5298.71.7161.05.8
1,268.1Adam Smith, The Birth of the Free Market59.869.718.7344.726.8574.70.0108.864.8
1,128.2Eden is West0.70.0138.0168.70.0679.70.037.7103.5
1,079.7Off the Road161.20.038.7151.50.0726.
969.0Strangers in Good Company0.00.00.0969.
959.5The Sorrow and the Pity - Part 20.0135.2155.2308.30.0103.7123.80.0133.3
922.3Billy the Kid218.20.014.752.72.0319.0111.8119.284.8
922.2Heat Wave89.70.0120.3152.80.3481.
865.8No Gods, No Masters - Pt. II10.251.7212.5307.039.7192.
863.5Sex & Lucía65.00.0221.7319.85.8236.
857.5Tokyo Shaking97.30.0118.3236.50.8198.23.398.8104.2
836.8Arsène Lupin0.20.02.3152.20.2377.716.741.2246.5
817.3Scheme Birds168.30.04.5324.50.0299.
802.7Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and The Magnetic Fields85.20.028.3365.015.5210.51.896.00.3
784.8Latin Kings: A Street Gang Story246.00.02.2224.575.275.774.521.865.0
778.7Lock-Up: The Prisoners of Rikers Island150.072.773.265.375.0150.279.340.272.8
768.7The Night Clerk101.50.01.5155.89.0367.80.0133.00.0
765.2In the Soup10.50.00.3366.885.0202.047.752.80.0
764.5Living the Light: Robby Müller174.70.00.0149.50.0293.387.259.80.0
755.0Pollock & Pollock82.30.017.0101.70.3359.580.3106.37.5
746.7A Cow's Life0.30.00.0333.80.3280.213.257.361.5
733.7Casa Grande74.313.20.0136.5111.0245.20.0153.50.0
728.5A Teacher76.70.039.329.30.0514.80.034.733.7
703.3Searching Eva1.20.057.3164.25.5310.76.00.0158.5
699.7No Gods, No Masters - Pt. III12.352.588.0263.751.8208.
690.2The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 1123.70.049.2116.256.0252.
672.2The Wealth of Nations: A New Gospel?
652.9Maison Close - Episode 158.0138.511.0112.023.2119.50.0131.259.5
621.3Two Friends0.80.018.0187.053.0345.
613.2Ruth Stone's Vast Library of the Female Mind0.70.00.0298.
604.2With God On Our Side - Episode 1112.80.00.2110.020.0171.50.0134.355.3
601.8Karl Polanyi, The Human Factor56.00.00.0222.50.0218.20.0105.20.0
596.7Cop Story0.80.00.3179.50.2186.50.0225.24.2
595.8The Providers0.079.80.0344.
574.8What If Marx Was Right?
574.5Ricardo and Malthus: Did You Say Freedom?52.342.
562.3Sherman's March0.00.029.5152.30.0375.
556.5High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell131.70.060.8185.50.05.0101.06.865.7
517.2The Ister0.50.00.7270.7229.
513.0American Feud0.80.0180.0129.00.0202.
512.3Nobody From Nowhere0.20.00.0130.30.0381.
510.5The Cordillera of Dreams45.80.00.0235.
502.2Keynes vs Hayek: A Fake Debate?
499.2Hotel Terminus - Part II0.00.00.0126.50.0158.00.0214.70.0
495.3The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep
492.3The Maid96.78.70.594.80.0100.70.0191.00.0
489.5Lomax the Songhunter0.00.011.2185.00.0101.289.310.392.5
480.7Swept Away0.20.037.0227.70.00.0114.0101.30.5
480.5A Game for Six Lovers0.20.013.3233.80.0230.
479.0Hotel Terminus - Part I117.20.00.3113.
476.8The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part
472.8The Color Wheel83.00.017.8174.00.2190.
470.8The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 3150.
461.5Sun Don't Shine88.83.515.8105.554.0107.30.039.547.0
461.3The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep
448.7Jesus Politics0.00.0180.70.50.2267.
442.0The Pinochet Case0.00.00.0145.876.3123.
427.3The Eye of Vichy0.00.00.3109.70.2224.756.018.218.3
422.5The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger0.00.091.2223.
413.0Ethnic Notions0.00.00.0317.
403.5Into The Night (Part 1)
399.5Orchestrating Change85.
391.8Nostalgia for the Light0.00.00.0232.
390.7I Talk to Animals1.
389.3Let the Fire Burn0.00.00.7134.8146.
388.3All About My Sisters26.20.0143.8206.
388.0Power and Terror: Noam Chomsky in Our Times14.
364.8Whatever Lola Wants0.
351.0The Seer and the Unseen91.
350.0Tongues Untied0.03.00.2230.
349.0August at Akiko's75.00.041.0102.
348.2With God On Our Side - Episode
347.7John Berger or The Art of Looking68.00.02.8217.
344.3Fasten Your Seatbelts15.
343.5Family Business0.00.00.0257.
335.0The Passion of Augustine0.
333.8The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 489.
333.8Nelson Algren: The End is Nothing, The Road is All85.
329.3Thank You for the Rain0.20.00.0329.
325.7The Tiniest Place0.00.01.3218.
322.2Zygosis: John Heartfield and the Political Image0.
321.5With God On Our Side - Episode
319.7The Greenaway Alphabet0.00.057.874.70.0128.
315.0La Petite Lili78.75.251.714.88.5145.
313.7The Lover1.
313.3Secret Museums0.70.032.538.50.0112.713.8103.311.8
312.5Just a Sigh0.
312.2Chicago Boys6.31.20.0165.
309.0Silverlake Life0.
308.7The Patriot Game1.20.00.0231.
308.2The Lost Village0.
305.7The Seduction of Mimi1.71.32.733.85.3112.70.0112.735.5
301.2Reason (Part 1)
298.3Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune93.
295.3The Battle of Chile (Part 1)
293.5Bullets in the Hood: A Bed-Stuy Story45.30.00.0114.021.845.221.745.50.0
291.0To A More Perfect Union: U.S. v. Windsor61.20.0186.
284.7California Dreams86.
282.7Master of the Universe0.
282.5Maison Close - Episode 255.347.20.0110.
279.2Route One/USA (part 1)
274.7The Battle of Chile (Part 3)
273.0Female Agents0.
269.0Special Treatment0.03.80.8144.39.892.
268.0The Battle of Chile (Part 2)
263.8With God On Our Side - Episode 455.
261.5Maison Close - Episode 364.038.00.0105.
260.0The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep
251.2Flamenco, Flamenco0.
250.8Naples '440.00.00.0250.
244.5Lady Chatterley's Lover0.00.00.0207.
243.3Eames: The Architect & The Painter0.
242.3For the Love of Movies0.00.00.0242.
242.2Maison Close - Episode 759.
241.2Kigali Shaolin Temple0.
237.3Memoir of War0.
237.3A Cinderella Season: The Lady Vols Fight Back157.
237.0Maison Close - Episode 454.749.
234.8With God On Our Side - Episode
231.8Power to Heal0.00.00.0231.
231.7An Elephant Sitting Still0.00.00.0231.
229.7A Man Called Ove0.20.0113.50.20.0115.
228.2Maison Close - Episode 852.
226.0Sex in the Comix0.
224.7The Children of 209 Saint-Maur Street102.
223.2A History of the European Working Class - Episode
223.0Funny Ha Ha12.25.821.
222.3Maison Close - Episode 552.
220.8Stefan Zweig0.00.0114.70.00.0106.
220.3The Dhamma Brothers0.
219.0The Pearl Button0.20.06.845.
218.0Before Stonewall: Restored Edition0.
217.0The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep
213.2Girls Rock!
212.5Tell No One0.00.00.2212.
212.5A History of the European Working Class - Episode
212.3La Dénonciation (The Immoral Moment)
211.0East of Salinas0.00.00.0211.
210.5Salvador Allende0.00.00.0109.5101.
207.2False Confessions0.
205.3The Days to Come102.
204.5Death by Design: Where Parallel Worlds Meet0.
204.3A History of the European Working Class - Episode
203.8Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East?
203.2Paths of the Soul0.
203.0Devil in the Flesh7.00.023.7108.
202.2Bettie Page Reveals All0.00.00.0100.70.0101.
200.7Mali Blues0.
197.8On the Bowery0.
192.7Louise By the Shore0.
190.3Crimson Gold0.
188.8Berkeley in the Sixties0.00.029.813.50.0145.
187.7Parting Glances0.
185.7She's Beautiful When She's Angry0.00.0185.
185.5Karmen Gei0.027.30.0158.
185.2The Journey of Monalisa0.00.00.0185.
183.3One Day Pina Asked...
181.5A Five Star Life0.
179.8Maison Close - Episode 655.569.
179.7An Injury To One0.
179.2Father, Son and Holy War: Hero Pharmacy0.
175.2By the Grace of God0.
174.3La Commune (Paris 1871) Part
173.2Black is... Black Ain't0.00.00.0173.
173.0Hotel Terminus - Part III0.
172.2Sex and Broadcasting0.50.01.577.
170.8Dark Days0.00.00.0163.
169.0Wrath of Silence0.00.00.0113.00.042.313.70.00.0
168.3Bright Future0.00.00.2116.
167.0Gallant Indies0.
166.8Mesrine: Killer Instinct0.00.00.0152.
166.8Route One/USA (part 2)
166.3The Same Difference0.00.00.0166.
165.2A History of the European Working Class - Episode
165.2La Commune (Paris 1871) Part
163.8How Putin Came to Power0.00.00.0142.
163.5Propaganda: The Manufacture of Consent0.
162.5What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy162.
161.7The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep
154.2Father, Son and Holy War: Trial by Fire0.
153.5900 Days0.00.076.876.
147.8Argentina: Hope in Hard Times0.00.00.0147.
147.2We Intend to Cause Havoc6.20.00.548.
147.0The 317th Platoon0.00.021.3114.
146.7The German Neighbor0.
146.3In the Mirror of Maya Deren0.00.00.0146.
145.8The Spectre of Hope0.00.052.792.
142.0Mrs. B., A North Korean Woman0.
139.7In the Last Days of the City0.
138.8Quiet City0.50.06.8131.
136.7Confounding Father - Episode
135.8Tribal Justice0.00.00.589.
133.8Cocaine Unwrapped0.
133.7If The Dancer Dances0.0103.
133.0I, Anna0.
132.2The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu0.
132.0Mesrine: Public Enemy #
131.5When Memory Comes: A Film About Saul Friedlander0.067.70.315.
131.3In the Light of Reverence0.00.00.0131.
130.8The Innocents0.
128.3Golda Maria0.
127.8With God On Our Side - Episode
126.8The Deep Blue Sea0.04.5111.311.
126.3Cul de Sac: A Suburban War Story57.
124.0American Socialist: Eugene Debs0.00.00.0124.
123.7Red Hollywood0.00.00.0111.
123.5Gustav Stickley: American Craftsman0.
122.8Althusser, an Intellectual Adventure64.
121.2The Silence of Mark Rothko0.
119.7Art and Oligarchs0.
119.7Revenge of the Mekons0.
119.2Blowback: The 9/11 Wars in Global Film0.
119.2Good Manners5.50.00.0103.
119.2Time Indefinite0.
119.0Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien0.
119.0Who Made You?
118.0Suzanna Andler0.
117.8This Is Our Land0.
117.5Dark Star: H. R. Giger's World0.
117.3Delphine's Prayers0.00.00.2103.
116.5Rebels of the Neon God0.00.08.2106.
116.3Into The Night (Part 2)
115.7The Devil is in the Detail0.
115.3An Encounter with Simone Weil0.
115.0Do Not Adjust Your Set - Pilot0.
112.7Black Out0.
111.8Come Hell or High Water0.
111.3Thinking Existenz - Ep 01 - Eduardo Galeano2.
111.0Long Day's Journey Into Night0.
110.5Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present0.
110.2We Are Twisted F***ing Sister0.
109.8The Forgotten Space0.00.00.0109.
108.8Penance: Episode
108.0Marcel Ophuls and Jean-Luc Godard0.021.542.742.
107.5After Stonewall23.
107.0Dark Diamond0.
106.8A Grin Without a Cat33.
106.7Tokyo Fiancee1.80.00.0104.
106.5Egg and Stone1.50.00.3104.
106.2The Bridesmaid0.
106.0Mute Fire0.00.00.0106.
106.0Derrida's Elsewhere0.
104.8The Sweet Escape0.
104.8Casa de Lava0.
104.5Seats At The Table0.
104.3Food Coop0.00.00.0102.
104.3Lost Course0.00.00.0104.
104.2Harvard Beats Yale 29-
103.5Journal de France0.00.0103.
103.3The Rabbi's Cat0.
103.0Torture Made in USA0.
102.8Time Thieves0.20.00.594.
102.8LOL (Laughing Out Loud)
102.8Goya: The Secret of the Shadows0.00.0102.
102.2Keep the Lights On0.
102.2Putin's Witnesses0.00.00.0102.
101.7Terribly Happy0.
101.7Welcome to Leith0.
101.2The Tree0.00.00.0101.
101.0The Gangster's Daughter0.00.00.0100.
99.5Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival0.
99.0School for Love40.52.08.540.
98.3The Idol0.
98.2Boy I Am29.
98.0The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep
98.0Do Communists Have Better Sex?
97.7Coming to Light0.
96.8The Naked Screen2.
96.5Minute Bodies: The Intimate World Of F. Percy Smith0.
96.0Tony Manero0.
95.3Tokyo Idols0.
95.3Happy Cleaners0.
95.0The Human Pyramid92.
94.8The Clay Bird0.
94.3Winter Brothers0.
94.0The Ritchie Boys0.
93.3Resurrección / Resurrection0.
91.2The Retrieval0.
91.0The New Americans - Episode
90.8After Tiller0.
90.5339 Amín Abel Hasbun. Memory of a Crime0.
90.5Jaha's Promise0.
89.7Ghosts of Attica0.
89.2Trinkets and Beads0.
89.0Old Dog0.
89.0Unfinished Spaces0.
88.5How to Steal a Country87.
88.3Egg Cream0.
88.0A Maid for Each0.
88.0Free Lunch Society0.
87.8Mercedes Sosa: The Voice of Latin America0.
87.5Color Adjustment0.
87.3The Hole0.
87.3Aimee and Jaguar0.
86.7Gabo: The Creation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez0.
86.0Connectivity Project0.
85.3Fighting in Southwest Louisiana6.
85.310th Parallel0.
85.3Heimat is a Space in Time0.
85.0Female Directors0.
85.0A Town Called Panic0.
84.5Eternity Has No Door of Escape0.
84.3El Incendio0.00.00.384.
84.2The Assistant0.
83.8La Ciudad0.
83.7The Trials of Henry Kissinger79.
83.5Waiting for the Carnival0.
83.0Rock the Casbah0.
82.8The Woodmans0.
82.7The Metal Stork0.
82.3How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (And Enjoy It!)
82.3Bikes vs Cars0.
82.3Flow: For Love of Water0.
82.3Wendy and Lucy0.
81.5Roque Dalton0.
81.0The Virgin, the Copts and Me0.
80.3Dream Deceivers0.
80.3Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter0.
80.2Family Life0.
79.7After the Spill0.
78.7The Land of Owls0.
78.3Germans & Jews0.
78.3Of Shadows0.
77.8Patch Town0.
77.3Return to Cuba0.
77.2Groundswell Rising0.
77.0Metal and Melancholy0.
77.0Multiracial Identity0.
76.8Natural Life0.
76.8Cinema Novo0.00.018.320.
76.7Cheshire, Ohio0.
76.5The Campaign0.
76.2La Yuma0.
75.8DIVEST! The Climate Movement on Tour0.
75.2In the Intense Now0.
75.0Live Nude Girls Unite0.00.00.374.
74.3Le Crabe-Tambour0.
73.8Naji Al-Ali0.
73.3Blue Black Permanent0.
73.3Beloved Sisters0.
72.8Margaret Sanger: A Public Nuisance3.
72.2The Professor0.
71.5Confounding Father - Episode
71.3Sociology is a Martial Art0.
71.2The Great Game0.
70.3Neither Allah, Nor Master!
70.3When Abortion was Illegal0.
70.2Gray Matters: Architect & Designer Eileen Gray0.
70.2In the Shadow of Women0.
70.0Ballet Boys0.
69.5Shift Change0.
69.2My Grandmother's Mother Told My Mother0.
68.7Glenn Gould: Off the Record0.
68.3Future of Mud0.
68.0Another World is Possible19.
67.8Tattoo Uprising67.
66.7Penguin Counters0.
66.7Myth of a Colorblind France0.
66.5Libby, Montana0.
65.8The Punishment0.
65.2Flamenco at 5:1528.
65.2The Annotated Field Guide of Ulysses S. Grant0.
65.0Facing Fear0.
64.5Tighten Your Belts, Bite the Bullet0.
64.5Level Five18.50.033.712.
64.0The Mad Masters0.
64.0Berliner Ballade0.
63.3In the Steps of Trisha Brown0.
62.7Black Sun58.
62.0The Great Flood0.
61.3Redefining Prosperity0.
61.0The Modern Jungle0.
61.0SPK Complex0.
60.7Nokia Mobile0.
60.2Beatrix Farrand's American Landscapes0.
59.8Dreams That Money Can Buy0.
59.8Holy Terror0.
59.5The Owl's Legacy: Symposium, or Accepted Ideas25.
59.2Antarctic Edge: 70° South0.
59.2Bitter Money0.
59.2The Internationale0.00.00.328.
59.0The Absent House0.
59.0The Search0.
58.7Glenn Gould: On the Record0.
58.7The Salt Mines0.
58.5Finally Got the News0.
58.25 Broken Cameras0.
58.0Short Experimental Films 20220.
58.0Chez Jolie Coiffure58.
58.0Night Cries20.
58.0Rough Aunties0.
57.5Inside Her Sex0.
57.5Searching For Gerda Taro0.
57.3Do You Remember Vietnam?
57.2The City Dark (83 minute version)
57.0You Got to Move: Stories of Change in the South0.
57.0Stealing Rodin0.
57.0All the World's Memory0.00.021.514.
56.8Mondovino: Rome Was Not Built in a Day0.
56.7Profit and Loss0.
56.5Private Dicks: Men Exposed0.
56.5Fire and Ice0.
56.0Far from Vietnam0.
56.0From Danger to Dignity0.
55.7The Mystery of Chaco Canyon0.
55.0Rocky Road to Dublin0.
55.0The New Americans - Episode
55.0Battle of Memories0.
54.7One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich0.
54.0Once Was Water0.
54.0A Baptism of Fire0.
53.8France (Les Habitants)
53.7Middle of Everywhere: The Abortion Debate from America's Heartland0.
53.7Mondovino: Magic Potion0.
53.7In Motion: Amiri Baraka0.
53.7Three Summers0.
53.2Last Grave at Dimbaza0.
53.0Red Hook Justice0.
52.7Eastern Boys0.
52.5Tinghir Jerusalem0.
52.0Artists & Love: Gerda Taro and Robert Capa0.
52.0Marius Petipa: The French Master of Russian Ballet0.
51.7Mondovino: Where's Astérix?
51.7Maguy Marin0.
51.5Artists & Love: Jeanne Hébuterne and Amedeo Modigliani0.
51.5Profits of Punishment0.
51.2Jean Rouch, the Adventurous Filmmaker22.
51.2History of Fear0.
51.2Mitote / Mexican Ritual0.
51.0The Owl's Legacy: Tragedy, or the Illusion of Death0.
50.8Rebels on Pointe0.
50.830 Second Democracy0.
50.7An Apollo Legend0.
50.5The Making of 'Rocky Road to Dublin'
50.2Faith Love Desire - Ep 3 - Forbidden Love0.
50.22 X 50 Years of French Cinema0.
49.5Do Not Adjust Your Set - Episode
48.8The Book of the Dead0.
48.8Fengming, a Chinese Memoir0.
48.3Penance: Episode
48.3Outlaw-Matsu Comes Home0.
48.3Dark Eden0.
48.0America's Brutal Prisons0.
47.5The Calm After The Storm0.
47.2Kent State: The Day the War Came Home0.
46.8The True Cost0.
46.7El Velador0.
46.3Hippocrates: Diary of a French Doctor0.
46.3Arguing the World0.
46.2Artists & Love: Lee Miller and Man Ray0.
46.2Small Wonders0.00.80.844.
45.8The East Wind State Farm0.
45.5The Danish Poet0.
45.3Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr Leonard Cohen0.
45.0Remembrance of Things to Come0.
44.7The Widowed Witch0.
44.0Los Sures0.
44.0Thinking Existenz - Ep 04 - Suad Amiry0.
44.0Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter0.
43.3A Bread Factory - Part
43.3To Tell the Truth: Working for Change0.
42.7Cuban Food Stories0.
42.7Fifi Howls from Happiness0.
42.3Everything Must Fall0.
42.2The Salt of Tears0.
42.0O Amor Natural0.
41.7When Justice Isn't Just0.
41.2Thinking Existenz - Ep 09 - Lula da Silva30.
41.0The Decline of the American Empire0.
40.7Trespassing Bergman0.
40.3Fires Were Started0.
40.0Rabbit a la Berlin0.
39.8The Connection0.
39.7Do Not Adjust Your Stocking0.
39.5Paul Gauguin0.00.00.512.
39.5Be Seeing You39.
39.2An Ecology of Mind0.
38.7Nowhere in Africa0.
38.7'Til Madness Do Us Part0.
38.2The Owl's Legacy: Misogyny, or the Snares of Desire24.
38.0Tahrir: Liberation Square0.
37.8Waiting for Fidel0.
37.0Rethinking Cuban Civil Society0.
37.0Sen Sen0.
35.2Short Doc Series 20220.
35.2National Diploma0.
35.0The River Between Us0.
34.3Do Not Adjust Your Set - Episode
34.3Thinking Existenz - Ep 02 - Laurie Anderson0.
34.2Kings Point0.
34.2Dreams Rewired0.
33.8Edward Said: The Last Interview0.
33.5Frida Kahlo & Tina Modotti0.
33.2On the French Riviera with Man Ray and Picasso0.
32.8Pilgrims and Tourists0.
32.8The Invisible Witness0.
32.5Marx Reloaded0.
32.3Abstract Cinema0.
32.3Leaving Home, Coming Home: A Portrait of Robert Frank0.
32.2A Bread Factory - Part
31.5Bluebeard (Kékszakállú)
31.3Little Feet0.
31.3The Way Things Go0.
31.3The Vanishing Street0.00.03.815.
31.0Catching Sight of Thelma and Louise0.
30.3Still Burn (Algo quema)
30.2This is Cristina0.
29.8The Toxic Reigns of Resentment0.
29.3Sex, Lies and Tabloids!
29.3A Game of Three Halves - Episode
29.2Sita Sings the Blues0.
29.0Special Delivery7.
29.0Black Is the Color: A History of African American Art1.
28.5Americas in Transition0.
28.2Sermons and Sacred Pictures0.
28.2Kate and Anna McGarrigle0.
28.0The Owl's Legacy: Nostalgia, or The Impossible Return25.
28.0Happy People: A Year in the Taiga0.
27.8Night Mail0.
27.8The Owl's Legacy: Democracy, or City of Dreams24.
27.7The Bomb27.
27.5The Secret Life of Your Clothes0.
27.3Le Navire Night0.
27.3Old or New?
27.3The Mafia Kills Only in Summer19.
27.2Fat or Skinny?
27.0Confounding Father - Episode
27.0A Bit of Scarlet0.
26.7Confounding Father - Episode
26.7Artists & Love: Paula Becker and Otto Modersohn0.
26.5Painted Landscapes of the Times - A film about Sue Coe0.
26.5Your Day is My Night0.
26.5Lonely Boy0.
26.5Psychology and the New Heroism26.
26.3My Comic Shop Country0.
26.0A Game of Three Halves - Episode
26.0The Owl's Legacy: Philosophy, or the Triumph of the Owl0.
25.5The Owl's Legacy: Olympics, or Imaginary Greece25.
25.3Kate Bornstein is a Queer & Pleasant Danger0.00.010.512.
25.3The Image You Missed0.
25.0Fate of a Salesman0.
24.8The Owl's Legacy: Logomachy, or the Dialect of the Tribe24.
24.8The Owl's Legacy: Mathematics, or the Empire Counts Back24.
24.8The Owl's Legacy: Amnesty, or History on the March24.
24.8The Owl's Legacy: Mythology, or Lies Like Truth24.
24.8The Owl's Legacy: Music, or Inner Space24.
24.8The Owl's Legacy: Cosmogony, or the Ways of the World24.
24.7The Embassy0.
23.8The Last Tycoons - Episode
23.8Homo Sapiens0.
23.8Mr. Fish: Cartooning from the Deep End0.
23.8The Other Day0.
23.2The Song of Styrene (Le chant du styrène)
23.0Jay Myself0.
22.8Hidden Heritage: The Roots of Black American Painting0.
22.3The New Americans - Episode
22.3Down by Love0.
21.8Sierra Leone Greets the Queen0.
21.5At Last the 1948 Show - Series 1 Episode
21.2Typically British: A Personal History of British Cinema by Stephen Frears0.
21.0This is the Way I Like It0.
20.8How to Build an Igloo10.
20.8The New Americans - Episode
20.8Occupation Mill Worker0.
20.7Visibility 20220.00.00.520.
20.5Bob’s Birthday0.
20.2You Will Be My Ally0.
20.2Aguilucho: Dance of the Harpy Eagle20.
20.0Vampire Clay0.
19.8Two films by Fronza Woods0.
19.5I Am Not a Monster0.
19.3Fold Crumple Crush: The Art of El Anatsui0.
19.2Stations of the Elevated2.
18.8The Society of the Spectacle0.
18.8Sensei Fran Kicks Ass0.
18.7The Returned - Episode
18.7In Exile: A Family Film0.
18.3My Revolution0.
18.3Every Child0.
17.8Do Not Adjust Your Set - Episode
17.8Too Late to Die Young0.
17.7East Punk Memories0.
17.5Artists & Love: Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz0.
17.2Dawson City: Frozen Time0.
17.0As Good As You0.315.
16.7Six in Paris: Gare du Nord16.
16.7Double Life, a Short History of Sex in the USSR1.
16.5Gorbachev. Heaven0.
16.0If This Ain't Heaven0.
16.0A Game of Three Halves - Episode
16.0Encounters with Your Inner Trotsky Child0.
15.8Best of Fest 2 - Second Seed0.
15.8Best of Fest 1 - Traces0.
15.8The Oyler House: Richard Neutra's Desert Retreat0.
15.8She's Lost Control0.
15.5Run For Love0.
15.5Penance: Episode
15.2A Game of Three Halves - Episode
15.2Best of Fest 1 - Sedimented Here0.
15.2Best of Fest 2 - The Circadian Cycle0.
14.8The Wandering Soap Opera0.
14.8Six O Clock News0.00.00.714.
14.8Bidder 700.
14.8Chantal Akerman by Chantal Akerman0.
14.0Doors of the Past0.
14.0How to Lose Your Virginity1.
13.8A Look at Madness / Captive Feast0.
13.8With André Gide0.
13.8The Club0.
13.7The Midwife0.
13.7The Girl With The Rivet Gun0.
13.7First Passion0.
13.5The Case of the Grinning Cat0.
13.5Lunch Love Community0.
13.3Renzo Piano: The Architect of Light0.
13.3It Was Rape0.
13.3Late Summer0.
13.3For the Best and for the Onion!
13.2At Last the 1948 Show - Series 1 Episode
13.0Animal Machine0.
13.0Choice Thoughts: Reflections on the Birth Control War0.
12.8The Poets0.
12.3Marx for Beginners0.
12.3Chisholm '72: Unbought & Unbossed0.
12.2Girl Model0.
12.2Best of Fest 1 -
12.0You Go to My Head2.
11.7The Adventurers of Modern Art Clip0.
11.5Tomorrow's Saturday0.
11.3Marina Abramovic in Brazil: The Space in Between0.
11.2A Game of Three Halves - Episode
10.2We the Workers0.
10.0The Written Face0.
9.8The Film of Her0.
9.8A Man's Place0.
9.8Earth Seasoned: #GapYear0.
9.8Royal Journey0.
9.8We are Not Your Monkeys0.
9.7Best of Fest 1 - Liminality0.
9.3Best of Fest 1 - Beast0.
9.3Photographic Memory8.
9.0Come Undone0.
8.8Penance Trailer0.
8.8The Sixth Side of the Pentagon8.
8.7Bruly Bouabré's Alphabet0.
8.7Tribute to Alfred Lepetit0.
8.5Beyond My Grandfather Allende0.
8.5La Trinchera Luminosa del Presidente Gonzalo0.
8.3Author Selects: Adam Lowenstein0.
8.3The Mystery of Picasso0.
8.3Light Years: Lucrecia Martel and the Making of Zama0.
8.0108 (Cuchillo de Palo)
8.0The Sequel0.
8.0El Sicario, Room 1640.
7.8Hamou-Beya, Sand Fishers0.
7.7Do Not Adjust Your Set - Episode
7.7The Underground Orchestra0.
7.5Dream Girls0.
7.3The Outsider0.
7.3Chris Marker's Bestiary: Cat Listening to Music3.
7.2By the Time It Gets Dark0.
7.2The Exquisite Short Films of Kihachiro Kawamoto0.
7.2Gunnin' for that #1 Spot0.
7.2The Dazzling Light of Sunset0.
7.0Sleepless Night in Paris0.
6.8Riddles of the Sphinx0.
6.7Bright Leaves0.
6.7Video Game0.
6.7Green Fire0.
6.5Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow0.
6.5Food for Thought - Humanity in One Pot - Ep.
6.5From The East0.
6.3No Light and No Land Anywhere6.
6.2In Mansourah, You Separated Us0.
6.2Light is Calling0.
6.0The City of the Future2.
6.0Best of Fest 2 - Being0.
6.0Vampire Cleanup Department5.
6.0Sacco and Vanzetti0.
5.8Maison Close Trailer0.
5.7Dead Souls - Part I0.
5.7Best of Fest 2 - ID0.
5.7The Return0.
5.7Dear Dr. Spencer0.
5.5Please Hold The Line0.
5.5A Biography of Lilith0.
5.5Down There0.
5.3Thinking Existenz - Ep 03 - Lucrecia Martel0.
5.3Beauty in Trouble0.
5.2Sol LeWitt0.
5.2The Corporate Coup d'État0.
5.2Tip of My Tongue0.
5.2Your Name in Cellulite0.
5.2The Great Malaise0.
5.0We Are The Radical Monarchs0.
5.0No Home Movie0.
4.8Bronx Gothic0.
4.8The Girl with a Bracelet0.
4.7The Cordillera of Dreams Extra - Interview with Angela Leible0.
4.7Best of Fest 1 - Escape0.
4.7Say Amen, Somebody0.
4.5Best of Fest 1 - Earth Odyssey: Asaf Avidan0.
4.5Best of Fest 2 - Forest Floor0.
4.5Inside Out1.
4.5Laberinto de Luz / Lightbyrinth0.
4.5Images You Didn't See0.
4.5Penance: Episode
4.5Now He's Out in Public and Everyone Can See0.
4.3Faith Love Desire - Ep 1 - First Love0.
4.3The Sand Castle0.
4.3Chris Marker's Bestiary: Slon Tango4.
4.2A Quest for Meaning0.
4.2Chris Marker's Bestiary: Bullfight in Okinawa4.
4.2Our Mockingbird0.
4.2The Scheming Women (Les Intrigantes)
4.2Le Joli Mai0.
4.0Downstream to Kinshasa0.
4.056 UP0.
4.0Show Me Your Love0.
4.0Jacqueline Audry Interview0.
4.0Profit and Nothing But!
4.0Biophilic Design0.
3.8This is Cristina Trailer0.
3.8Disturbing the Peace0.
3.7Chris Marker's Bestiary: An Owl is an Owl is an Owl3.
3.7Winning Girl0.
3.7Until the Birds Return0.
3.5The Activists0.
3.5Outcry and Whisper0.
3.3Great Expectations0.
3.2Saving Mes Aynak0.
3.2Dancing Dreams0.
3.0Angels Wear White0.
3.0Belly of the Beast0.
3.0Better This World0.
3.0Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Enter Here0.
2.8Geek Girls0.
2.8The Society of the Spectacle (French w/ Eng. subtitles)
2.8In Our Nature0.
2.7Cultivating Kids0.
2.7Edward Hopper0.
2.7Chris Marker's Bestiary: Zoo Piece2.
2.7The Last Tycoons - Episode
2.7Anais Goes to War0.
2.5Three Cheers for the Whale0.
2.5The Retrieval Trailer0.
2.5Carmen and Geoffrey0.
2.5Vic + Flo Saw a Bear0.
2.5New Inspiration - Floor Falls0.
2.5Oil and Water0.
2.3Tú y Yo0.
2.3Food or Fuel?
2.3Do Not Adjust Your Set - Season 2 Episode
2.3Bombay Our City0.
2.3Documentary - All It Gives0.
2.2Love & Diane0.
2.2The Storm Makers0.
2.2The Third Harmony0.
2.2The Troubles We've Seen Part
2.2Xu Bing: Phoenix2.
2.2Congo: The Doctor Who Saves Women0.
2.2A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness0.
2.2Madam Phung's Last Journey0.
2.0Thinking Existenz - Ep 05 - Karen Armstrong0.
2.0The Last Bolshevik0.
2.0Aya of Yop City0.
1.8L'AMOUR! - Avoidance0.
1.8How He Fell in Love1.
1.8Women of '69, Unboxed0.
1.8Made Over in America0.
1.8The World Before Your Feet0.
1.7A Coffee in Berlin0.
1.7The Academy of Muses0.
1.7The Island0.
1.7Travels in the Congo (Voyage au Congo)
1.7Best of Fest 2 - Lost Horse: Asaf Avidan0.
1.7Artists & Love Clip0.
1.7The Transformation1.
1.5The Golden Era0.
1.5White Sun0.
1.5Camille Claudel0.
1.5The Other Side of The Wall0.
1.5Man for a Day0.
1.5Zinoviev's Tube0.
1.3Mia Madre0.
1.3Three Sisters0.
1.3Presumed Guilty0.
1.3Sacred Water0.
1.3I Had An Abortion0.
1.2The Hand That Feeds0.
1.2Street Fighting Men0.
1.2Foucault Against Himself0.
1.2The Rape of Europa1.
1.2Reason (Part 2)
1.2I Cannot Tell You How I Feel0.
1.2Capturing Grace0.
1.2The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear0.
1.2A Home Called Nebraska0.
1.2A Good Man0.
1.0Seven Songs for Malcolm X0.
1.0When a Tree Falls (Amama)
1.0Le Week-End0.
1.0Kati With an I1.
1.0A Man Vanishes0.
1.0City Walk0.
1.0Chinese Portrait0.
1.0The First Days0.
1.0Latest News from the Cosmos0.
0.8As a Young Girl of Thirteen...
0.8The Returned Trailer - Season
0.8Sound and Chaos: The Story of BC Studio0.
0.8Blue Helmet0.
0.8Thinking Existenz - Ep 08 - Vandana Shiva0.
0.8Picasso and Sima, Antibes 19460.
0.8Under the Sun0.
0.8Best of Fest 1 - where the spiders live0.
0.8A Year in Notes and Numbers0.
0.8Towards Mathilde0.
0.8Every Three Seconds0.
0.8Momma Don't Allow0.
0.7Through A Lens Darkly0.
0.7Spring Tide0.
0.7Veronico Cruz0.
0.7Guns and Mothers0.
0.7Artists & Love: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera0.
0.7The Heretics0.
0.7Almayer's Folly0.
0.712 Days0.
0.7The Girl Without Hands0.
0.7Sophie Scholl: The Final Days0.
0.5I was a Teenage Feminist0.
0.5Pilots on the Way Home0.
0.5El Mar La Mar0.
0.5The Cordillera of Dreams Extra - Patricio Guzmán Interview0.
0.5The Workers Cup0.
0.5The Chef's Wife0.
0.5The Clearstream Affair0.
0.5Away from Meaning (Lejos del sentido)
0.5A Quiet Passion0.
0.5The Wisdom to Survive0.
0.5States of Unbelonging0.
0.5Original Minds0.
0.5Phoenix Dance0.
0.5Do Not Adjust Your Set - Episode
0.5Notes on Marie Menken0.
0.5Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc0.
0.5Embrace of the Serpent0.
0.5A Family Submerged0.
0.3A German Youth0.
0.3Tales of the Night0.
0.3Six in Paris (Paris vu par)
0.3The Cordillera of Dreams Extra - Julien Joly on Guzmán0.
0.3The Rest I Make Up0.
0.3Debra Granik's Stray Dog0.
0.3Afternoon of a Faun0.
0.3Post Mortem0.
0.3Dance Party USA0.
0.3Van Gogh0.
0.3The Nine Muses0.
0.3The New Americans - Episode
0.3The Last Season0.
0.3What's For Dinner?
0.3Outstanding Award Winner Henrique Pina: Body-Buildings0.
0.3Antarctica: A Year on Ice0.
0.3From This Day Forward0.
0.3In Her Name0.
0.3The Booksellers0.
0.3Only Cloud Knows0.
0.3The Stopover0.
0.3Our Time0.
0.3Investigation of a Flame0.
0.3They Are We0.
0.2On This Side of the World0.
0.2Cinema of Tears0.
0.2Service: When Women Come Marching Home0.
0.2Wuthering Heights0.
0.2Best of Fest 2 - The King0.
0.2Anne Clark – I’ll Walk Out Into Tomorrow0.
0.2Nice Colored Girls0.
0.2Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation0.
0.2Liberation: The User's Guide0.
0.2Resistance is Life0.
0.2Rocco and His Brothers0.
0.2The Returned - Episode
0.2Still Waters0.
0.2Winter Vacation0.
0.2Escapes: The Life of Actor and Screenwriter, Hampton Fancher0.
0.2From What Is Before0.
0.2On Beauty0.
0.2Les Enfants Terribles0.
0.2Prairie Trilogy0.
0.2Feed: A Comedy About Running for President0.
0.2My Bolivia, Remembering What I Never Knew0.
0.2Return of the Hero0.
0.2Don't Give Up Your Voice!
0.2The Deer0.
0.2The Good Breast0.
0.2Little By Little0.
0.2Class of Struggle0.
0.2The Cost of Living0.
0.2The Exiles0.
0.264 Day Hero: A Boxer's Tale0.
0.2Chasing Portraits0.
0.2Like Any Other Kid0.
0.2Strange Victory0.
0.2Churchill's Island0.
0.2Boys Who Like Girls0.
0.2Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?
0.2Oxhide II0.
0.2The Paranoids0.
0.2The Student and Mr Henri0.
0.2Open Bethlehem0.
0.2Before The Flood II - Gong Tan0.
0.2The Owl's Legacy Trailer0.
0.2Ainsi Meurent Les Anges (And So Angels Die)
0.2Ada For Mayor0.
0.2The Names of Love0.
0.2Around India with a Movie Camera0.
0.2Bones of Contention0.
0.2Last Letter0.
0.2At Last the 1948 Show - Series 2 Episode
0.2The Pirates of Bubuan0.
0.2Prisoner of Her Past0.
0.2Zone of Silence0.

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