Member Movement through 31 December 2023

Happy new year!

OVID ended the year at a new all-time high of 2,691 paying members. Net paid subscribers increased 3% in the fall and 14% overall for the year.

We ended the year strong with an uptick of subscribers in December, as opposed to last year, which ended with a 1.5% decrease for the month. The likely reason for this—and for a completely flat November—is that we pushed the final advertising of the year later, into December, instead of October (less) and November (none). This impact can be seen in the weekly signup chart below.

Perhaps worth noting as well: In the past, January and February have been months of healthy growth for us, with stronger films and advertisement starting up again. In 2024, we hope to rely less on advertising and begin to roll out more “community building” efforts. We’ll see what impact they have!

Thank you for your continued support of OVID, founded with a commitment to openness and transparency in this shifting media landscape, and helping us build, sustain, and enjoy a vibrant, independent space for engaged, and engaging, cinema. Onwards!

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