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Thank you to all of you who contributed your feedback! We appreciated your thoughts and will look to implement your suggestions for improvements. This was our first ever survey, and we got thirty meaty responses – the longer comments are below the graphs. There were certain hypotheses cleared up – one about whether to convert OVID into a doc only site to carve out a niche in the media landscape, but the results of this survey certainly put that idea to rest. We will continue to give heed to your wishes, and will likely initiate a second survey later in the year (we are also open to your ideas on what other questions we haven’t yet thought to ask…).

First, the percentages…

Now, the Comments…

“This is the first streaming service I’ve wanted to sustain. Dropped Criterion and Mubi. I was Wowed to see Iain McGilchrist’s work here! Intelligent, vibrant, full of life and meaning so far for me. A thousand thanks.”

“Love learning from you about obscure films — old and new, foreign and American.”

“I really appreciate the curation of your library. There are a lot of films that I’ve heard about in passing throughout the years but was unable to find a place to watch until I subscribed to OVID. Hope you all experience many more excellent years!”

“I like the collections by theme and genre, but would like to see even more collections centered on performers, directors, and cinematographers. If I see a film I enjoy, I am less likely to look for another film that shares its theme or genre, and more likely to look for other films by the same director, cinematographer, and/or performers. Thanks for the eclectic and engaging variety of films! The more the merrier :)”

“I just read that you’re adding more trailers. That’s great. If you have a chance to interview people about their favorite movies on Ovid I would enjoy watching that.”

“More classics with stars like James Earl Jones, Katherine Hepburn, Jeff Bridges, Robert Duvall.”

“More curated collections of history-themed films, such as Criterion does.”

“Would like to see more serious films exploring faith and spirituality, both fictional and documentary, from a sympathetic rather than caustic viewpoint.”

“More content from Cinema Guild and Grasshopper Film would be great. Thank you.”

“It would be great if it was possible to read the descriptions of movies in pop up on the browsing screen without clicking on them/the movie starting to play.”

“What initially drew me to Ovid is that you had exclusive rights to a couple of unique and difficult-to-categorize works: Chris Marker’s The Owl’s Legacy and Robert Kramer’s Route One USA.”

“DESPERATELY Need easier to read subtitles, or add more settings options (i.e. yellow text, larger text, in a black box text, etc) – often the white letters are completely unreadable depending on the film image!”

“More detailed ‘Leaving Soon’ information, enables prioritizing viewing time-limited content.”

“At this point, especially given your independent “credentials,” I’d strongly recommend diversifying the social media attention. I feel like Mastodon (the federated service that you’ve probably heard about) and Cohost (a sort of Tumblr clone) would go absolutely wild for the sort of films that you offer.”

“It’s really REALLY annoying when a film starts playing automatically when all you want to do is read the description. Right-clicking on the film icon doesn’t show the entire description, so one must open a new tab or window.”

“Yay for linking trailers for a few films in email newsletter! Would be great if you also linked to them on the film page, I often search and find them myself. Maybe there’s a legal or licensing reason you don’t link to trailers?”

“Please don’t go anywhere!”

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