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86,121.0Total Minutes Viewed (1168 Titles)4,098.73,106.53,502.227,043.01,317.220,827.22,625.716,469.27,131.5
1,937.3Becoming Animal157.83.3127.7764.835.7514.212.2290.531.2
1,501.7Camille Claudel0.0219.70.2680.50.2316.3281.83.00.0
1,418.0Ok, Joe!55.378.595.7337.053.8508.284.8199.05.7
1,340.8The Shooting on Mole Street70.074.336.7458.770.3328.764.5237.70.0
1,245.8Town Of Glory165.589.8148.3177.837.3319.01.8306.20.0
1,090.0Robe of Gems90.8117.37.8354.51.0317.30.097.7103.5
889.3Deserted Station0.3119.254.7271.50.2217.70.0133.092.8
835.2Roubaix, Police Department, Ordinary Business68.863.51.2118.711.8331.237.5198.54.0
828.8The Butterfly0.076.3156.883.817.7349.87.5124.712.2
789.7What Happened Was...
764.5The Eye of Vichy0.50.00.0197.50.2110.735.3420.30.0
744.7Town Destroyer88.20.00.0107.379.7319.20.0150.30.0
726.811 Flowers0.20.09.0306.70.2127.510.7117.5155.2
717.3Kent State: The Day the War Came Home1.70.047.5189.727.3354.
716.3Propaganda: The Manufacture of Consent0.0120.30.5176.30.0264.70.0154.50.0
681.3A Cinderella Season: The Lady Vols Fight Back5.7471.50.0144.
668.3When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism2.00.0118.7350.
651.0Always Shine86.80.597.8152.50.0226.
650.0The Red Soul52.348.529.094.50.0204.70.0142.278.8
613.0Little Palestine, Diary of a Siege0.00.20.0244.30.0295.
550.5Berkeley in the Sixties0.00.00.0356.70.0152.841.00.00.0
527.7Truth Tellers80.30.212.3131.20.3182.70.0107.213.5
522.7Funny Ha Ha1.574.83.3272.
466.2Museum Hours (Jem Cohen)3.383.738.316.754.7216.
437.0The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu0.00.00.0283.
435.5Howard Zinn: A People's History of the United States0.
429.8The Democratic Revolutionary Handbook54.74.00.844.516.328.8101.5179.20.0
419.7And There Was Israel0.20.013.7227.50.0136.741.70.00.0
413.7Time Regained0.00.02.2239.20.0159.
412.5Big Joy66.
404.8Love Express: The Disappearance of Walerian Borowczyk75.80.00.553.70.0191.513.861.58.0
399.0A Daughter’s Tribute to Her Father: Souleymane Cissé59.51.846.085.818.
376.3Beautiful Things0.319.85.897.2171.
361.7Bikes vs Cars0.00.00.5144.00.2144.
360.3The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg0.061.880.00.00.0149.
352.2Lolita (Adrian Lyne)0.20.0124.7159.04.01.555.87.00.0
340.3The Apocalyptic is the Mother of All Christian Theology69.830.
339.3Adam Smith, The Birth of the Free Market0.
323.8Dead Souls - Part I0.00.00.0192.00.0131.
322.0Geographies of Solitude0.25.00.0204.
318.7The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part
318.7Out of Place: Memories of Edward Said0.
312.3Though I Am Gone0.
312.3Last Summer Won't Happen27.20.00.761.80.0162.
311.8No Gods, No Masters - Pt. I1.
311.7The Lover0.
305.2The Nine Muses0.30.00.0304.
303.3Shortbus (John Cameron Mitchell)
290.0Sex & Lucía0.2107.
289.8Beauty and the Dogs28.
288.3Bright Future34.00.032.5127.
281.8Level Five0.00.00.0193.
268.2Sound and Fury (Jean-Claude Brisseau)
264.2Another Body0.30.00.527.00.0123.70.0108.54.2
263.7Henry Miller - Prophet of Desire15.50.026.592.03.541.
253.5The Booksellers0.00.012.7105.
252.5The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part
249.3Everything Must Fall85.00.00.367.
245.0Torremolinos 7351.00.05.534.326.517.00.0110.70.0
244.0When Banana Ruled0.20.00.0158.
242.7Secret Museums0.
241.2A New Old Play0.00.03.7173.
238.8Long Day's Journey Into Night0.00.00.0238.
237.7Ricardo and Malthus: Did You Say Freedom?
234.7My Imaginary Country1.
229.2When Jews Were Funny0.
222.2Martin Roumagnac0.
220.0'Til Madness Do Us Part0.00.00.0220.
218.3Concrete Night (Pirjo Honkasalo)
215.5No Gods, No Masters - Pt. II0.
210.3The Providers12.
207.3The Battle of Chile (Part 1)
207.2Homo Sapiens0.00.00.0207.
204.3A Distant Thud in the Jungle68.
203.8To Tell the Truth: Working for Change0.
203.5Moi, Un Noir (Jean Rouch)
199.0With God On Our Side - Episode 4102.
197.2Le Crabe-Tambour0.
196.2Thank You for the Rain0.
195.5Keynes vs Hayek: A Fake Debate?
191.8The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Part
189.0What If Marx Was Right?
189.0Counting (Jem Cohen)
187.3The Wealth of Nations: A New Gospel?
186.8Dead Souls - Part II0.
186.2Martha: A Picture Story6.
183.3Karl Polanyi, The Human Factor0.
181.8An Elephant Sitting Still0.00.00.0181.
180.2Devil in the Flesh (Marco Bellocchio)
178.5Latin Kings: A Street Gang Story94.
175.3All the World's Memory1.
174.7The Mystery of Chaco Canyon1.
174.2What Doesn’t Float0.
174.2Little By Little0.00.00.0174.
173.8Wim Wenders' Story of His Early Years0.
173.3Tall As the Baobab Tree0.70.00.732.
173.3Wrath of Silence0.
170.3A Teacher0.50.537.047.511.047.513.710.32.3
170.0Odette Toulemonde0.377.
169.8No Gods, No Masters - Pt. III0.
169.5Fengming, a Chinese Memoir0.
169.24 Days in France1.
167.8Edward Said: The Last Interview0.
165.8In the Billowing Night39.
165.8Love & Diane0.
164.7Going Private0.
164.3The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Part
162.3Exile, A Myth Unearthed - Part
162.2Bitter Money0.30.037.8124.
162.0Midnight Traveler0.372.
160.3Hippocrates: Diary of a French Doctor0.
158.5Reason (Part 1)
155.5The Animals Film0.
155.3900 Days0.00.00.0154.
155.0Nostalgia for the Light0.
153.8Truth or Consequences0.00.00.0153.
151.8Notes on Marie Menken0.
151.7Beatrix Farrand's American Landscapes0.
151.2The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Part
150.7Cheshire, Ohio0.00.00.0150.
150.2The Troubles We've Seen Part
149.0On My Mother's Life44.
148.3The Story of Film: A New Generation0.
145.0The Little Cafe0.
143.8The Big Bad Swim0.
143.0Reporters Against Power, Ep. 1 - Turkey36.
142.8Stewart Udall: The Politics of Beauty0.
142.2OSS 117: Lost in Rio (Starring: Jean Dujardin)0.297.333.
142.2Jai Bhim Comrade26.
141.8After Love0.00.043.398.
141.5The Last Bolshevik1.
141.2Dead Souls - Part III0.
140.0Seeing is Believing0.
139.2The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part
138.7Sex in the Comix0.053.88.512.
136.2Reflection: A Walk With Water0.
135.2Crimson Gold (Jafar Panahi & Abbas Kiarostami)
133.0Black is... Black Ain't0.00.00.0133.
132.7The Libertine0.
132.3Maison Close - Episode
131.3The Decline of the American Empire0.
131.2El General52.
130.8Maison Close - Episode 634.
130.5Gustav Stickley: American Craftsman0.
129.8Summer 19930.
129.5The Goumbé of the Young Revelers0.
129.2Le Navire Night0.
128.8"I Do Not Care if We Go Down in History as Barbarians"
128.8The Midnight Swim0.
128.7The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Part
128.3A Man Vanishes0.
127.7America's Brutal Prisons41.
127.3Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story0.
126.0Ethnic Notions0.
125.5The Internationale0.00.00.341.
125.3One Big Home0.
125.2A Grin Without a Cat0.
124.7Hotel Terminus - Part I0.
124.3The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Part
123.7One Day Pina Asked (Chantal Akerman)
123.3The Mad Masters (Jean Rouch)
122.8To Tell the Truth: The Strategy of Truth0.
122.5The German Neighbor0.50.00.0122.
122.3The Great Basin1.
122.0The Forgotten Space0.00.00.0122.
121.7Aimée and Jaguar40.
120.8Down by Love0.0107.
120.7The Last Tourist0.
118.3Ô saisons ô châteaux0.
118.2The Oyler House: Richard Neutra's Desert Retreat0.
117.8Last Cab to Darwin117.
116.5Chicago Boys7.50.00.597.710.
116.5The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Part
116.0The Sixth Side of the Pentagon19.
115.0Lost Rivers0.
114.5Zero Point0.
114.3Before Stonewall: Restored Edition0.00.00.0114.
114.0Far from Vietnam0.
113.3Paris, a Winter's Day0.20.05.735.
113.2When I'm Done Dying6.50.00.0106.
112.0Gabo: The Creation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez0.
110.7House of Cardin0.
109.5The Wobblies0.
108.5Never Too Late for Love13.
108.0The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep
107.8The Son (inside the Russian army)
107.7Naji Al-Ali0.
107.5Time Thieves0.
107.3The Second Time Around2.
107.3Come Undone0.
107.2The Messenger26.
107.2Looking For Sunshine: The Life of an Olympic Skier0.
106.5The Corporate Coup d'État0.
105.5Swept Away0.393.
105.3With God On Our Side - Episode
105.3Air Doll (Hirokazu Kore-eda)
104.5Harvard Beats Yale 29-
103.8In the Soup0.
103.8The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Part
103.8Resurrección / Resurrection0.00.00.0103.
103.5Reporters Against Power, Ep. 2 - Uganda34.
103.0With God On Our Side - Episode
102.7Reporters Against Power, Ep. 4 - Myanmar33.
102.2The Passion of Augustine0.00.00.0102.
101.7The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Part
100.8Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present5.
100.8Journal de France0.
100.7Reporters Against Power, Ep. 3 - Colombia30.
100.2The Many Lives of Kojin0.
100.2Reporters Against Power, Ep. 6 - Russia33.
99.7One Bright Shining Moment0.
99.3For the Love of Movies0.
99.2The Country Doctor0.
99.2Reporters Against Power, Ep. 5 - Hong Kong33.
99.0The Seduction of Mimi0.50.33.392.
98.0The Activists0.
97.0Art and Craft0.
96.8Master of the Universe0.
96.7The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part
96.0With God On Our Side - Episode
95.8Winter Soldier0.
95.5Queer Genius0.
95.0Let the Fire Burn0.
94.7Monsieur & Madame Adelman0.
94.7Black Out0.
94.2Golub: Late Works Are the Catastrophes0.
94.2You Go to My Head0.
94.0Marx Reloaded2.
93.5Rebels on Pointe0.
93.0Hitler - A Career0.
92.5Colette and Justin0.
92.2Tribal Justice0.
92.2Education and Nationalism0.
92.0American Arab0.
91.8The 317th Platoon0.
91.2The Inheritors0.
90.7Time Indefinite0.
90.2Cop Story0.
90.2A Tale of Love and Desire0.
90.0Step Up To The Plate0.
90.0Reason (Part 2)
89.2Prairie Trilogy0.
88.3You Won't Miss Me0.
87.8The Tiniest Place0.
87.3The Celluloid Bordello0.
86.7Dark Diamond0.
86.7Disturbing the Peace0.
86.5The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger0.00.01.345.
86.5Taking Back the Legislature0.
86.3Blue Island0.
85.8Other Music0.
84.8An Ecology of Mind0.
84.2Major Leagues?
83.2Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?
83.0Color Adjustment0.
82.5Fool's Mate (Le Coup du Berger)
81.5Before Summer Ends0.
81.5Outcry and Whisper0.
81.3The Botanical Avatar of Mademoiselle Flora0.00.00.314.
80.8The Two Lives of Eva14.
80.8Generation War Episode
80.8Saturday Night at the Baths0.
80.7Milking the Rhino0.
80.5Zona Franca0.
80.5A Reckoning in Boston80.
80.2Almost Home0.
80.0Sacco and Vanzetti0.
80.0The Destruction of Memory0.
79.8How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster?
79.7Fifi Howls from Happiness0.
79.3Meeting the Man: James Baldwin in Paris0.
79.2Venus Boyz0.
79.0For the Bible Tells Me So0.
78.7Sherman's March0.
78.5Quiet City0.
78.5Museum of the Revolution0.
78.3Ruth Stone's Vast Library of the Female Mind0.
78.2The Bridesmaid (Claude Chabrol)
78.0Viva la Liberta0.
77.7The Earth’s Forgotten31.
77.7This Stolen Country of Mine (w/ Fernando Villavicencio)
77.5Secrets from Putumayo0.
77.2NY Export: Opus Jazz0.
77.0A History of the European Working Class - Episode
76.8Small Wonders0.
76.5Do Communists Have Better Sex?
76.5Generation War Episode
76.0Bad Fever0.
76.0Riddles of the Sphinx0.00.00.574.
75.8From the Journals of Jean Seberg0.
75.8The Deep Blue Sea0.
75.8We Were Famous, You Don't Remember: The Embarrassment0.
75.7In the Shadow of Women0.
75.7Penance: Episode
75.5The Upsetter: The Life and Music of Lee Scratch Perry0.
75.2American Socialist: Eugene Debs0.
75.0The Clearstream Affair0.
75.0The Heretics0.
74.3The Chef's Wife0.
74.3Bones of Contention0.
74.2This Old Cub19.
73.8Another Country73.
73.512 O'Clock Boys0.
73.3As a Young Girl of Thirteen...
73.3Red Hollywood0.00.010.312.
73.2A Quiet Passion0.
73.2Voices from the Front0.
73.2Wood and Water12.
72.7Generation War Episode
72.7Tokyo Idols0.
72.5Us Kids0.
72.5Looking for Horses0.
72.2The True Cost0.
72.2Bronx Gothic0.
72.0Disco and Atomic War0.
71.8The Story of Looking0.
71.8Escapes: The Life of Actor and Screenwriter, Hampton Fancher0.
71.8Embrace of the Serpent0.
71.7The Connection0.
71.7Under the Sun0.
71.5Afternoon of a Faun0.
71.0Penelope, My Love0.
70.8Radioactive: The Women of Three Mile Island0.
70.8Le Joli Mai42.
70.7Ursula von Rydingsvard: Into Her Own0.
70.5I, Anna0.
70.3Jesus Politics0.
70.2As If It Were Yesterday0.
70.0In My Blood It Runs2.
70.0You Got to Move: Stories of Change in the South0.
69.8Be Seeing You40.
69.7The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Part
69.0Rocco and His Brothers0.
68.3Invisible Adversaries0.
68.2The Absent House0.
67.8Dance Party USA66.
67.7Queen of Lapa0.
67.2Down in Shadowland2.
67.2Concrete Love: The Bohm Family0.
67.2The Vow from Hiroshima0.
67.0Sarasota Half In Dream0.
66.8Las Leonas0.
66.8Ham on Rye0.
66.5Aya of Yop City0.
66.3Dark Circle0.
65.3Pursuing Happiness0.
65.2Chantal Akerman's Down There0.
64.7The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep
64.5Harbour of Hope0.
64.550 Years of Fabulous0.
64.5About Executing Eichmann0.
64.3With God On Our Side - Episode
64.3The Offended0.
64.2Gray Matters: Architect & Designer Eileen Gray0.
64.2How to Lose Your Virginity50.
64.0Double Life, a Short History of Sex in the USSR0.
64.0A Month In Thailand0.
63.8Symbiotic Earth0.
63.2Xmas Without China0.
63.0The Mystery of Picasso63.
63.0TVTV: Video Revolutionaries0.
62.8Rocky Road to Dublin0.
62.5El Sicario, Room 1640.00.00.362.
62.2Ornette: Made in America0.
62.0The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen62.
62.0The Queen of Hearts0.
61.7Agustin's Newspaper0.
61.5System Error0.
60.8No Data Plan0.
60.8Girl Model0.
60.7Day One0.
60.3Olafur Eliasson: Space is Process0.
60.3The Human Scale0.
60.2Yell, Stomp, Hiss0.
60.0High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell0.
59.840,000 Years of Dreaming0.
59.7Wendy and Lucy0.
58.5Penance: Episode
58.3Rethinking Cuban Civil Society0.
58.2El Velador41.
58.0Flower in Otomi0.
58.0Marius Petipa: The French Master of Russian Ballet0.
57.7Kate Bornstein is a Queer & Pleasant Danger0.
57.5The Gold Spinners0.
57.5Private Dicks: Men Exposed0.
57.2Electric Signs0.
56.3With God On Our Side - Episode
56.3Spark of Being0.
55.7Violette Leduc, In Pursuit of Love0.
55.3One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich0.
55.3No Light and No Land Anywhere0.
55.2Dreams of Ice0.
55.2Prisoner of Her Past0.
55.0Post-Carbon Futures42.
55.0Fonko - Episode 1: South Africa + Nigeria0.
54.8Abstract Cinema0.
53.8Dreaming of a Tree House0.
53.8Quiet Heroes0.
53.2Cinema Novo0.
53.0The Same Difference0.
53.0Renzo Piano: The Architect of Light0.
53.0Strange Victory0.
52.5Searching Eva0.
52.3The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep
52.0The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Part
51.5On the Bowery0.
51.5Maison Close - Episode
51.5Not to Forget0.
51.5Tiny: A Story About Living Small0.
51.2No Time To Waste0.
51.2The Adventurers of Modern Art - Ep
50.8Confounding Father - Episode
50.5Little Sister0.
50.2The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Part
49.3Karayuki-San, The Making of a Prostitute0.
48.8Latest News from the Cosmos0.
48.7Johnnie To's Office0.
48.2Free Voice of Labor: The Jewish Anarchists0.
47.7Maison Close - Episode
46.8Great Expectations0.
46.7The City Dark (83 minute version)
46.2The Fifteen Year Old Widows0.00.01.744.
45.8The Return of the Cuyahoga0.
45.7The Case of the Grinning Cat0.
44.8The Enemy Within44.
44.8Artists & Love: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera0.
44.7Tell Them Anything You Want (with Maurice Sendak)
44.7Red Squad0.
44.5An Injury To One0.
44.5Maison Close - S2 Ep
44.3Power to Heal0.
44.3A Lion's Trail0.
44.3Alan Magee: art is not a solace0.
44.2I Am Become Death: They Made the Bomb0.
44.0The Book of the Dead0.
43.8Gay USA0.
43.7Original Minds0.
43.5Antonio Negri0.
43.5The Battle of Chile (Part 3)
43.3A History of the European Working Class - Episode
43.2Pilgrims and Tourists0.
42.8A Game for Six Lovers (L’eau à la bouche)
42.3Congo: The Doctor Who Saves Women0.
42.2John Berger or The Art of Looking0.
42.0James Baldwin: From Another Place0.811.
41.8Penance: Episode
41.8Exile, A Myth Unearthed - Part
41.5Chocolate Road0.
41.3The Last Angel of History0.
41.3Arguing the World0.
41.3The Battle of Chile (Part 2)
41.3Jane Campion: A Girl's Own Story18.
41.0The Overworked0.
40.8Bringing It Home0.
40.5The Enigma of Arrival0.
40.5Trouble Sleep0.
40.3A Month of Sundays0.
39.7Between Two Worlds0.
39.7Nefertiti's Daughters0.
39.7Penance: Episode
39.5Artists & Love: Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz0.
39.0Penance: Episode
38.8The Tree0.
38.5We Are the Lambeth Boys (Karel Reisz)
38.3Dream Girls0.
37.0The Owl's Legacy: Olympics, or Imaginary Greece0.
36.8Draw Me Saint-Exupery0.
35.3Chisholm '72: Unbought & Unbossed0.
34.5The Way Things Go0.
34.2All the Boys Are Called Patrick0.
34.0Cane River0.
33.5Away from Meaning (Lejos del sentido)
33.5Sexy Baby0.00.04.821.
33.3The Hand That Feeds0.
33.2Eye on the Guy0.
32.8Anarchism in America0.
32.8The Matador0.
32.5If The Dancer Dances0.
32.3Les Enfants Terribles0.
32.3Tahrir: Liberation Square0.
32.2The Owl's Legacy: Symposium, or Accepted Ideas0.
32.2Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train0.
32.0Don't Give Up Your Voice!
32.0The Sequel0.
31.5Siberian Love31.
31.2Preserving Worlds S2 Ep3: Hundeparken - A Pixel Talking To Another Pixel0.
31.2Tales of the Night0.
31.0Zone of Silence0.
30.8Never Rest/Unrest0.
30.3La Arrancada0.
29.8The Woodmans0.
29.7For the Plasma0.
29.7Battle of Memories0.
29.5Frame Up!
29.5The Maids0.
29.3The Point of Least Resistance0.
29.3After the Spill0.
29.3Blowback: The 9/11 Wars in Global Film0.
29.2La Petite Lili0.
29.0The Annotated Field Guide of Ulysses S. Grant0.00.03.725.
28.8The Song of Styrene (Le chant du styrène)
28.0Love Exists0.
27.5Happer's Comet0.
27.5A Five Star Life0.
27.2Maison Close - S2 Ep
27.0From The Other Side0.
26.7Egg Cream0.
26.2Carmen and Geoffrey0.
26.0Le Chavalanthrope7.
25.8Just Ancient Loops0.
25.8The Ninth Floor0.
25.7Every Day Except Christmas (Lindsay Anderson)
25.7Codigo Color, Memorias0.
25.3Dear Dr. Spencer0.
25.2With André Gide0.
25.0At Last the 1948 Show - Series 1 Episode
25.0In the Name of God0.
24.7After Blue (Dirty Paradise)
24.5I Talk to Animals0.
24.0Queen of Condoms0.
23.8Berliner Ballade1.
23.5At Last the 1948 Show - Series 1 Episode
23.2At Last the 1948 Show - Series 1 Episode
23.0Rabbit a la Berlin0.
22.8Kate and Anna McGarrigle0.
22.7Preserving Worlds S1 Ep3: Myst Online0.
22.5Silverlake Life0.
22.3East of Salinas0.
22.0Aguilucho: Dance of the Harpy Eagle0.
22.0The Trouble with Bread0.
21.7Zygosis: John Heartfield and the Political Image0.
21.2El Eternauta´s Wife0.
21.0Cholesterol, the Great Bluff0.
20.8Myanmar Diaries0.
20.8The Best of Both Worlds0.
19.8Eastern Front0.
19.8Night Mail0.
19.5Some Divine Wind0.
19.3Mammy Water0.
19.3Mister John0.
19.2The First Days0.
19.2Barber Shop - Ep 1: Clacton-on-Sea / UK0.
19.01914: A War of Images0.
18.8Phoenix Dance0.
18.5The Last Drink18.
18.3The Exquisite Short Films of Kihachiro Kawamoto0.
18.3Sun Kissed18.
18.0The Rabbi's Cat0.
17.85 Broken Cameras0.
17.8Off the Road0.
17.3Chantal Akerman by Chantal Akerman0.
17.0What Rules the Invisible0.
17.0The Secret Life of Your Clothes0.
16.5Quantum Love15.
16.5Inside Her Sex0.
16.3Living the Light: Robby Müller0.
16.2You Will Be My Ally0.
16.2Adieu Paris0.
16.2Do Not Circulate0.
15.8The Great Pretender0.
15.8The Marines0.
15.7The Owl's Legacy: Mythology, or Lies Like Truth0.
15.7Hu Bo's Man in the Well0.
15.5Vampire Clay0.
15.5Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East?
15.3Marx for Beginners0.
15.3Eames: The Architect & The Painter0.
15.2In the Aisles0.
15.0Elles Trailer0.
15.0Dance Camera West 20230.
14.5Sex, Lies and Tabloids!
14.3The Society of the Spectacle (French w/ Eng. subtitles)
14.2Eastern Boys0.
14.2Through the Looking Glass0.
14.0Another Paradise0.
13.8Beyond My Grandfather Allende0.
13.8Nice Time (Claude Goretta & Alain Tanner)
13.5Fighting in Southwest Louisiana0.
13.3As I Open My Eyes0.
13.3The Mesmerist0.
13.2Chinese Portrait0.
13.0575 Castro St.
13.0The New Americans - Episode
13.0A Look at Madness / Captive Feast0.
12.8Best of Fest 2 - The Circadian Cycle0.
12.7Charlotte and Her Boyfriend0.
12.5Before The Flood II - Gong Tan0.
12.5Always Shine - Official Trailer0.
12.3In Memory of Rock0.
12.3Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc0.
12.3A Story of Water0.
12.2The Danish Poet0.
12.2Best Kept Secret0.
11.5Maison Close - S2 Ep
11.0O Dreamland (Lindsay Anderson)
11.0Lonely Boy0.
10.8School for Love0.
10.3Al Otro Lado (To the Other Side)
10.3The Basketball Game0.
10.3Return to Cuba0.
10.2Robe of Gems Trailer1.
10.0Nixon’s Reversal0.
10.0Best of Fest 1 - Beast0.
9.8Bamako Trailer0.
9.7The Film of Her0.
9.7Almayer's Folly7.
9.7Sacred Water0.
9.7Thirst for Justice0.
9.5We are Not Your Monkeys4.
9.5Excellent Cadavers0.
9.5Stony Paths0.
9.3Artists & Love: Jeanne Hébuterne and Amedeo Modigliani0.
9.2Fannie's Film0.
9.0The Owl's Legacy: Misogyny, or the Snares of Desire0.
8.8Far Off Sounds Ep 15 - Huun Huur Tu- The Tuvan Masters0.
8.7Killing Time0.
8.7The Hole8.
8.7Afghanistan 1979: The War That Changed the World8.
8.7Documentary - Chen0.
8.5Kehinde Wiley: An Economy of Grace1.
8.3Early Short Films of the French New Wave (collection) Trailer1.
8.3The Great Flood0.
8.2Do Not Adjust Your Set - Episode
8.2Shusenjo: Comfort Women and Japan's War on History0.
8.0Ray & Liz0.
8.0Author Selects: Jessa Crispin0.
8.0Maya (Mia Hansen-Løve)
8.0At Last the 1948 Show - Series 1 Episode
7.8Fasten Your Seatbelts0.
7.8Future of Mud0.
7.7Crystal Swan7.
7.7Preserving Worlds S1 Ep4: Doom0.
7.7Dark Star: H. R. Giger's World0.
7.7Foucault Against Himself0.
7.5How to Build an Igloo0.
7.5Cat Listening to Music0.
7.5Artists & Love: Lee Miller and Man Ray0.
7.5Advise & Dissent: Where the Supreme Court and Politics Collide0.
7.5Author Selects: Ryan Douglass0.
7.3Madam Phung's Last Journey0.
7.3Truth Tellers Trailer2.
7.3Best of Fest 2 - Being0.
7.3African Air0.
7.3Three Sisters0.
7.2Beloved Sisters0.
7.2Pony Boys0.
7.2The Sand Castle0.
7.2Far Off Sounds Ep 3 - Deep Black Sea0.
7.2Author Selects: Adam Lowenstein0.
7.0Sophie Scholl: The Final Days0.
6.8Special Delivery0.
6.8Van Gogh0.
6.7Neon Heart1.
6.7The Adventurers of Modern Art Clip0.
6.7Sex and Broadcasting0.
6.5The Girl, the Mother and the Demons0.
6.5Summer White0.
6.5Long Story Short0.
6.3The Owl's Legacy: Democracy, or City of Dreams0.
6.2Profit and Loss0.
6.2On This Side of the World0.
6.0Your Name in Cellulite0.
6.0Black Hair Magic0.
6.0La Yuma0.
5.8Hamou-Beya, Sand Fishers0.
5.8From Swastika to Jim Crow0.
5.8El Incendio0.
5.7Under Construction 19770.
5.7Le Joli Mai Trailer0.
5.712 Days0.
5.7Stigma Pudding0.
5.5Only Cloud Knows0.
5.5The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg Trailer0.
5.5Nice Colored Girls0.
5.5Short Experimental Films 20220.
5.3Augustine (Alice Winocour)
5.2Searching for Ingmar Bergman0.
5.2The Trials of Henry Kissinger0.
5.0Marvin, Seth and Stanley0.
5.0August Pace: 1989-20190.
5.0Now He's Out in Public and Everyone Can See5.
5.0What Happened Was... Trailer0.
5.0Sound and Chaos: The Story of BC Studio Trailer0.
4.8Marcus Trailer0.
4.8Dick Cheney in a Cold, Dark Cell0.
4.8Oxhide II0.
4.7Paths of the Soul0.
4.7And She Could Be Next: Part One - Building the Movement0.
4.5The Blood Drinkers0.
4.5The Pencil0.
4.3Preparations to be Together for an Unknown Period of Time0.
4.3An Owl is an Owl is an Owl0.
4.3White Balls on Walls0.
4.3Casting Blossoms to the Sky2.
4.3False Confessions Trailer0.
4.3Food for Thought - Cooking with Commitment - Ep.
4.3Towards Mathilde0.
4.3The Patriot Game0.
4.2Author Selects: Kyle Turner0.
4.2The Underground Orchestra0.
4.2Images You Didn't See0.
4.2Special Treatment0.
4.2Maison Close - Episode
4.0Sol LeWitt0.
4.0The Zookeeper0.
4.0The Naked Screen0.
4.0Empire M0.
3.8How He Fell in Love0.
3.8Downstream to Kinshasa0.
3.7The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Part
3.7La Commune (Paris 1871) (Theatrical Version)
3.7Family Life0.
3.7Seraphine (Martin Provost)
3.7Maison Close (series) Trailer0.
3.7My Revolution0.
3.5Jess + Moss0.
3.5Boy I Am0.
3.5Directing Actors by Jean Renoir0.
3.5We Go Way Back0.
3.5Ballet Boys0.
3.5L'AMOUR! - Swivel0.
3.5Stray Dog0.
3.3Wobblies Trailer0.
3.3Torture Made in USA0.
3.3Togoland Projections Trailer0.
3.2Parting Glances0.
3.2Take Me Somewhere Nice0.
3.2The Invisible Frame0.
3.2Penance (series) Trailer2.
3.0Author Selects: Jason Bailey0.
3.0Inside the Red Brick Wall0.
3.0Angels Wear White0.
3.0OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies0.
3.0L'AMOUR! - Lazarus0.
2.8So Late So Soon0.
2.7Andrés Reads and Writes0.
2.7Route One/USA (part 1)
2.7The Pearl Button Trailer0.
2.7Portrait of Jason0.
2.7Generation War (series) Trailer0.
2.7L'AMOUR! - Winter Grew Cold0.
2.5Intimacies and Agglomerations0.
2.5The Window and the Door0.
2.5Sun Don't Shine0.
2.5Best of Fest 1 -
2.3The Two Sights2.
2.3Tilva Rosh0.
2.3Far Off Sounds (series) Trailer0.
2.3L'AMOUR! - Avoidance0.
2.3Beautiful Beings Trailer0.
2.3Althusser, an Intellectual Adventure0.
2.3Lourdes Trailer0.
2.2An Eye for Beauty0.
2.2Bettie Page Reveals All0.
2.224 Hours Jerusalem | 2pm Ep
2.2The Hole Story0.
2.2Rough Aunties0.
2.2This is Cristina Trailer0.
2.0OVID Merchandise0.
2.0Peter Miller's intro for The Internationale0.
2.0Tribute to Alfred Lepetit0.
2.0La Moustache0.
2.0El Mar La Mar0.
2.0The Revisionaries0.
2.0Born in Evin1.
2.0Suzanna Andler0.
1.8Quantum Love Trailer0.
1.8Rojek Trailer0.
1.8Circuit Earth0.
1.82 X 50 Years of French Cinema0.
1.8Americas in Transition0.
1.8Flamenco, Flamenco0.
1.8Still Waters1.
1.8Tokyo Waka1.
1.8Artists & Love: Emilie Flöge and Gustav Klimt0.
1.8Soft in the Head0.
1.8The Last Tycoons - Episode
1.7Laberinto de Luz / Lightbyrinth0.
1.7Spring Tide0.
1.7A Grin Without a Cat Fan Trailer0.
1.7Marvin, Seth and Stanley Trailer0.
1.7Highwater Trilogy0.
1.7The Days to Come0.
1.7From What Is Before0.
1.7Never Too Late for Love Trailer0.
1.7Open Bethlehem0.
1.5Beyond Boobs0.
1.5New Inspiration - Waters Into Wilderness0.
1.5Faith Love Desire - Ep 1 - First Love0.
1.5Coming to Light0.
1.5Vic + Flo Saw a Bear0.
1.5Dance Camera West 2021 Trailer0.
1.5Good Manners0.
1.5Beijing Besieged by Waste0.
1.5Marcel Ophuls and Jean-Luc Godard0.
1.5Gabi on the Roof in July0.
1.5Howard Zinn: A People's History of the United States Trailer0.
1.3Putin's Witnesses0.
1.3Stinking Heaven0.
1.3Middletown - Interview with Peter Davis0.
1.3Suzanna Andler Trailer0.
1.3Las Leonas Trailer0.
1.3Users Trailer0.
1.3The Silence of Mark Rothko0.
1.3The Owl's Legacy: Mathematics, or the Empire Counts Back0.
1.3The Weatherman and the Shadowboxer0.
1.2Mali Blues0.
1.2Other Music Documentary Trailer0.
1.2Tina In Mexico0.
1.2The Dirty War on the National Health Service1.
1.2The Cordillera of Dreams Trailer0.
1.2Uncle Howard0.
1.2The Wonders (Alice Rohrwacher)
1.2Scheme Birds1.
1.2Kings Point0.
1.2Eden is West (Costa-Gavras)
1.2Cuban Food Stories0.
1.2Tony Manero0.
1.2Next Time I'll Aim for the Heart0.
1.2A Bread Factory - Part
1.0Little Feet0.
1.0Eternity Has No Door of Escape0.
1.0Nowhere in Africa1.
1.0Food for Thought - You are What You Eat - Ep.
1.0War and Peace1.
1.0Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival1.
1.0Beauty in Trouble0.
1.0Prime Time in the Camps0.
1.0Terres Barcelo: Miquel Barceló0.
1.0For the Plasma Trailer0.
1.0Stations of the Elevated0.
1.0My Brother's Wedding Trailer0.
1.0Visibility 20220.
1.0Metal and Melancholy0.
1.0Far Off Sounds Ep 19 - The Disappearing Bamboo Wind0.
1.0A Sea Turtle Story0.
1.0Run For Love0.
1.0Until the Birds Return0.
0.8A Family Submerged0.
0.8The Written Face0.
0.8The Marquis of Wavrin0.
0.8The Academy of Muses0.
0.8Murder in the Cathedral0.
0.8Soft in the Head Trailer0.
0.8Dying for Gold0.
0.8Portrait of Jason Trailer0.
0.8Before the Flood I0.
0.8Changing Our Minds: The Story of Dr. Evelyn Hooker0.
0.8Metal and Melancholy Fan Trailer0.
0.8Memoir of War0.
0.8Seven Weeks0.
0.8Girls Rock!
0.8Naples '440.
0.8The Spectre of Hope0.
0.8Stefan Zweig0.
0.8The Gays0.
0.7Beautiful Beings0.
0.7The Innocents0.
0.7Dance on Film (collection) Trailer0.
0.7A Place Called Wahala0.
0.7The Ister0.
0.7Artists & Love Clip0.
0.7King of the Hill0.
0.7Mina's Recipe Book0.
0.7Born in Flames0.
0.7Our Blood is Wine0.
0.7Listen to Britain0.
0.7Brother Towns / Pueblos Hermanos0.
0.7Time of Pandemics0.
0.7Chez Jolie Coiffure0.
0.7Andrei Tarkovsky's Nostalghia0.
0.7Good White People0.
0.7Heimat is a Space in Time0.
0.7Taming The Garden0.
0.7As Goes Janesville0.
0.7Together (Lorenza Mazzetti)
0.7Rebels of the Neon God0.
0.7My Name is Emily0.
0.5O Amor Natural0.
0.5The Last Tycoons - Episode
0.5Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story0.
0.5The Embassy0.
0.5Keep An Eye Out0.
0.5Sacco & Vanzetti0.
0.5The Resolute0.
0.5So Pretty0.
0.5The Owl's Legacy (series) Trailer0.
0.5Free Lunch Society0.
0.5Citizens of the World0.
0.5The Connection Trailer0.
0.5Ghosts of Attica0.
0.5Waiting for Fidel0.
0.5Keep the Lights On0.
0.5Mute Fire0.
0.5The Salt of Tears0.
0.5A Month of Single Frames (for Barbara Hammer)
0.5Red Persimmons0.
0.5Company Town0.
0.5Travels in the Congo (Voyage au Congo)
0.5How to Steal a Country0.
0.5From Seed to Seed0.
0.5Come Back, Africa0.
0.5Redefining Prosperity0.
0.5My Friend from the Park0.
0.5The Ugliest Car0.
0.5Miss Kiet's Children0.
0.5Westwood: Punk. Icon. Activist.
0.5Thinking Existenz - Ep 08 - Vandana Shiva0.
0.5In Motion: Amiri Baraka0.
0.5Bombay Our City0.
0.5Lady Chatterley's Lover0.
0.5La Medea0.
0.5Girls Always Happy0.
0.3The Hermitage Dwellers0.
0.3Catching Sight of Thelma and Louise0.
0.3Black Sun0.
0.3We Are Little Zombies0.
0.3Thinking Existenz - Ep 03 - Lucrecia Martel0.
0.3Boris Without Beatrice0.
0.3The Divided Brain0.
0.3The Land of Owls0.
0.3Tattoo Uprising0.
0.3It Is Not Over Yet0.
0.3False Confessions0.
0.3Wuthering Heights0.
0.3Raw Herring0.
0.3Vicenta Trailer0.
0.3Will You Marry Us?
0.3Egg and Stone0.
0.3Love the One You Love0.
0.3Return of the Hero0.
0.3A Quest for Meaning0.
0.3Sociology is a Martial Art0.
0.3Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow0.
0.3The Metal Stork0.
0.3Walking On Water Wasn't Built in a Day0.
0.3Michael H. profession:director0.
0.3In Her Name0.
0.3Whatever Lola Wants0.
0.3Orchestrating Change0.
0.3She's Lost Control0.
0.3WEconomics: Italy0.
0.3Thinking Existenz - Ep 09 - Lula da Silva0.
0.3Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Enter Here0.
0.3The Off Hours0.
0.3Combat Obscura0.
0.3Éric Rohmer Interview0.
0.3Close Relations (Rodnye)
0.3My Fuhrer0.
0.3The Bomb0.
0.3Shall We Kiss?
0.3Every Child0.
0.3The Scientist, the Imposter and Stalin0.
0.3Refuge England (Robert Vas)
0.3100 Children Waiting for a Train0.
0.3Ham on Rye Official Teaser0.
0.3Russian Ballet: The Nutcracker0.
0.3Rain in a Dry Land0.
0.3Best of Fest 1 - Liminality0.
0.3Winter Vacation0.
0.3Matter Out of Place0.
0.2Tokyo Fiancee0.
0.2This Is Our Land0.
0.2Go For Zucker0.
0.2In Search of Memory0.
0.2'63 Boycott0.
0.2When I Was Dead0.
0.2Jane Campion: Peel0.
0.2Biophilic Design0.
0.2Time of the Locust0.
0.2A Silent Transformation0.
0.2Togoland Projections0.
0.2Germans & Jews0.
0.2American Born Confused Desi0.
0.2Author Selects: Laure Astourian0.
0.2Live Nude Girls Unite!
0.2Liberation: The User's Guide0.
0.2The 3 Rooms of Melancholia0.
0.2Haida Modern0.
0.2She's Beautiful When She's Angry0.
0.2The Village - Episode
0.2Dark Eden0.
0.2DIVEST! The Climate Movement on Tour0.
0.2The Dazzling Light of Sunset0.
0.2City of the Sun0.
0.2Football Under Cover0.
0.2Surviving Progress0.
0.2Mia Madre0.
0.2When A Farm Goes Aflame0.
0.2Third Avenue: Only the Strong Survive0.
0.2The World Before Your Feet0.
0.2Tower. A Bright Day.
0.2The Ex-Lovers0.
0.2Derrida's Elsewhere0.
0.2A Time to Rise0.
0.2Food for a Blush (Elizabeth Russell)
0.2The Outsider0.
0.2Good Food0.
0.2The Yellow Wallpaper0.
0.2I am from Chile0.
0.2East Punk Memories0.
0.2Old Dog0.
0.2SPK Complex0.
0.2The Student and Mr Henri0.
0.2The Candidate0.
0.2Inner Borderlines0.
0.2Santiago, Italia0.
0.2Barbet Schroeder Interview0.
0.2The Migrumpies0.
0.2The Image You Missed0.
0.2New Jerusalem0.
0.2The Miners' Hymns0.
0.220 Farmers Hit Fame - No Business Like Show Business0.
0.2A Man Called Ove0.
0.2100 Years of Japanese Cinema0.
0.2Dawson City: Frozen Time0.
0.2The Ritchie Boys0.
0.2Jean Rouch Interview0.
0.2Bidder 700.
0.2Sunday School with Franz Hinkelammert0.
0.2Sleeping Souls0.
0.2Summer of Dolphins0.
0.2The End of Pinky0.
0.2The Great Malaise0.
0.2Rem Koolhaas: A Kind of Architect0.
0.2Captain Abu Raed0.
0.2In His Hands0.
0.2A Year in Notes and Numbers0.
0.2The Children of 209 Saint-Maur Street0.
0.2A Family for 1640 Days0.

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